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  • Ethics Are For Everyone in Online Spin on 03/17/2017

    I admit to an overwhelming amount of schadenfreude at the challenges recently faced by Uber. After all, its behavior has been egregious for ages. It's satisfying to point the finger at Uber precisely because its actions are so brazen. But doing so also carries a risk: the risk of distracting us from the more subtle ways technology impacts our lives, and the profound ethical implications thereof.

  • But How Can I Make Money From It? in Online Spin on 03/03/2017

    "It's all very nice, but how can I make money from it?" We've been asking the wrong question for a very long time. We should be asking: "What does the world need from me?"

  • This Article Is NOT About Trump in Online Spin on 02/17/2017

    This article is not about Trump, but we're going to have to go through him to get to the point.

  • Still Wondering How Trump Won? Try Psychographic Targeting  in Online Spin on 02/03/2017

    You wake up, yawn, stretch. Pick up the phone. Check Facebook. "Like." "Like." "Like," again. After 10 "likes," Michal Kosinski knows you better than your work colleagues. After 70, he knows you better than your partner does, including -- whether these things were explicitly referenced in your clicks or not -- your skin color, your sexual orientation, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, whether you smoke or do drugs... The list goes on.

  • Under Science-Unfriendly Administration, Internet And Its Data Are In Your Hands  in Online Spin on 01/20/2017

    In the final days of 2016, the website of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources got a bit of a refresh. Unless you were paying close attention, you might have missed it. After all, most people don't regularly visit the Wisconsin DNR. But the changes were caught by a website-monitoring service and shared on some blogs, starting with a guy named James Rowen. Turns out the changes are kind of important -- IF you think climate change is kind of important.

  • As World Gets More Automated, We Have A Bigger Problem Than Losing Our Jobs in Online Spin on 01/06/2017

    I attended a funeral today. I knew him casually. We frequented many of the same social and business circles, and had had more than one good chat about our social and political environment. But we had never graduated to the category of close friendship. So it was wonderful to hear from his father, from his sister, from his daughter, from his childhood friends. Over an hour and a half, I got to know him better. I got to know how successful he was. How loved and respected he was. How tortured he was. He had taken his own life. He was 44 years old

  • All I Want For Christmas Is A Minimum Basic Income in Online Spin on 12/23/2016

    Merry Christmas. Or Chanukah. Or Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you got a year-end bonus -- because the robots are coming for your job. They're coming whether you're a taxi driver or a truck driver. They're coming whether you're a doctor or a lawyer. If your job involves repetition, or information processing, or data analysis, you're at risk.

  • Forget Facebook And The Macedonians: Is Google Responsible For the Post-Truth Era?  in Online Spin on 12/09/2016

    The ad started showing up in my Facebook feed in the past weeks: "Subscribe to the New York Times," it said. "Fact-based reporting." In our current post-truth era, fact-based is now a unique value proposition.

  • The One Essential Skill You Need In The Facebook Era  in Online Spin on 11/18/2016

    "If I were to run, I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country... I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific," said Donald Trump in a 1998 People magazine interview. Except, of course, he didn't.

  • For The Love Of Pete, Vote in Online Spin on 11/04/2016

    November 7, 2000. Election night. Ken and I are wandering through the French Quarter of New Orleans, popping in and out of bars and taking in the sights. I haven't voted. I'm not at home, and the absentee ballot, quite frankly, seemed like kind of a pain in the ass -- especially since my vote wouldn't really make much difference. Why bother?

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