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Kara Trivunovic

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  • Kara attended Social Media Insider Summit, August 17, 2011
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Articles by Kara All articles by Kara

  • Why It's Time To 'Unthink' Email in Email Insider on 05/27/2016

    Deliverability issues, unsubscribes, typos, formatting mistakes are all fears we face as email marketers. As a result, we adapt our creative process to take these fears into account. Instead of practicing creativity as it applies to email, we've become programmed to practice best practices and try to avoid failure by focusing on our fears. But as artist and consultant Erik Wahl explained, "The art of excellence is couched in the science of reprogramming our mind for new and different ideas." So how do we "unthink" email and get back to beginners' mind? Consider these three ways:

  • Content To Keep Email Subscribers Wanting More in Email Insider on 04/01/2016

    Content is a challenge for marketers today, largely due to our ability to target individuals via email so succinctly. But having the ability to identify these customers and not having anything unique to say to them can have negative ramifications all the way around. So when you are planning your content, what types should you consider that will keep your subscribers wanting more?

  • The 5 Languages Of Email Love  in Email Insider on 02/23/2016

    It's after Valentine's Day, but I'm still thinking about Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. If you're not familiar with the concept, Chapman outlines five ways to express and experience love -- from "words of affirmation" to "physical touch." It's a cliched time of year, so I couldn't help myself from applying this same concept to how we approach email marketing. Are we giving email subscribers love in the way that they want to receive it? And if we pay more attention to the email love language they want to receive, will it drive engagement with our program?

  • Holiday Email Conundrum: When SPAM Makes The Nice List  in Email Insider on 11/30/2015

    As the holidays get underway, it's time for cheer and catching up. Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to spend some time with out-of-town relatives we only see a few times a year. As we talked, I heard my godbrother say something that caught my attention: "Let me check my SPAM folder for coupons from XYZ store." Of course I had to dig further

  • Leveraging Email For Pro-Active Customer Service in Email Insider on 10/27/2015

    Awaiting late delivery of her daughter's Halloween costume, Kara realizes again that email is a great channel to manage customer expectations.

  • 16 Things I Learned In 16 Years Of Email Marketing in Email Insider on 09/22/2015

    As I look back upon my 16+-year career -- largely focused on this great channel that is email - I thought I would share 16 key things I have learned along the way. Some may be more obvious than others, but the hope is that you find a great nugget in here!

  • Take Your Email Program Back To School With These Fundamentals in Email Insider on 08/17/2015

    Back to school in the Trivunovic household means getting accustomed to a new routine, checking off items on my children's back-to-school supply list and reviewing their lessons plans for the third and fifth grades. Studying their lessons plans triggered some good advice that we as email marketers should keep in mind for executing our programs: It's all about going back to the fundamentals. Consider these elementary subjects and how you can apply them to ensure your email program makes the grade:

  • The Best Email I Ever Received in Email Insider Europe on 07/23/2015

    Many years ago (and I mean MANY), when I started my career in email, I had a mentor whom I still respect very much. One of the most important lessons I learned from her was the 40/40/20 Rule of Email Marketing. I would walk into just about any meeting with her, and she would tell clients that 40% of their program's success was driven by delivering someone the right message; 40% was driven by getting the message to them at the right time; and 20% was determined by the creative. She would say that you could write your offer on a cocktail napkin, in lipstick -- and as long as you handed it to the right person at the right time, you had an 80% chance of converting.

  • Weaving Micro-Moments Into Your Email Strategy in Email Insider on 07/20/2015

    A linear customer journey is no longer a reality. Consumers and brands now communicate constantly, fragmenting the path to purchase as never before. Instead of having a few persuasive interactions with a brand, consumers have many small interactions that, together, are plentiful and powerful. Google recently dubbed every tiny interaction consumers have with brands as "'micro-moments,' the new battle ground for brands." We've labeled the same interactions "atomic moments of truth." No matter what you decide to call them, these moments are forever changing the way consumers interact with brands, creating new opportunities and presenting new challenges. Google offered five ways marketers can take action on these moments. Let's apply these ideas to the email channel:

  • What TO DO With Email Pre-Headers  in Email Insider on 05/12/2015

    Last month, I shared "What NOT To Do With Email Personalization" after an untimely Valentine's Day email hit my inbox, bearing a name that was not my husband's. With that behind us, this month, let's focus on a TO-do: effective email pre-headers to enhance your subject line.

Comments by Kara All comments by Kara

  • The Anatomy Of A Good Birthday Email by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 06/10/2014)

    Pete, I appreciate the sentiment, but on the flip side it is an easy way to show appreciation to your customer, recognize them as an individual and demonstrates value. They also work. Many brands I have worked with over the years get amazing feedback from customers because of their birthday programs and when done right, can be real revenue generators for them.

  • Implementing Progressive Profiling by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 11/25/2013)

    Pete - I agree that behavioral information such as browse and search behavior are also valuable for understanding the customer - but those are very "moment in time" data elements that may or may not reflect the long term and on-going desires of the subscriber. Finding the right combination of behavioral data and self-reported data elements typically generate the greatest ROI - so long as you are actually taking action against the data. I have not seen any published data on the topic of ROI as it relates to the source of demographic and psychographic data, but if I do, I will post it up. Thanks for the comment! KT

  • Email: The Ultimate Relationship Channel by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 10/28/2013)

    I couldn't agree more Bert - empowering the people on the front lines can certainly turn a bad situation in to a good one. During my travel escapade, the Hertz agent upgraded me to an amazing car for my trouble - gotta give him some kudos for that!

  • Email: The Ultimate Relationship Channel by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 10/28/2013)

    @Angie - thank you, first of all. It did stink, but I survived :) The challenge for marketers today is the customer doesn't care who's job it is - which means the organizations need to operate seamlessly. Breaking down the walls and the silos is critical to meeting clients expectations today. I have worked with other brands and airlines that have been able to integrate systems in a central location, flagging a customer record for a bad experience with customer service, lost luggage or getting stuck in a middle seat - all so they can respond effectively in their email program. It isn't easy, I will give you that, but it is imperative in today's connected world.

  • Email: The Ultimate Relationship Channel by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 10/28/2013)

    True Pete, they could do that. But with consumers taking to social networks to share their experiences with brands, the brands don't really get to control the sharing of positive/negative experiences so much these days :)

  • What's the Story Behind Your Data? by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 10/02/2013)

    Pete - while I appreciate the conjecture - the answer is somewhere in the gray area. Making too many, or incorrect assumptions can have a detrimental impact on your business. While it is true that all data has "an associated possibility of error" - some missteps are avoidable. The lesson is that one data point alone does not a story tell.

  • Avoiding Common Email Marketing Faux Pas by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 04/11/2013)

    So that we are all clear here, I never said I hated my neighbor's son playing with my children. It was an example to emphasize the point that everyone's personal preferences in communication are different. Just as a brand needs to recognize the individual preferences of frequency and cadence with their subscribers, people have different levels of preference on how often and closely they engage with their neighbors (or any other relationship for that matter).

  • What I Learned About Email From My 91-Year-Old Uncle by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 01/31/2013)

    Thanks Peter! I think that sometimes we try to over complicate what we do - so I thought I would pay homage to keeping it simple. Glad you enjoyed!

  • The ABCs Of Email Marketing by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 12/06/2012)

    Well done on the X David! The others as well - you are right, some letters get more love than others, it was a struggle to keep to the alphabet. Thanks to everyone that commented and the well wishes on the head injury :)

  • The ABCs Of Email Marketing by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider on 12/06/2012)

    Thanks @Paula Lynn! On the bright side, I saved my daughter from an injury - I figured my head was better than hers :)

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