Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Around The Net

  • Chris Christie Emails Reveal His Dedication to Bruce SpringsteenMediaite

    While Bruce Springsteen may not be a fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's politics, Christie has always been a fan of The Boss. A recent series of Christie's emails that have been circulating online reveal that the politician has long been interacting with other Springsteen fans on listservs via email. Most of these communications took place before Christie's political career took off. In one email Christie shares the story of meeting Springsteen in the Newark airport. ...Read the whole story

  • Notablist Is a Search Engine That Allows Marketers to Index Email NewslettersMarketing Interactive is a new search engine that allows email marketers to index content from email newsletters. Rather than just drawing on website links, the engine only indexes email newsletter campaigns. The site has search results for more than four million campaigns from almost 400,000 publishers. The content includes: images, subject lines, landing pages and the Alexa rank the day the mailing went out. ...Read the whole story

  • About One Third of Government Employees Use Personal Email For WorkThe Wall Street Journal

    About one-third of government employees use personal email accounts to conduct official business, according to a new study from Alfresco Software. The research also revealed that many of these employees do so using unsecure technology exposing their communications to security risks. According to the report, many of these employees could be in violation of protocol. ...Read the whole story

  • WHSmith Technical Error Exposes User Data to Entire Email ListThe Guardian

    WHSmith, a newspaper and magazine in vendor in the UK, accidentally sent private user data to its customers thanks to a misconfigured "contact us" on its website. A customer that filled out the form had their data passed on to the entire mailing list, rather than just having it shared with the company. The company attributed the issue to a bug not a data breach. ...Read the whole story

  • London Health Clinic Mistakenly Reveals List of HIV Patients in EmailMashable

    56 Dean Street, a prominent sexual health clinic in London, accidentally revealed the names of almost 800 HIV patients after sending an email newsletter containing client information. The clinic meant to send the newsletter to HIV-positive members but rather than keep the list confidential, the group accidentally included patient names in the "to" field of the email. ...Read the whole story

Getting The Call-To-Action Right For Email

When creating call-to-actions, be mindful of the fact that email is a push channel and the Web site is a pull channel-a key difference oft-forgotten when creating call-to-actions for emails. ...More