Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Around The Net

  • Hillary Clinton Used Email on Her iPad, Despite Claims She Only Used a BlackberryUSA Today

    New documents have revealed that Hillary Clinton used her iPad to send emails, both business and personal, while serving as Secretary of State. This revelation comes after Clinton told the press that she maintained a personal email address on her own server to make it easier to use email in a single device: her Blackberry. ...Read the whole story

  • Wells Fargo Spoofed in Email ScamSPAMFighter

    Fake emails claiming to come from Wells Fargo have been circulating. The spam messages claims that the bank has received documents regarding the recipient's account and encourages the viewer to click a link to see the documents. The page links to a site with malware that is used to infect the user's computer. ...Read the whole story

  • 40% of U.S. Adults Ignore Marketing EmailsDirect Marketing News

    Forty percent of U.S. adults ignore marketing emails, according to a new report from TechnologyAdvice. The "What Consumers Want From Marketing Emails" study includes responses from 1,300 U.S. adults and found that of the 60 percent of consumers that read marketing emails, only 16 percent said they do so on a regular basis. ...Read the whole story

  • Australian Immigration Department Bans Autocomplete Email Tool After Massive Email MistakeThe Guardian

    Australia's immigration department has disabled the autocomplete tool in its email system, after an embarrassing mistake exposed the personal details of world leaders attending the G20 Summit. The leak happened when an employee included the wrong person on an email chain that included the passport numbers and visa details of world leaders including US president Barack Obama, Russian president Vladimir Putin, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and German chancellor Angela Merkel. ...Read the whole story

  • Gmail for Android Now Supports Multiple Email AddressesInternational Business Times

    Google has updated the Gmail app for Android devices, letting users access multiple email accounts from one dashboard. "Starting today, you'll be able to view all your mail at once, regardless of which account it's from, using the new 'All Inboxes' option," Google software engineer Regis Decamps said in a blog post. "This way, you can read and respond to all your messages without having to hop between accounts." ...Read the whole story

Do You Want to Shop Where They Analyze Your Eye Movements?

I was reading a news item recently about another startup in the marketing analytics space. This startup analyzes eye movements as customers browse in a store and, based on that, tries to determine the customer's interest ...More

  • Send Emails That Recipients Actually Want

    According to the "What Consumers Want From Marketing Emails" study from Technology Advice, 40% of the more than 1,300 U.S. adults surveyed ignore marketing emails. Of the 60% who do read them, only 16% do so ...More