Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Around The Net

  • eAngel Spell Checks Emails With Human EyesThe Next Web

    Want to spell check your emails? A new tech company has launched a service called eAngel that brings human autocorrect to your Gmail outbox for $5 a month. The Chrome extension gives Gmail users the option to compose an email with the "send with eAngel" option. Once the email is spell checked, eAngel sends you an email to let you know that your email is ready. ...Read the whole story

  • Email Generates $44.25 For Every $1 Spent: Experian

    For every $1 spent on email marketing, companies are counting an average return of $44.25, according to a recent report from Experian. The research also revealed that of the 91 percent of consumers that opt out of an email program, almost half (46 percent) claim that irrelevant messages are the reason for unsubscribing. ...Read the whole story

  • Always On Responses Can Lead to Poor Performance Among ProfessionalsForbes

    Answering work emails and text messages after hours may seem like a way to get ahead at work, but it can actually hurt performance, says psychology professor Larissa Barber. In a recent survey, Barber discovered that 81 percent of workers say they have checked work email on the weekend and a third of workers respond to work emails within 15 minutes. This response to what she calls "telepressure" can lead to employees feeling burned out and unfocused, which can lead to doing a poor job. ...Read the whole story

  • Send Campaigns on Wednesday, Not Thursday or Friday This Week: YesmailMarketing Land

    Thanksgiving Day is not the best day this week to send out an email or social media campaign, according to a new report from Yesmail Interactive. The digital services firm compared the social and email campaigns of 50 major retailers during the last two holiday seasons and found that campaigns sent the day before Thanksgiving saw 57 percent higher engagement than other days of the week. ...Read the whole story

  • Australian Government Moves to CloudZDNet

    The Australian government has plans to shop for a new government email platform in late 2015 or 2016, after the organization establishes a cloud services panel. The government said that by creating a cloud platform they will be help agencies to focus more on core activities. The group is currently working on a scoping study on called GovDesk and GovMail, which will help government agencies establish automation services for a subscription price. ...Read the whole story

Are You Listening For Your Key Customer Signals?

As the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear, your customers are going to be sending you a veritable blizzard of signals as they interact with you via email, websites, social networks, mobile apps and customer ...More