Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Around The Net

  • Florida Senate Proposes That the DMV Should Keep Email Addresses PrivateCBS News

    The Florida Senate has filed a proposal that would prevent the DMV from releasing a citizen's email address on file with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The bill would make email addresses exempt to public records requests. The Florida Senate Transportation Committee said that this move would help prevent identity theft. ...Read the whole story

  • Email startup Raises $3.8M to Analyze Email AddressesQuartz

    Startup Emailage has raised $3.8 million in a series A round to help build a technology that identifies risk based on an email address. The tool analyzing shoppers' email addresses to find fraudulent transactions. Last year, the platform found more than 2 million risky transactions. The tool scores email addresses based on hundreds of elements to help merchants protect themselves against risky clients. ...Read the whole story

  • Colin Powell Also Used Personal Email as Secretary of StatePolitico

    Hillary Clinton wasn't the only former Secretary of State to use a personal email account while on the job. Colin Powell revealed today that he also did, after news has circulated about Clinton's usage. "He was not aware of any restrictions nor does he recall being made aware of any over the four years he served at State," he said in a statement issued through an aide. ...Read the whole story

  • Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email When Secretary of StateThe New York Times

    Hillary Clinton used her personal email account while she was secretary of state, not an official government account. In fact, she didn't have a government email address during her four years serving in the post. Since her emails were not preserved on department servers, she could be in violation of the Federal Records Act. ...Read the whole story

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