Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Around The Net

  • Tim Cook: Apple Does Not Read Your EmailThe Telegraph

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied claims that Apple is reading its users' private email messages. In addition, Cook has said that the NSA does not have access to the company's servers and cannot read the private communications of its users. Cook also went so far as to explain that if the U.S. government were to hand over a subpoena for the data that Apple's encryption wouldn't allow that data to be turned over, because it is inaccessible to Apple itself. ...Read the whole story

  • Warner Bros Claims Kim Dotcom Email is FakeTorrentFreak

    Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has plans to share an email which he claims exposes New Zealand prime minister John Key's collusion with Warner Brothers anti-piracy efforts. The email contradicts Key's public position. In the email which was allegedly sent between a Warner Brothers executive and an executive at the Motion Picture Association of America, the two discuss how Key plans to extradite Dotcom to the U.S. where he would be put on trial. ...Read the whole story

  • PG&E & California's PUC Fire Officials After Email ScandalMercury News

    Pacific Gas & Electric and the state of California Public Utilities Commission have fired top officials after a controversial email exchange between the two has become public. The emails included details about a natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, CA, exposing a close relationship between the two organizations. ...Read the whole story

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sues State For Allegedly Destroying Emails in Public Records RequestPittsburgh Post-Gazette

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has sued the state of Pennsylvania over the destruction of emails. The newspaper alleges that the state destroyed emails after five days, which were legally supposed to be archived for two years. In the complaint filed in Commonwealth Court, the newspaper has accused the state government of violating the release of public records under Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law. ...Read the whole story

  • Researchers Reveal Weakness in LinkedIn's Email Import ToolKrebs On Security

    Researchers from Rhino Security Labs have discovered a weakness in LinkedIn's email contacts feature. The feature allows LinkedIn users to import their email contact list into the social network to find connections that they already know. The researchers tested what would happen if they put in the fake email addresses that are tied to potentially famous people. They ran a test for Mark Cuban and found that by populating their email account's contacts list with hundreds of versions of famous peoples names attached to @gmail.com, @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com accounts, that they could identify the real email addresses of famous people ... ...Read the whole story

iPhone And Tablet E-commerce Booming With An Email Push

According to a new study by Custora, whether it's commuters immersed in their tablet on the subway, toddlers with Sesame Street apps, or a shopper buying toilet paper on her phone to save a little and ...More