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  • Hispanic Agencies Aren't Fading; The Ones That Evolve Are Getting Stronger by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2016)

    Thanks for your comment Lisa!  The only way to change this perception, is to prove them wrong by doing work that drives results.

  • Hispanic Agencies Aren't Fading; The Ones That Evolve Are Getting Stronger by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2016)

    Hi Anna - thanks for your comment. I agree that what you bring up is happening, but at the end of the day, this approach won't work in the long run and savvy brands will realize this and turn to professionals who truly know their craft.

  • What Every Marketer Should Know About Latino Influencer Platforms by Arturo Nava (Engage:Hispanics on 01/29/2015)

    Arturo- Great piece, thank you for referencing my previous post. Like anything else, influencers can be powerful and support brand objectives when the execution is authentic, real and transparent.

  • Hispanic Online Marketing: 2014 In Review by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 12/11/2014)

    Hi James- I am the author of this piece, please feel free to reach out. Lee

  • Why Spanish Will Always Be Critical For Reaching This Demographic Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/13/2013)

    Jose- Thanks for the comment, I too appreciate the spirited debate. The published data that I cited makes the argument very clearly that Spanish remains critical for Hispanics both online and offline. Although I have not seen the research you cited in your original post I have seen data that indicates that Hispanics, regardless of language preference, cite that they use the Internet primarily in English. The key question to ask is why? In my experience, the answer is because there is relatively little out there online in Spanish and what is out there is not up to snuff. This in turn has created low expectations among some Hispanics and trained them to bypass Spanish sites, even if they prefer Spanish. We have seen first-hand that this lack of Spanish content online and low expectations has created a wonderful opportunity for marketers and for our industry to emphasize Spanish by creating high-quality Spanish language digital experiences. The data clearly shows that the Spanish language is and will remain a cornerstone for Hispanics and I recommend marketers celebrate and embrace Spanish not de-emphasize it.

  • How Digital Is Changing This Market by Jose Villa (Engage:Hispanics on 06/06/2013)

    Jose, thank for the post, I think that Luis has a point in that Hispanics, regardless of language preference consume digital content in English because there is little out there in Spanish, my counter post can be found here:

  • Foreign-Born Hold The Key To This Market by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 03/14/2013)

    Thanks Anita, I am glad you liked it.

  • 5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2011)

    Tim- We posted a graph that breaks down the demographics we cited into English, Bilingual and Spanish preferring. You will see that as a group, or individually, Spanish preferring and bilingual online Hispanics are younger, more affluent and as/more likely to have children. Sebastian - Thanks for your comment, I think that marketers looking to reach all online Hispanics should invest in Spanish and also inject Hispanic cultural cues into their English/General market campaigns. Lee

  • 5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2011)

    Jose- Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I hear your point on competition and am certainly happy the marketers are allocating more towards Hispanic online. That said, I still think that relative to the general market, there is less competition in the Hispanic online market. Lee

  • What's Next In Social Media? by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 05/12/2011)

    Hola Samantha and Kent- Univision does have a community but I did not include it here as Univision is not a pure play social media company. That said, according to the same source, Univision had 3.4 million Hispanic visitors in April 2011. I have not seen the overlap data that you are asking about Samantha, if I come across it I will let you know. Lee

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