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Founder and CEO of Captura Group

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  • Is 2015 The Best Year Yet For Hispanic Digital Marketing? in Engage:Hispanics on 11/12/2015

    With the holidays around the corner and 2015 coming to a close, I took some time to reflect back on what's happened in Hispanic digital marketing. I must say, it was quite a year.

  • Five Reasons Marketers Must Target U.S. Hispanics On Mobile in Marketing: CPG on 09/14/2015

    In 2011, I stressed that mobile was a must for reaching U.S. Hispanics. Back then, few brands were proactively targeting U.S. Hispanics on their mobile devices despite the growing evidence that Hispanics were becoming mobile first consumers. Today, a mobile strategy is an essential component of any marketing plan striving to connect with the 55 million Hispanics in the U.S. that spend over $1.5 trillion per year.

  • Five Reasons Marketers Must Target U.S. Hispanics On Mobile in Engage:Hispanics on 09/10/2015

    In 2011, I stressed that mobile was a must for reaching U.S. Hispanics. Back then, few brands were proactively targeting U.S. Hispanics on their mobile devices despite the growing evidence that Hispanics were becoming mobile first consumers.

  • Five More Reasons To Target Digital Hispanics in Engage:Hispanics on 08/13/2015

    Earlier this week, I was happy to receive the 12th annual Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack. Each year, I analyze the Hispanic Fact Pack from a digital lens and, once again, it contains clear and compelling data for marketers to allocate budgets to target online Hispanics.

  • 4 Reasons To Target Hispanics With Native Advertising in Engage:Hispanics on 07/02/2015

    With brands executing more and more Hispanic content marketing campaigns, it is imperative to get qualified eyeballs on that branded content. Savvy content marketers employ a variety of digital tactics to promote their content including organic search, paid search, social media, influencer marketing and more recently native advertising. For the sake of this post, native advertising refers to paid distribution of content via native advertising networks such as Outbrain, Taboola, Nativo and Yahoo! Stream Ads.

  • Using Spanish Content To Give Your English Content Marketing More Legs in Engage:Hispanics on 06/10/2015

    If you have any experience marketing to U.S. Hispanics, you are likely familiar with back translation: translating consumer-facing Spanish content into English so that non-Spanish speakers, such as your legal team, can review and approve it. Recently, we have seen a huge spike in Hispanic content marketing - and, along with that, an increase in back translations as more and more Spanish content needs to be approved by English speakers. Chances are that the approval process is the end of the road for that back-translated English content, since it's not typically intended to see the light of day. But it doesn't have to be this way! What if you could leverage that back-translated English content to reach a broader audience and drive efficiencies in your content marketing process?

  • The Paradox Of Hispanic SEO in Engage:Hispanics on 05/14/2015

    Despite the rise of social media, content marketing, mobile marketing and other digital marketing tactics, SEO is still critical. In fact, a study published in Search Engine Land found that 51% of all visitors to both B2B and B2C websites are driven by organic search.

  • Google Celebrates Commitment To Hispanic Market in Engage:Hispanics on 04/09/2015

    Last month I had the pleasure of attending Google's Hispanic marketing forum in New York. Of course, it was great to reconnect with many colleagues who have helped shape the Hispanic online market, but, most importantly, it was great to witness firsthand that Google is truly committed to Hispanics online.

  • CPG Brands Should Start E-Commerce With U.S. Hispanics in Engage:Hispanics on 03/12/2015

    Despite clear consumer preferences and major digital disruption in other industries, well-established CPG companies have been slow to embrace e-commerce. Technology innovations that make online CPG shopping convenient and viable, such as Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry, Peapod and Instacart, are emerging to meet digital consumer demand. The CPG industry is fast approaching a digital tipping point that represents a huge opportunity for early movers and a real threat for those that do not move.

  • Using Content Marketing To Connect With Latina Moms in Engage:Hispanics on 02/12/2015

    With all the buzz surrounding Millennials, marketers should keep their eye on Latina moms. This influential demographic controls the majority of Hispanic purchasing power, is growing in numbers, and is looking for content that is tailored to them.

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  • What Every Marketer Should Know About Latino Influencer Platforms by Arturo Nava (Engage:Hispanics on 01/29/2015)

    Arturo- Great piece, thank you for referencing my previous post. Like anything else, influencers can be powerful and support brand objectives when the execution is authentic, real and transparent.

  • Hispanic Online Marketing: 2014 In Review by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 12/11/2014)

    Hi James- I am the author of this piece, please feel free to reach out. Lee

  • Why Spanish Will Always Be Critical For Reaching This Demographic Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/13/2013)

    Jose- Thanks for the comment, I too appreciate the spirited debate. The published data that I cited makes the argument very clearly that Spanish remains critical for Hispanics both online and offline. Although I have not seen the research you cited in your original post I have seen data that indicates that Hispanics, regardless of language preference, cite that they use the Internet primarily in English. The key question to ask is why? In my experience, the answer is because there is relatively little out there online in Spanish and what is out there is not up to snuff. This in turn has created low expectations among some Hispanics and trained them to bypass Spanish sites, even if they prefer Spanish. We have seen first-hand that this lack of Spanish content online and low expectations has created a wonderful opportunity for marketers and for our industry to emphasize Spanish by creating high-quality Spanish language digital experiences. The data clearly shows that the Spanish language is and will remain a cornerstone for Hispanics and I recommend marketers celebrate and embrace Spanish not de-emphasize it.

  • How Digital Is Changing This Market by Jose Villa (Engage:Hispanics on 06/06/2013)

    Jose, thank for the post, I think that Luis has a point in that Hispanics, regardless of language preference consume digital content in English because there is little out there in Spanish, my counter post can be found here:

  • Foreign-Born Hold The Key To This Market by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 03/14/2013)

    Thanks Anita, I am glad you liked it.

  • 5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2011)

    Tim- We posted a graph that breaks down the demographics we cited into English, Bilingual and Spanish preferring. You will see that as a group, or individually, Spanish preferring and bilingual online Hispanics are younger, more affluent and as/more likely to have children. Sebastian - Thanks for your comment, I think that marketers looking to reach all online Hispanics should invest in Spanish and also inject Hispanic cultural cues into their English/General market campaigns. Lee

  • 5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 06/09/2011)

    Jose- Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I hear your point on competition and am certainly happy the marketers are allocating more towards Hispanic online. That said, I still think that relative to the general market, there is less competition in the Hispanic online market. Lee

  • What's Next In Social Media? by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 05/12/2011)

    Hola Samantha and Kent- Univision does have a community but I did not include it here as Univision is not a pure play social media company. That said, according to the same source, Univision had 3.4 million Hispanic visitors in April 2011. I have not seen the overlap data that you are asking about Samantha, if I come across it I will let you know. Lee

  • Agency Pulls A JLo by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 03/10/2011)

    Harold and Maricela- Thanks for you comments, onward and upward! Lee

  • Groupon Latino? by Lee Vann (Engage:Hispanics on 12/09/2010)

    Grace- Did you happen to see the point I made about how the big online players reach Hispanics?

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