• Defining Cross-culturalism
    I've discussed how Corporate America is "moving multicultural out of the silos." Marketplace dynamics are clumsily driving this shift in the form of the total market approach, as brands look to stay relevant and grow in the increasingly minority-majority reality of Millennial and Gen Z populations. There is another factor underpinning the change in multicultural strategies by major marketers: an understanding that culture no longer exists in silos according to ethnicity.
  • Are You Talking To Me?
    As a PR practitioner, I often participate in planning meetings where brands discuss their Hispanic marketing plans and target audience. The group is often comprised of adults 25 - 44 who are bilingual and bicultural, reside in the Sun Belt states, are tech-savvy and earn an average income of $69,000. I can't help but see my picture in that profile. I'm a mid-30s mother and wife, Miami resident, and although I was born in Mexico City, moving to San Diego at the age of 10 helped me acculturate to American lifestyles. Considering I'm the target for many brands, I thought ...
  • The Juices Of Life
    I was visiting my local grocery store, Sun Fresh Markets by Minyards, in Dallas this week. Think of the format as Minyards trying its best to look like the cool kid on the block (Whole Foods), but as hard as it tries, it's still not the real McCoy. They have a nice logo with a sun on it and the word "fresh" in the banner, yet they still sell Sunny Delight.
  • 5 Reasons Brands Should Use Facebook Instant Articles To Engage With U.S. Hispanics
    Last month, Facebook announced that on April 12, they will be "opening up the Instant Articles program to all publishers-of any size, anywhere in the world." Yes, this means that brands can now leverage Facebook Instant Articles to engage with consumers.
  • To Reach The Digital Hispanic Today, You Need A Variety Of Content And Voices
    It surprises me how often clients believe that marketing strategies to the reach the Hispanic consumer should be exclusively in Spanish or distributed on Spanish-language media outlets. They seem to be unaware that more than 60% of growth in the Hispanic market comes from U.S. births, or that 33.2 million Hispanics over the age of five (68%) now speak English proficiently, as verified by Pew Research Center. While many marketers today understand, and are very interested in the opportunity that Hispanics with $1.5 billion in buying power represent, they naively expect a solution that is talla unica (one-size-fits-all).
  • 3 Reasons Brands Should Focus On Hispanics And African-Americans
    The Consumer Confidence Index hit 92.2 in February, from a revised 97.8 in January, the Conference Board said. That's lower than the 97.3 expected by analysts, and the lowest level since July, according to Thomson Reuters.
  • From Consumers To Empowered Creators
    If you are reading this, you know that Latinos are a prime consumer target for a large number of consumer-focused companies across the American economy. They spend billions in an effort to try to convince us to buy their products and services. They invest so much money because we are a very attractive and lucrative consumer market: 54 million strong with spending power of $1.5 trillion USD. We are also trendsetters and are very loyal consumers.
  • If You Want Hispanics, Buy Hispanic
    Brand connections start with speaking the same language.
  • It's Dangerous To Ignore The Impact Of Hispanic Millennials
    The "millennial experts" of today have replaced the "social media experts" of the previous decade. This new cottage industry is driven by demand from large organizations and brands that are still trying to figure out how to make the millennial market work for them.
  • How Hispanic Gen Z Will Change Everything
    Marketers have focused on millennials for nearly a decade, making them among the most-studied group of young adults. But as the tail end of millennials turn 21 and graduate from college, it's time to turn our attention to next major consumer group - those under 21.
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