• The Mediapreneur Path
    We live in a world in which technology has destroyed the barriers to building a media platform and removed its gatekeepers. The rise of blogging, YouTubing, podcasting, Vining, and online education is the result of this seismic change. This revolution has created tremendous business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  • We Are Sometimes In The Export Business
    As the Hispanic market continues to expand and more service providers or CPG manufacturers want to get their fair share of growth, I often find myself telling clients "this is a little like the export business." I say this in particular because many times I have the opportunity to work with underdeveloped categories or brands. The situation is pretty typical: low penetration, low brand awareness, low distribution, low know-how, low, low, and all of a sudden, lo and behold, we find ourselves marketing to Hispanics.
  • Beyond Hispanic Over-Indexing: Binge-Viewing
    Hispanics over-index in [insert every product and service here]. Every day we find out how Hispanics over-index in everything from mobile coupons to hamburgers. While interesting data, it doesn't really provide marketers with the insight needed to effectively target Hispanic consumers. We are guilty of contributing to the over-indexing story because as a market-researcher, we are tasked with reporting the numbers. The over-indexing narrative is becoming so pervasive that we are running the risk of over saturating the marketing conversation to the point where our over-index chant becomes a drawn out hum, tuned out by the brand managers and consumer ...
  • Emerging Hispanic Markets Provide Marketers Another Chance
    The Hispanic market is big business, attracting over $8.3 billion in ad spend to reach a growing population of 55.4 million with over $168 billion in discretionary spending. AHAA's 2015 Hispanic Ad Spend Allocation Report shows more companies increasing investment toward the Hispanic market, with overall Hispanic ad spend among the top 500 advertisers increasing 63% from 2010 to 2014.
  • Why Hispanic Teens Are Saving Google+
    Google+ has long been the black sheep of the Google family, and the broader social media community for that matter. Even Google itself has acknowledged the network's shortcomings, as former Googler Chris Messina candidly wrote how both he and Google had fudged up. Chris's word choice was a bit more colorful. And then there was the departure of Google+ creator, Vic Gundotra, in April 2014 - arguably the most ominous sign for the social network's future at the time. But while Google+ was undoubtedly mishandled early on, it does still possess promise for brands.
  • 4 Reasons To Target Hispanics With Native Advertising
    With brands executing more and more Hispanic content marketing campaigns, it is imperative to get qualified eyeballs on that branded content. Savvy content marketers employ a variety of digital tactics to promote their content including organic search, paid search, social media, influencer marketing and more recently native advertising. For the sake of this post, native advertising refers to paid distribution of content via native advertising networks such as Outbrain, Taboola, Nativo and Yahoo! Stream Ads.
  • Goodbye, Don Francisco; Hello, 'The Root': Cultural Awakening Of U.S. Hispanic America
    Within a matter of 30 days, Univision made two sweeping changes to a cultural institution in the United States; they cancelled one of the longest running shows on television, ""Sabado Gigante," and purchased the largest online website for African-Americans, "The Root."
  • The Bird In The Hand
    I can already hear the movie trailer in my mind "In a world...with limited metrics and people with a passion for Hispanic marketing, the black-hole discussion of acculturation is threatening to take over the conversation, eliminate budgets and destroy the world of Hispanic marketing. Evil clients pressure a Hispanic marketeer for answers: who should I target?! Biculturals?!Ambiculturals?! Unaculturated?! Caught between a rock and a hard place...what's a marketeer to do?"
  • Using Spanish Content To Give Your English Content Marketing More Legs
    If you have any experience marketing to U.S. Hispanics, you are likely familiar with back translation: translating consumer-facing Spanish content into English so that non-Spanish speakers, such as your legal team, can review and approve it. Recently, we have seen a huge spike in Hispanic content marketing - and, along with that, an increase in back translations as more and more Spanish content needs to be approved by English speakers. Chances are that the approval process is the end of the road for that back-translated English content, since it's not typically intended to see the light of day. But it ...
  • Moving Multicultural Out of The Silos
    Corporate America is increasingly undertaking enterprise-level initiatives to move multicultural market considerations from a segment-driven consideration into their core business operations. Market realities are driving this trend: the growth of multicultural populations, their spending power and the projections they will drive a majority of market growth in many industries. A glimpse at the demographic profile of the coveted Millennial population brings this market imperative into focus: Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians make up 41% of all Millennials in the U.S.
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