Results for February 2010

Might Online Media Disrupt Acculturation?
Six experts discuss this issue, after which you are invited to leave your comments, links to research and additional questions below.» 0 Comments
Don't Miss A Beat
American brands are aggressively reaching out to Latino consumers by making Latin music and entertainment an integral part of their annual marketing initiatives, and that's evident from the growing number of Latin tours and programs sponsored by corporate giants such as Sprint (Juanes), State Farm (Billboard Latin Music Awards), AT&T ("Viva el Sueño," Univision's version of "American Idol"), and dozens more.» 0 Comments
Good Content Is Critical For Reaching Hispanics Online
Social media have completely changed the nature of how content for online consumption is produced. Companies must now speak to consumers through content that's less formal, more timely, shorter and ultimately more engaging.» 0 Comments
Budget Allocation Modeling
So how much of an advertiser's marketing budget should be allocated to the Hispanic market? The more relevant question is how should companies, together with their agency partners, approach the question of budget allocation?» 0 Comments