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Growing E-Commerce With Hispanics In The U.S.
If your business provides products or services targeted to the U.S. Hispanic market, you will want to follow some basic tips that will help you to reach your business goals and increase your profits at the same time.» 0 Comments
It's Not Just About Information, It's What You Do With It
One thing is evident. Information is the largest, most precious resource available to present-day human society. Thanks to it, we can now pinpoint exactly what the interests, preferences and lifestyles of any group are. And these groups may be ethnic, racial, cultural, age-defined-gender-determined-politically-affiliated... My head hurts just thinking about the degree of classification that is now possible: "The Garden of Eden of Efficient Targeting."» 0 Comments
The 2011 Berky Award Winners
It's time for the most anticipated time of year, as the Berky Awards have arrived. Here's how the Berky Awards work: each year (alright, just this one so far), millions of people vote on their favorite social media services and technologies. None of those people tell me their votes, though, so I have to come up with the winners myself. The winners are treated to a printout of this column at their own expense, and a free beer at 360i's bar whenever they're in Tribeca. Without further ado, here are the Berky Awards for Social Media Excellence in 2011. Please ...» 1 Comments
The Multicultural Side Of Occupy Wall Street And Why Marketers Should Care
It may be too early to foresee the long-term effects that the Occupy Wall Street movement will have on the country as a whole, and the effects it will have on the way consumers see corporations and brands. But it doesn't take much to see the undercurrents of change reshaping the current paradigm. While the Occupy movement has been spearheaded by young, white Millennials, to assume that it is comprised solely of that group would be incorrect. The proverbial 99% of the population is far more diverse than that, and encompasses large swathes of Hispanics who have been hit particularly ...» 0 Comments
Hispanics Are Online, But Marketers Don't See Them
Here's a question for online marketers: What percent of U.S. online advertising spending do you think is targeted to Hispanics?» 1 Comments
Digging Deeper To Understand The Hispanic Mobile Opportunity
Considering Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing market segments in the U.S., figuring out how to reach them through mobile will increasingly define the how brands are able to successfully engage this group of users.» 2 Comments