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10 Things You Should Know About U.S. Hispanics
Since its launch last August, Engage:Hipanics has addressed a variety of topics. Herein, a handy list covers most of the bases and adds some new thoughts as well.» 0 Comments
Social Cocooning, Stress, And Struggle In '09
Clearly, Hispanics's perceptions can diverge strongly from those of non-Hispanics -- and those divergences have grown in some cases. Keeping these insights in mind could serve marketers from many quarters who need to understand lifestyle in the U.S. Hispanic community.» 0 Comments
The Untapped Side Of Hispanic Mobile Marketing
The emergence of mobile Web and mobile application marketing opportunities to Hispanics signals a seismic change in how the mobile device can be used to reach the rapidly growing Hispanic population - from much more than an extension vehicle (as is the case with SMS) to a potential stand-alone or key marketing platform (arguably one of the most personal advertising medium that has ever existed).» 0 Comments