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Fish Where The Fish Are
Where I live in the Northeast, supermarket chains have essentially ignored the Hispanic market, despite the fact we spend more per week and more per product than any other demographic. Well, they do put the Goya products on sale during Hispanic Heritage Month and Coronas on sale for Cinco de Mayo, so perhaps I shouldn't complain too much.» 0 Comments
The Recession As Hispanics See It
Hispanics may be among the last to have their spending habits change drastically as the economy improves -- because they predict a smaller change in their spending for a positive economy.» 0 Comments
Understanding Consumers: It's All In The 'Cons'
Is brand building with consumers an art or a science? Angel Martinez answered this question during his keynote presentation at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies' Media & Account Management Conference last week, where he recounted his life growing up in The Bronx, becoming CMO of Reebok, building it into a sports powerhouse and, most recently, joining the Deckers Outdoor Corp., maker of the Uggs and Teva shoe brands, as CEO and chairman.» 0 Comments
Using Personas To Connect Online
Personas are synthesized from ethnographic research with real people and then summarized in one- to two-page descriptions that include behavior patterns, skills, attitudes and environment combined with a few fictional personal details to bring the persona to life.» 0 Comments