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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • TD Bank Helps Customers Make Big Differences in Marketing Daily on 12/17/2014

    Think about how much $30,000 spent over 24 hours can do for a community-building initiative. Now multiply it by 24, and you get a sense of the work TD Bank has been doing over the past month.

  • T-Mobile Launches Data Rollover, Er, 'Stash' in Marketing Daily on 12/16/2014

    Continuing its "Uncarrier" mission of identifying, then relieving, consumer pain points, T-Mobile has unleashed its latest initiative (8.0, for those keeping track): data rollover.

  • Consumers Still Concerned About Financial Info Protection in Marketing Daily on 12/15/2014

    Whatever the reason -- unfamiliarity with the protections already in place, high-publicity security breaches, or some other factor -- consumers are still wary of the measures that retailers have in place to protect their personal information.

  • Tablet Use Still Growing Faster Than Other Devices in Marketing Daily on 12/12/2014

    "We are starting to see sales level off," John Buffone, executive director of connected intelligence at The NPD Group, tells Marketing Daily. "While we are seeing that inflection point, the retail market is still strong."

  • Consumers Want More Flexibility From Cable Companies in Marketing Daily on 12/11/2014

    "That's an indication that consumers want a gateway to the content," Chen Zhao, director of analytics for the Marchex Institute, the data and insights team at Marchex, tells "Marketing Daily." "Consumers clearly want more flexibility and choice."

  • People Are Even More Dependent On Phones in Marketing Daily on 12/10/2014

    "I view this as a good thing," Craig Wigginton, vice chairman and U.S telecommunications sector leader at Deloitte, tells "Marketing Daily." "It's showing the device is indispensable now. It's key to [consumers'] lifestyle and lifestyle management."

  • Vizio Aims To Hack The Fiesta in Marketing Daily on 12/09/2014

    Under the banner of "This Is How We Fiesta," Vizio is offering up solutions such as installing a strong magnet below a wall-mounted bottle opener to catch loose caps or laying down a carpet of Astroturf to catch spills and garbage during the game.

  • Pocket Avatars Use Pop Culture For Promotion in Marketing Daily on 12/08/2014

    "It's a way for users to send animated messages, using avatars as a proxy," Richard Hannah, director of business operation and co-GM of Pocket Avatars, tells "Marketing Daily." "[It's] a fully animated message, that's fun for people to send messages to each other."

  • Sprint Offers To Cut Competitors' Bills In Half in Marketing Daily on 12/06/2014

    "We think that's where the greatest opportunity is," company rep Dave Mellin tells "Marketing Daily," adding that the holiday shopping season is a prime time to lure new customers who may already be out looking for a new or upgraded phone.

  • Client of the Year: T-Mobile in Agency of the Year on 12/16/2014

    Three years ago, few would have predicted T-Mobile would be the talk of the wireless industry. Holding a secure fourth-place position in a four-horse race, T-Mobile was defined by little more than its signature magenta color and possibilities for takeover by one of its larger competitors. T-Mobile was "America's fastest shrinking wireless company," admits one executive.

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