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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • Digital Tech, Social Connections Dominate Loyalty Index in Marketing Daily on 10/12/2015

    "Digital technology and digital outreach and anything that facilitates that," says Brand Keys founder and president Robert Passikoff, "has become more differentiating to people than what brand of cereal they buy."

  • Tech Continues To Be Hot Holiday Seller, CEA Finds in Marketing Daily on 10/08/2015

    Another bright spot will be emerging technologies such as smart-home devices, wearable activity trackers and drones. About 33% said they intend to buy a product in one of those categories, says Samantha Powers, senior manager of market research for the CEA.

  • Activision Gets Ready To Rock Your Socks Off in Marketing Daily on 10/06/2015

    Ian Trombetta, vp of consumer marketing for Guitar Hero Live at Activision, tells "Marketing Daily," "What we captured on screen reflects the fun and social elements of the game while also bringing the primary innovation of real reactive crowds to the forefront."

  • Technology Becoming A Bigger Healthcare Feature in Marketing Daily on 10/06/2015

    "What the industry is looking for is evidence that [it] shows us some sort of achievement, Dr. Harry Greenspun, director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, tells "Marketing Daily." "Having a fitness app on my phone doesn't mean I'm an athlete."

  • With PostNet, Businesses Survive Zombie Apocalypse in Marketing Daily on 10/02/2015

    "We're introducing a ground-breaking, fully functional e-commerce and marketing services delivery model," Rachel Reynolds, PostNet's marketing director, tells "Marketing Daily." "We were looking for a fun and interesting way to [showcase] that idea among our consumers."

  • AT&T Sells DirecTV On Its Own Merits in Marketing Daily on 10/02/2015

    "These ads take a fun, fictional look at our cable competitors," says a company rep. "For the past 15 years straight, consumers have rated DirecTV's customer satisfaction superior to cable and the ads humorously highlight the advantages of DirecTV over cable."

  • Sony TV Division 'Pictures' Healthier Environment in Marketing Daily on 09/29/2015

    "In order to do this in a global way, it's not as successful or impactful of you push it down from above," says Paula Askanas, EVP of communications for Sony Pictures Television. "It was generated by the local channels in the local markets."

  • Xerox Gets Specific In Campaign's Next Phase in Marketing Daily on 09/28/2015

    The new spots show off the ways Xerox addresses specific industry issues (such as human resources, health care and transportation), while keeping the humorous spirit of its brand anthem ad alive.

  • Strawberry Shortcake Grows From Greeting Cards To Girl Power in Marketing Daily on 09/24/2015

    "It's an attention-getting message that aligns with the character and the roots of this brand," Leigh Anne Brodsky, managing director of Iconix Entertainment, tells "Marketing Daily." "I think people are going to be very moved by it."

  • T-Mobile Continues Jabs At Other Carriers in Marketing Daily on 09/22/2015

    "We won't stand by while Verizon tries to convince the world that their network -- which is slower than ours and has less capacity -- is the best on the planet," Peter DeLuca, senior vice president of brand advertising for T-Mobile, tells "Marketing Daily."

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