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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • Q&A: Belkin/WeMo CMO Kieran Hannon On The Internet Of Things in Marketing Daily on 03/26/2015

    As the Internet of Things and home automation have grown as a category, Belkin introduced the WeMo line of products to bring connectivity to products from light switches to coffeepots and slow cookers (via partnerships with Mr. Coffee and Crock-Pot).

  • WWE Salutes 'Hero In All Of Us' in Marketing Daily on 03/25/2015

    Central to the campaign is a 60-second commercial that shows off many of the league's top personalities. The spot begins in black-and-white, while a voiceover speaks about moments of "surpassing our own expectations."

  • Benjamin Moore Paints More Than Mere Colors in Marketing Daily on 03/24/2015

    "We're getting ahead of the paint season a little bit, while consumers are still looking for inspiration," CMO Ron Schuller tells "Marketing Daily." "It begins to demystify the notion that 'paint is paint.' We believe the quality attributes we bring to it are what matters."

  • Future 'Iconic Moments' Coming To A Tablet Near You in Marketing Daily on 03/23/2015

    "We had been bantering about the idea that there are moments in history where you see some event live on TV," Valerie Vargas, VP of advertising and marketing communications, tells "Marketing Daily." "The team flipped that on its head."

  • Vizio Bows Ultra-HD Doc At SXSW in Marketing Daily on 03/20/2015

    "We sought to create a beautiful narrative that also reflected the Vizio brand personality traits, which we hope would resonate with fans of our brand," Lily Knowles, vice president of product marketing for Vizio, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Barkley, CDW Sell The Power Of Partnerships in Marketing Daily on 03/19/2015

    "With the increasing complexity of technology services, it makes it important that we demonstrate our understanding of the challenges our customers face," CDW's marketing director, Dean Lamb, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Penske Offers A Better Way in Marketing Daily on 03/18/2015

    Many people are familiar with Penske Truck Leasing's fleet by its distinguishable bright yellow exterior. But beyond that, few know about the company's business services or what truly sets them apart from other competitors.

  • Basketball Stars Showcase AT&T's 'Strength' in Marketing Daily on 03/17/2015

    "The ads will all carry [our] 'strong can' theme reinforcing our 'Nation's Strongest LTE Signal' claim," AT&T tells "Marketing Daily." "Similarly, fans will be following their brackets throughout the tournament in the hopes they have the strongest."

  • Dad Gets Data Power In New Virgin Mobile Effort in Marketing Daily on 03/16/2015

    With all the concern among families over the use of wireless data these days -- how much should they get? Does it roll over?, etc. -- Virgin Mobile is promoting a new plan that allows families to determine just who in a family plan gets what.

  • Philips, Syfy Light Up Programming in Marketing Daily on 03/13/2015

    "What we've learned is the people who are syncing -- and we have a solid number doing this through 12 Monkeys -- is they want a little more," Matthew Chiavelli, Syfy's vice president of digital media and strategy, tells "Marketing Daily."

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