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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • Century 21 Employs Exploding Cranberries To Sell Homes in Marketing Daily on 11/19/2014

    "We polled our social media followers for their favorite Thanksgiving foods, and we're destroying their least favorites," Matt Gentile, Century 21's director of social media, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Marketing To Become More Personalized, Authentic in Marketing Daily on 11/18/2014

    Brands will have to become more personal and more authentic in 2015, says branding firm Landor Associates. Marketing will become even more personalized next year, as technological advances catch up to consumer expectations.

  • In A Rebranding, TVGN Looks To 'Pop' In 2015 in Marketing Daily on 11/17/2014

    "As the people running this [network], we don't own the [TV Guide] magazine, and we don't own the app," says Brad Schwartz, president of media and entertainment. "When you can't control your name across all platforms, it's an amazing opportunity to start again."

  • Tablet Market Nears Saturation, Analysts Describe Market As 'Grim' in Marketing Daily on 11/17/2014

    "The slowdown has been pervasive, and even the launch of the new iPads has not served to reignite sales growth," NPD's Stephen Baker says. "With the holidays fast approaching, the potential for a positive tablet sales season appears grim."

  • Forget Fruitcake, Ohio Lottery Pitches New Tradition in Marketing Daily on 11/14/2014

    Some holiday traditions (lights, stockings, family togetherness) are to be enjoyed, while others (reindeer sweaters) are to be dreaded. The Ohio Lottery Commission is hoping the gift of scratch-offs can find its way into the former category.

  • Barnes & Noble Touts Gift-Giving Expertise in Marketing Daily on 11/11/2014

    "It's meant to be a great time for people to come in and take advantage of some interesting offers and activities," Jaime Carey, chief merchandising officer for B&N, tells "Marketing Daily." "It's a fantastic driver one weekend before Black Friday... ."

  • Before Love, There Must Be 'Like' in Marketing Daily on 11/10/2014

    "We want to celebrate a relationship, not just a first date or marriage like so many of our competitors are doing," Allison Braley, Zoosk's vice president of marketing, tells "Marketing Daily." "We're trying to focus on enjoying the journey, rather than the end-point."

  • Fitness Trackers See Huge Awareness Jump in Marketing Daily on 11/09/2014

    Eddie Hold, vice president of Connected Intelligence at The NPD Group, tells "Marketing Daily," "Usually, you'd consider these devices to be somewhat niche. In one year, they've gone from low awareness to extremely high awareness."

  • Ubisoft Knows The Meaning Of A Close Shave in Marketing Daily on 11/06/2014

    An Edge rep tells "Marketing Daily," "The gaming community is extremely engaged and curious, always looking for advantages that give them a leg up among their fellow competitors. [This] offers men a chance to receive those advantages in and out of the game."

  • Sound United Appeals To Festival-Lovers, Audiophiles in Marketing Daily on 11/04/2014

    Sound United, the parent company of Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, is launching two marketing campaigns to tout the brands' entry into the wireless audio arena. The campaigns mark both brands' first forays into multimillion-dollar, national integrated efforts.

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