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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • More Brands Drop Breitbart in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/27/2017

    Audi, Visa, T-Mobile and Lufthansa are among the growing list of companies pulling their advertising from controversial alt-right website Breitbart. Thanks to a grassroots effort from Sleeping Giants, at least 1,250 advertisers no longer wish to be associated with the site. The campaign encourages Twitter users to publicly name and shame companies who advertise on the website by drawing attention to screenshots of Breitbart ads.

  • Cadillac Addresses Divided Nation With Ad in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/27/2017

    Cadillac is the latest marketer to take on the task of bringing together a divided nation with an ad that ran during Sunday's Academy Awards telecast. The commercial depicts street protests along side scenes of people helping other people (such as a rescue effort from a flooded neighborhood). Director of Brand Marketing Melody Lee says the ad is not a "political or social statement," but rather a "celebration of the incredible American spirit."

  • Mom On Mission To Feature Children With Disabilities In Ads in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/27/2017

    For five years, suburban Chicago mom Katie Driscoll has been working to persuade retailers to use more models with disabilities in their advertising. She's flown all over the country offering photo clinics for parents of children with special needs and met with dozens of corporations. Those efforts are starting to pay off, with Driscoll's daughter, who has Down syndrome featured in some Walgreen's in-store materials. Driscoll manages an advocacy site,

  • eBay Launching Outdoor Campaign in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/27/2017

    The e-commerce brand will be launching a new campaign in 31 U.S. cities, showing some of the reasons for loving eBay, including last-minute, onetime delivery; fast shipping and peace of mind. The advertisements feature the words "For the love of" followed by a list of features, as well as an eBay logo in the lower left corner.

  • ABInBev Brings Bud Light To Britain in Around the Net In Brand Marketing on 02/27/2017

  • Verizon Likens Root Metrics Award To Oscar in Marketing Daily on 02/26/2017

    Winning an award for the superiority of one's wireless network is tough. Consumers don't really know (or care) what the ratings are, making it hard to differentiate one measurement from another. So Verizon is taking to a big stage to show off what it means to be at the top of Root Metrics' evaluations.

  • Comcast's Todd Arata On Xfinity As Source For All Things Oscar in Marketing Daily on 02/26/2017

    This weekend's Academy Awards telecast is arguably entertainment's biggest event. For the second year in a row, Comcast is looking to make it even bigger.

  • Fios Goes After Gamers With 'Instant Internet' in Marketing Daily on 02/22/2017

    A Verizon rep tells "Marketing Daily," "The gaming community is one of the singular applications where you can see the difference. They have a need and appreciation for the speed."

  • The Benefits Of Serendipity in Search Insider on 02/21/2017

    Every now and then, a consumer happens upon a brand by accident and such serendipitous discovery can mean additional business if you plan for it.

  • Key To Satisfaction Is Customer Before Company in Marketing Daily on 02/21/2017

    In a recent survey, MarketingSherpa found that 35% of unsatisfied consumers felt the company put its business goals above customers' needs, while satisfied customers were three times more likely to feel the company put customers' needs above business goals.

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