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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • Sprint Goes 'All-In' With Beckham in Marketing Daily on 07/01/2015

    "Imagine if you saw an ad for a hamburger, and they said the meat in the hamburger [cost] a dollar, and when you showed up, they said they were going to charge your for the bread, and for the lettuce," says Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure.

  • Internet, Smartphones, Women Fueling Fantasy Sports Growth in Marketing Daily on 06/29/2015

    The ability to act as a general manager or owner is becoming a top leisure activity not just for the hard-core male sports fan, but for others who find themselves with a little extra free time and a desire to make money.

  • Functionality, Brand Fuel Smartwatch Choices in Marketing Daily on 06/24/2015

    "Our data shows product appearance is the third most important factor. The manufacturers are beginning to pay more attention to the design and appearance of [the devices]," Tejas Meheta, research analyst with Parks Associates, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Millennials Key To Home Automation Growth in Marketing Daily on 06/23/2015

    Says John Buffone, executive director of connected intelligence at NPD: "The product mix such as smart cameras, lights, and plugs fits the lifestyle of both homeowners and renters, which opens up a larger, younger and more tech-savvy consumer market."

  • Brands Shouting, But Consumers Aren't Listening in Marketing Daily on 06/22/2015

    "[Marketers] are talking at us rather than engaging with us, and we as consumers are beginning to tune them out," Chandar Pattabhiram, group vice president of product and corporate marketing at Marketo, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Connected Home Device Interest Slowing in Marketing Daily on 06/17/2015

    Early consumer demand for home automation and security devices has dropped off, according to new research from Argus Insights, "Until things become easier and consumers don't have to cobble together a total solution, I believe we will continue to see this stagnation," says John Feland, CEO and founder of Argus Insights.

  • Dating Site Zoosk Enables Users To Trust, But Verify in Marketing Daily on 06/16/2015

    "The message from our last campaign was successful in differentiating us from other sites," Katherine Knight, brand manager for Zoosk, tells "Marketing Daily." "For our new campaign, we wanted to build on that and take it to the next level."

  • Sprint Trials Wheat-Straw Paper for Customer Mailings in Marketing Daily on 06/15/2015

    Having developed an environmentally friendly, reusable "ecoEnvelope" for customers who were receiving paper bills in 2012, the company is now launching a pilot program to use a greener paper for its customer mailings.

  • Companies Still Lacking In Customer Service in Marketing Daily on 06/12/2015

    According to a survey of more than 1,000 consumers by Mattersight Corp., more than two-thirds of consumers who dial in to call centers every year are frustrated even before they begin the call. Furthermore, three-quarters of consumers said they were still frustrated at the end of the call, even if their problem was resolved.

  • Century 21 Looks To Crown 'World's Worst Garage Band' in Marketing Daily on 06/11/2015

    "In our efforts to surprise and delight our followers in digital media, we're looking for edgy content," Matt Gentile, director of social media for Century 21, tells "Marketing Daily." "With the summer selling season upon us, it gives our brokers and members a way to connect with customers."

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