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Sherrill Mane

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  • SVP Industry Services Internet Advertising Bureau
  • 116 East 27th Street 7th floor
  • New York New York
  • 10016 USA

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  • Beautiful Ads Work -- What a Concept! in Metrics Insider on 03/17/2015

    Contrary to a popular notion in some digital ad circles today, intrusive ads can be highly effective. The proviso is that they be done right. This is the same principle that has guided the success of intrusive advertising in legacy media for many decades. Recently, the IAB conducted in-depth research on the effectiveness of IAB Rising Stars display ad units, and the findings demonstrated that big, intrusive ads on digital screens do build brands.

  • Viewability In Focus At Leadership Meeting in Metrics Insider on 02/19/2015

    The recent IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (Feb 8-10), attended by more than 1,100 executives, featured a number of conversations about viewability, including a Town Hall devoted to the subject. Over the course of high-level dialogue with stakeholders from the buy, sell and tech sides, it was clear that confusion persists. Clarifications were necessary:

  • Where Viewability Is Today -- And Why It's Critical For Digital's Tomorrow  in Metrics Insider on 01/20/2015

    On Dec. 16, 2014, IAB released "State of Viewability Transactions 2015,"a position paper that put forth seven principles for viewability transactions in 2015. Since then, the press and the ecosystem at large have engaged in worthy debate and discussion about the meaning of the paper for viewability, measurement, and ongoing deal-making. Still, with some stakeholders jockeying for position and disparate perspectives aplenty, misleading chatter erupted -- and even more than a month out, misconceptions persist. In order to put everyone back onto the same page, the following is a guide to the basics.

  • Pret-A-Mesure (Ready To Measure) in Metrics Insider on 09/11/2014

    It is Fashion Week in New York City. And, to coincide with this whirlwind marketplace of fashion, the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence just released "Fashion on Phones: Mobile Readiness of the Women's Wear Daily Top 100 Brands." Stunningly, the research found that a full 17% of the top 100 fashion brands do not have a mobile-optimized website. That 17% includes brands that regularly grace the pages of Vogue and Elle, such as Versace and DKNY, as well as those that are mainstays of fashion, like American Apparel, Reebok and Danskin.

  • Getting Clear On Viewability in Metrics Insider on 08/07/2014

    The IAB hosts a Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) educational forum once a month in order to foster knowledge-sharing about measurement change and support the implementation of viewability. These sessions have been well attended and have helped many come up to speed on the massive transition that arrived once the Media Ratings Council (MRC) gave the green light to transact on viewable. Still, despite a plethora of educational sessions, an in-depth 3MS website including a comprehensive FAQ section, copious amounts of press coverage and more, a steady drumbeat of concerns and questions in the marketplace seems to persist.

  • Video Viewability: What You Don't Know in Metrics Insider on 07/08/2014

    We've reached another milestone in revolutionizing the measurement of digital ads. On June 30, the Media Rating Council's (MRC) gating period for transacting on accredited measures of video viewability ended, ushering in an era of new transactional currency. The new era may be underway, but it is still early enough that some are still in need of the basics.

  • Hearing Viewability in Metrics Insider on 06/12/2014

    June 30 is almost here. That date is the next milestone in the transition to viewable currency. It is the day when the Media Rating Council (MRC)'s gating period for video viewability measurement ends - and trading against video viewability, as measured by accredited vendors, can begin. June 30 is also the close of the first round of refinements to display viewability measurements based on the MRC Reconciliation Study.

  • So Close, You Can Almost See It: Viewability in Metrics Insider on 03/19/2014

    Digital advertising currency is on the threshold of a major transformation. The first big ecosystem-wide milestone for the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative is almost upon us: the Media Rating Council (MRC) will soon be lifting its advisory to green-light viewable impressions as the currency for brand advertising transactions. The expected date is March 31.

  • What's Next: Viewability, Reach, Engagement And Brand Marketing in Metrics Insider on 02/20/2014

    When the ANA, the 4A's and the IAB came together to create the Making Measurement Make Sense initiative (3MS), we knew we would accelerate marketers' ability to use digital media to build brands along with legacy media. We knew that digital measurement needed to work in a cross-platform world. In addition, 3MS has to give brands the tools for the right allocations of media for an individual brand at a particular moment in its evolution.

  • Exploring What Consumers Say About Digital Content Brands in Metrics Insider on 01/22/2014

    Digital media has been at the forefront of consumers' lives for some time now. We in marketing and media struggle with the challenges of measuring users, and how much and when digital media is being consumed, in order to measure the full media diet. Rarely do we collectively explore what content brands mean in today's constantly changing media landscape. We have not yet mapped the site content "brandscape," nor have we mined its value to advertisers. The IAB explored the contours of the consumer experience with content on sites belonging to media brands that originated in the analog world, as well as on sites born in the digital age.

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