• Ad Fraud Isn't Only Fraud That Should Concern You
    Ad fraud is a hot topic for marketers right now. But there's another type of fraud they should be concerned about: attribution fraud.
  • TV GRPs: You've Had Good Run, But It's Time For New Currency
    TV has drastically evolved over the past 15 years now that viewers have more choices than ever, with hundreds of channels offered by cable providers, online video, streaming services, on-demand viewing and DVRs - all delivered via connected devices like smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. TV advertisers have been buying media the same way for over 50 years, but now they have to make sense of the new landscape. That means TV advertising measurement needs to catch up to the new landscape, too.
  • Advanced Measurement: Not Just For Enterprise Brands Anymore
    Historically, most marketers have assumed that only companies with significant marketing budgets could afford moving to an advanced measurement approach without taking a hit to their bottom line. But that's not necessarily the case if companies are considering the bigger picture.
  • What's The Value Of A Digital Ad? ComScore Has Some Ideas
    ComScore, known in the industry as the expert in digital measurement, which is taking an aggressive cross-platform position with its acquisition of Rentrak, also recently announced a measurement deal with Viacom and partnership with Adobe. I sat down with Andrew Lipsman, comScore's VP of marketing insights, to get his perspective on all of these recent advancements in conjunction with comScore's efforts at perfecting the calculation of true digital ad performance.
  • Advertising Works -- And How!
    Sometimes I worry that we digital cognoscenti can get so lost in the magic and elegance of all these awesome algorithms and Big Data assets, that we forget to take a step back and ponder the bigger picture: the actual people out there on the other side of all those myriad screens.
  • Measurement, Tech, UX Meet In Primer On Improving Viewability For Publishers
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau has just released a Primer on Improving Viewability for Publishers to fully explain the intricate and iterative processes of measurement and improving viewability.
  • Time To Rethink Social Media Metrics?
    A tiny 3% of CMOs are enthusing over social. Is it because the channel is burning marketing budget -- but reporting in vague communications terms?
  • Political Influentials By the Numbers
    The media business typically accepts the usual spending windfall during election years and rarely looks at how political candidate and advocacy advertising works. Without understanding the richness of potential voters' relationships with candidates and issues, as well as their go-to sources of information, it is challenging to go beyond standard ad placements.
  • Updating Your TV Attribution: Where's the Beef?
    Impressions and rating points are good indicators of how many people saw your TV ad, but how does it influence individual consumer behavior? Consumers take action online in response to seeing your ad offline. But which types of TV ads trigger the greatest response? To ensure you're getting the most accurate answers to your questions, make sure your TV attribution methodology does the following:
  • Inside Today's Digital Household
    There was a time when understanding consumer use of the Internet was relatively simple - way more complex than understanding engagement with any other medium, sure, but still relatively simple. All we needed to deal with was engagement from computers. There were no tablets, no smartphones, no OTT; your thermostat wasn't a connected device.
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