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Five Ways To Measure Social Media
Ahhhhh -- social media. Addictive. Fun. Downright social! But how valuable is it? How do you tell? There are dozens of reckoning tools online to tally up any and all countable social media elements. Most of them are interesting and some actually useful. Rather than drill down into specifics, let's take a bird's-eye view of the types of measurements that might prove useful to the marketing professional.» 0 Comments
My Brand's Bigger Than Your Brand
The appetite for brand valuation data is so strong that multiple respectable agencies now publish annual rankings of the world's most valuable brands -- including Interbrand, Millward Brown, and Brand Finance. But there's a slight problem. The valuations of the same brand differ wildly across the three rankings. Not by the odd 20%, but by as much as a factor of 4.» 0 Comments
Online Video Is Still Hot!
Back in the Paleolithic Era of the Internet -- the '90s -- for some reason we all decided that the Internet was like print: comprised of pages, consumed in page views (and provided by publishers.) McLuhan said that the content of any new medium is the last medium, and of course we know now that the Internet cannot be pigeonholed into any analog analogue. I can read magazines or the paper online; I can watch TV, listen to the radio, rent a movie. But today I want to focus on video. One year ago, at the ARF's Audience Measurement 3.0 ...» 0 Comments
How Much Is Our Behavior Worth?
Looking to add to your summertime reading list? I recommend the new report from Harvard Business School professors John Deighton and John Quelch and Hamilton Consultants, "Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem." The report was created for the IAB to explain the online advertising sector to public policy makers, and literally calculates how much the Internet is worth to the U.S. economy. As well-structured and comprehensive as this report is, I can't help but conclude that it overlooks another valuable contribution the Internet has made to the economy: behavioral data as a source of consumer insight that can radically ...» 0 Comments
2010 Plan: Time to Expand Marketing's Role?
2010 holds the promise to be a banner year for marketers. Customers and prospects alike are reevaluating their definition of value and actively seeking new business relationships. What's different? In a word, just about everything....» 0 Comments
Analytics As A Secret Weapon
Competing on analytics sounds like a good thing, but is your organization actually living it? This past week at the OMMA Metrics and Measurement conference in San Francisco, we heard several agencies talk about how analytics aren't just a piece of the business, but are the key drivers in helping their clients kick the s#$t out of their competitors. Knowing how to successfully arbitrage and optimize the trigger points of the entire funnel through the use of technology and ingenuity takes not just smart minds but incredible discipline and stamina.» 0 Comments