Results for October 2012

It's Time To Toss Average Frequency Into The Bucket
You are building an ad campaign. You've completed vast amounts of research, worked hard on the creative, media plan and set your goals. Now it's time to figure out frequency -- how many times a person should see each ad. This task is extremely important. If your ad gets either too many or too few views, the whole campaign can derail. And once you've set the frequency, what is the actual probability of meeting it? Most premium publishers and ad exchanges claim they'll help advertisers achieve the perfect frequency target, by ensuring that the average frequency meets a set frequency ...» 4 Comments
How To Calculate Attribution's ROI: The Formula
A question that frequently arises when brands or agencies consider an investment in a marketing attribution solution is how to calculate the return on that investment. Of course, advertisers also tend to realize many incalculable benefits once they implement attribution, including (but not limited to) a stronger faith in the accuracy of their overall measurement practice, a third party accountability layer to evaluate all media partners, and installing the cornerstone of a fully data-driven marketing practice, but fiscal decisions do often require fiscal answers.» 4 Comments
Three Simple Steps You Can Take Today To Improve Media Buying
Every election year, the topic of dirty attack ads comes up. Pundits chastise candidates about the advertisements and everyone agrees that politics would be better if candidates focused on positive messages. Yet negative political ads live on despite the finger-wagging. Why? Because campaigns have looked at the history of attack ads and carefully monitored their results using very sophisticated approaches. And the data shows they work. Trying to figure out which ads are most effective is not just a goal of political candidates but of marketers as well. But whether marketers are measuring the wrong things or not considering enough ...» 2 Comments
Modeling Behavior To Target Smarter
Most online marketers now embrace behavioral-based targeting. As more and more marketers focused their online budgets to target based on behavior, the price for specific behaviors became more and more expensive. Automakers began paying top dollar for any user who visited an automotive site; they paid even higher premiums if users visited multiple sites on several occasions. The truth is that a lot of these tracked users are well underway to engage with the brand and are likely to convert anyway -- in short, they'll buy no matter what. If that's the case, then marketers focused exclusively on behavioral targeting ...» 2 Comments