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Cory Treffiletti

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Cory has been a thought leader, executive and business driver in the digital media landscape since 1994. Cory is currently Vice President of Marketing for the Oracle Data Cloud, following the acquisition of BlueKai and his previous role as SVP of Marketing. Cory has authored a weekly column on digital media, advertising and marketing since 2000 for Mediapost's Online Spin. Cory spent many years primarily on the agency services side of the business as a successful executive, media expert and/or founding team member for a number of companies. Cory was part of the initial team and VP Client & Media Services for i-Traffic (acquired by Omnicom), VP Media Services for Freestyle Interactive (acquired by Aegis/Carat), SVP Managing Director for Carat Fusion (Interactive), VP Media for Real Branding (acquired by Schawk) and President of Catalyst S+F. In the start-up media space his experience includes Director of Marketing for IUMA, the Internet Underground Music Archive (acquired by eMusic), Chief Marketing Officer for Sharkle (acquired by ViTrue, then Oracle), Co-Founder of Republic Project (acquired by DG/MediaMind) and Co-Founder of The Virtual Fan Network. Cory is a graduate of the Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University and is also the author of "Internet Ad Pioneers" (available on

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  • Is 1-To-1 Marketing Worth The Investment? (Hint: Trick Question) in Online Spin on 09/21/2016

    For many years the industry has talked about one-to-one marketing. I've said for year's that's an unrealistic expectation. To target on a one-to-one basis requires customized messaging based on a multitude of inputs that are changing rapidly. The development of a true one-to-one effort would require a massive investment in technology and an unwavering trust in that technology. While I do trust the technology and while I do think an investment is warranted, I would argue that investment should be made against "group-based" segment targeting rather than one-to-one, with a mind toward the maximum ROI for that investment.

  • How Identity Is The Key To Omnichannel Marketing in Online Spin on 09/14/2016

    The ability to identify and recognize a person, attaching a face to a name and a background to that person, is an inherently important skill. And a successful brand has to employ these same skills, capable of identifying an audience, recognizing whether these are current customers, prospective customers, or someone who may never be a customer, and personalizing their engagement with the brand. Being able to do so is crucial, especially as we head toward a true omnichannel ecosystem.

  • Dear Start-Up: Are You A Feature Or A Product? in Online Spin on 09/07/2016

    The start-up scene is in a state of change right now - at least partly because there are too many companies out there who haven't fully thought through their offering. Too many companies' core offering is really only a potential feature for a larger product vs. a stand-alone product with broader implications. Those "feature-led" companies need to come to terms with where they fit in the ecosystem.

  • It's Not a Millennial Thing -- It's The Economy in Online Spin on 08/31/2016

    These days you read article after article and hear session after session at conferences that millennials represent a different mindset and a different approach to business. But more than how they were raised, it's the economic environment affecting them. In short, I don't think it's a "millennial thing." I think it's an "economic thing."

  • Life Doesn't Suck, And The Internet Shouldn't Either in Online Spin on 08/24/2016

    When did it get ok to start hating everything and to publicly convey your negative opinions in a demeaning, hurtful manner? When did society become so blatantly angry? When did the trolls take over?

  • Simplification Of The Datascape & Mediascape  in Online Spin on 08/17/2016

    Being an ad guy at heart, and one who specifically grew out of media, I love seeing the role of media professionals become front and center in the digital economy. But it's interesting because media is getting both easier and harder at the very same time.

  • What Marketers Don't Need To Be Told -- Or Do They? in Online Spin on 08/10/2016

    We need some new memes, some new topics of interest for the industry to grab hold of and beat into the ground on panel after panel, at industry conferences and in columns like this one.

  • Advertising Isn't Creepy -- But You Might Be in Online Spin on 08/03/2016

    The word "creepy" gets thrown around a lot when it comes to the ad business lately. It used to be I couldn't go to a conference without hearing two things: the first was a panel on millennials, and the second was that this was "the year of mobile." This year the norm is to comment on how marketers have to walk a fine line -- between targeting customers with their messaging by leveraging data, and being "creepy." Still, that comment is correct. We do have to be careful, and common sense can help a lot.

  • Data Without Context Is Noise in Online Spin on 07/27/2016

    I spend a lot of time trying to tell the story about data: What is data, why is it important, and how can marketers harness its power to make better campaigns? I have little epiphanies on a regular basis that I like to share in this column. This week, my epiphany was clear: Data without context is noise.

  • The Over/Under Is Four Weeks On Pokemon Go  in Online Spin on 07/20/2016

    I caved the other day and let my kids play Pokemon Go at the park. I read all the articles about it beforehand to make sure I wasn't opening up some Pandora's box that would lead - like a twentieth century gateway drug - toward a new dimension of screen-time addiction for my boys. We downloaded it, registered, did a quick tutorial, and they were off to the races. But after seeing it in in real life, I still don't quite get it.

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