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Cory Treffiletti

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Cory has been a thought leader, executive and business driver in the digital media landscape since 1994. Cory is currently Vice President of Marketing for the Oracle Data Cloud, following the acquisition of BlueKai and his previous role as SVP of Marketing. Cory has authored a weekly column on digital media, advertising and marketing since 2000 for Mediapost's Online Spin. Cory spent many years primarily on the agency services side of the business as a successful executive, media expert and/or founding team member for a number of companies. Cory was part of the initial team and VP Client & Media Services for i-Traffic (acquired by Omnicom), VP Media Services for Freestyle Interactive (acquired by Aegis/Carat), SVP Managing Director for Carat Fusion (Interactive), VP Media for Real Branding (acquired by Schawk) and President of Catalyst S+F. In the start-up media space his experience includes Director of Marketing for IUMA, the Internet Underground Music Archive (acquired by eMusic), Chief Marketing Officer for Sharkle (acquired by ViTrue, then Oracle), Co-Founder of Republic Project (acquired by DG/MediaMind) and Co-Founder of The Virtual Fan Network. Cory is a graduate of the Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University and is also the author of "Internet Ad Pioneers" (available on

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  • How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of B2B Brand Positioning  in Online Spin on 04/15/2015

    Positioning a B2B brand in today's age of cluttered technology start-ups can be a maddening endeavor. There are endless companies out there trying to garner the attention of the same target audience, so you tend to come to a positioning already owned by someone else. To be unique, you have to understand two things. First: What doesn't work? Second, what's the right process to use to develop effective positioning?

  • Three Truths About Fraud in Online Spin on 04/07/2015

    There are some dirty truths about fraud. I'm really starting to agree that it's beyond time that our industry addresses the topic. I latched onto viewability almost immediately when the topic was brought up, but I'll admit I didn't attach my passion to the fraud topic quite as readily, because I found it hard to believe. I now know the error of my ways.

  • The Real Game Of Thrones: The Seven Screens Of Consumer Experience  in Online Spin on 04/01/2015

    In "Game of Thrones" there's an epic quest to unite the Seven Kingdoms. In marketing, it's quickly becoming the same kind of conversation as we look to unite the Seven Screens of Consumer Experience.

  • Can You Identify Your Audience?  in Online Spin on 03/25/2015

    If your marketing isn't working, it's because you may not know whom you're talking to. After all, if you don't know your audience, how can you know what they want to hear about?

  • Unicorns And Yetis And Griffins, Oh My!  in Online Spin on 03/18/2015

    Unicorns, yetis, griffins -- these are the topic du jour in Silicon Valley. It used to be we talked about tangible topics like revenue, ROI, and customer experiences -- but today the press is all about mythical creatures and whether or not they're real. The hyperbole around these mythical creatures is simply an analogy to discuss what may or may not be considered a bubble in the investment world. The answer varies by whom you speak with, but there's one thing for certain: If there is a bubble, I doubt its implosion would have as much effect as the last one did on mainstream business.

  • How To Hire The Right CMO  in Online Spin on 03/10/2015

    What does it take to hire a successful CMO in today's marketing economy? Answering that question is not easy because the environment keeps changing, but there are some key qualities essential for the person leading your marketing.

  • Digitizing The Family Vacation Creates Time To Experience Your Family  in Online Spin on 03/03/2015

    How broad is the definition of a "digital experience" in today's world? Will my kids remember how quaint this era of digital is compared to what they'll see when they're older?

  • Marketers: How To Succeed With Data  in Online Spin on 02/24/2015

    Developing a data strategy can be a daunting task for a marketer because, simply put, you were never trained to think about data. That being said, step one is to admit what you don't know so you can surround yourself with the people who do.

  • Are You Afraid Of The Future Of Marketing?  in Online Spin on 02/18/2015

    Are you afraid of the future? Are you afraid for your job? All the excitement about technology and data in the marketing ecosystem creates new opportunities -- but opportunity depends on change, and change requires new roles and skills. What roles are we giving up when we create these new opportunities? Will your job be threatened if you don't know how to proceed?

  • The Two Dimensions Of Data  in Online Spin on 02/11/2015

    Data can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. The fact is, most marketers were trained in marketing, which is more akin to psychology than it is to economics or mathematics. That was the case until the last few years. Now marketers are being tasked to be psychologists as well as mathematicians, technologists, statisticians and more. Pretty much the only job we don't have to do is technical development -- but just you wait, because that can't be far behind.

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  • What WON'T Happen In 2015? by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/04/2014)

    Dave - keep an eye out for my un-predictions today. I completely stole your idea on what "won't" happen in 2015, but i hadn't seen yours yet. I guess great minds do think alike! I hope all is well on your end!

  • Attribution And 'The Matrix' Trilogy by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 05/07/2014)

    If attribution is idiotic, Mike, then why is Google buying Adometry? Why is AOL buying Convertro? I think you may be missing the point.

  • Are You Hiring, Or Not Hiring, Based on Age? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 04/02/2014)

    Paula - i see you comment on everyone of my posts and are always very counter to whatever i write. If you hate my writing so much, how come you always comment?

  • Marketers Need To Be 'Polite' by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 01/15/2014)

    i dont disagree with your comment, but i think you are missing the point. tv and video advertising are not data driven marketing tools. they are not audience based buys. they are standard interruptions. the polite concept is based on using data to inform an interaction.

  • 10 Things That Make New York Media Great by Matt Straz (Online Spin on 08/26/2013)

    Great piece Matt - i am going to have to do a response about the bay area this week. You inspired me!

  • Using What You Know To Power What You Do (No Buzzwords Allowed) by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 06/26/2013)

    Its interesting that you take the idea that far. What is your perception of how private that information actually is? All companies have to live by all established privacy rules and regulations and that stands for the internet as well as every other company you interact with. Your grocery store, your phone company, your cell provider, your credit card companies and even your bank. Everyone of those companies has been using these methods for many, many years and the acceptance is quite high. How is this any different?

  • Integrating Marketing Key, Yet Challenges Remain by Steve McClellan (MediaDailyNews on 04/29/2013)

    The other missing element in a strong integrated marketing effort is the data - how do you leverage audience segmentation across ALL channels and maintain a cohesive message, understanding your customer and customizing their experiences no matter where they interact with your brand.

  • Pick One Horse In The Race -- Or Else Even When You Win, You Lose by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 04/10/2013)

    When you write an article every week for over 11 years, you tend to hear a lot of feedback; some of it good, some of it bad. I read what people write in response to my columns and in many cases I get direct emails from people. Sometimes they write their responses in other online forums, but in just about every possible case I end up hearing about it. Last week’s article got a LOT of that kind of discussion going. In my last column I made the statement that when a brand picks more than one agency to handle its business, they lose because they create a situation that breeds agency infighting. I stand by that statement, but I feel the need to clarify because its clear that many people completely missed the point of the piece. For a multiple agency situation to truly succeed, the customer needs to take an active role in strategic planning and they need to establish guidelines. If they don’t then they set everyone up to fail. You cannot rule in a league of mercenaries. You cannot establish order when herding cats. You cannot expect rank and file organization when you lead an army of pirates. At some point every agency in that relationship has a goal to grow their business and that happens by decreasing the business somewhere else. The client's responsibility is to take the guesswork out, lay the framework for the relationship and parameters by which everyone operates. Too often people miss the point because they hear what they want to hear. This means they are less open to hearing the other side of the issue. That’s just too bad.

  • Where Does The Time Go? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 03/13/2013)

    Sorry if that was not clear - i actually think Tumblr may fall off the list and something else entirely will come along.

  • Sorry, I Don't See The Web Going 'Native' Anytime Soon by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 12/05/2012)

    I rarely actually respond to my responses, but this is a hot topic so i feel i have to. I appreciate everyone voicing their opinion, but the defense that i keep seeing is that Facebook and Twitter are considered native and that just bolsters my opinion. Facebook and Twitter and single use ad placements, meaning what you do with them only works with them. You can generate reach their, but ti be a successful brand you have to reach your consumer in other ways, not just on Twitter or Facebook. Plus, lets be honest, not everyone is on Twitter and Facebook. Younger audience do not use Facebook and more aged audiences do not use Twitter. Now using these platforms as a component of your mix is smart, and i state that in the article They are just not the only place to run your marketing. That being said - i love a good debate and i REALLY appreciate you all bringing your points of view to me. It helps me to se other sides of the discussion. Thank you!!

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