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Daisy Whitney

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Daisy Whitney is a report, columnist and veteran of the media reporting business.

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  • Facebook Video Huge Growth Area  in Video Insider on 02/04/2016

    Facebook is bullish on the potential of video advertising, and its focus will likely drive even more brands into the video ad fray this year -- with good reason. The company has said that users are watching 100 million hours of video daily on the social network. On its most recent earnings call in late January, the company encouraged marketers to experiment with its video ads, from short form to sound-off to longer ones.

  • Millennials Prefer TV Shows, But Like to Watch Online in Video Insider on 01/21/2016

    All digital video eyes are on Millennials. Their habits are closely observed since they're the demographic that will determine the future look, shape and feel of TV and video services. What do they watch and how? What will they spend money on when it comes to video? And what will they avoid? Surprisingly, Millennials aren't just watching short clips. The video content most watched by Millennials is full-length TV shows, followed by movies, according to a recent TiVo study on viewing habits of various demos.

  • Mobile Video & OTT To Dig Deeper Roots In 2016 in Video Insider on 01/12/2016

    One of the takeaways for the ad business from the just-finished CES is that the mobile screen will continue to gain share in 2016. Already, consumers rely on their handhelds for, well, nearly everything. And video is part of that everything. Consider some of these recent findings.

  • Smart TV Most Popular Connected Device For Viewing  in Video Insider on 01/05/2016

    Remember when on-demand video was a quaint little subset of the TV business? Or how about when it was a service provided only by cable or satellite operators? Nowadays "on-demand video" refers to any sort of "consumer-is-in charge" mode of viewing programming. A study from Limelight Networks finds that more than 83% of consumers watch on-demand video. Interestingly, the TV set itself is still the preferred device, and most over-the-top content consumption is coming through SmartTVs, according to the survey of more than 1,200 consumers.

  • Cord Habits Slated For More Change In 2016  in Video Insider on 12/17/2015

    How big is the market for over-the-top services? A new study attempts to understand the potential reach of cord-changing and found that more than 70 million U.S. consumers are "considering making changes" to their pay-TV service. That's the result of a new GfK MRI report.

  • Consumers Looking To Cut Or Switch Pay-TV Providers  in Video Insider on 12/09/2015

    Nearly 15% of consumers who have pay TV service are planning to make changes to their subscriptions in the next six months. That's according to the Quarterly Video Trends Report for the third quarter, published by Digitalsmiths and based on a survey of more than 3,000 consumers in the United States and Canada.

  • Digital Video Continues Uprising in Video Insider on 12/01/2015

    Video viewing, consumption and ad spend all point north. Yes, that's a huge oversimplification -- intentionally so. But as the industry heads into the holidays, here are some key stats underscoring the strength in digital video.

  • Poor Video Playback Huge Turn-Off in Video Insider on 11/18/2015

    Buffering is still a big enemy of the growth of video. Many consumers have a low tolerance for anything less than a quick and clean playback experience, according to a new report from video analytics company Conviva.

  • Video Marketing Ubiquitous For B2B Brands in Video Insider on 11/10/2015

    A full 96% of B2B organizations use video content marketing, according to an annual study fielded by the Web Video Marketing Council, Flimp Media and ReelSEO of 350 B2B companies.

  • Netflix TV Viewing Doubles in Three Years in Video Insider on 11/04/2015

    Netflix lovers love their Netflix -- a lot. Not only is the service adding subscribers by leaps and bounds, but its users are gobbling up more programming than ever. A survey of regular Netflix users said they watch 10 shows per week on Netflix and four movies. That's a rise from five shows per week three years ago, according to the research firm GfK, which conducted the study.

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