• Digital Video Growth Drives More Efficient CPMs
    Mobile video is growing, programmatic buying is rocking, and over-the-top devices continue to gain traction. All the latest news and reports tell us that, and those are all positive trends for the digital advertising business. But one of the key questions is, what's next? As digital video moves past the rapid growth of the early days, what kind of role will it play in the overall ad business?
  • Volkswagen's Latest Video Ushers In Future of Branded Content
    There's something new and fresh about "The Way-Too-Helpful Neighbor," a video from Volkswagen, Target, and Funny or Die promoting the new 2015 Golf automobile. The video opens on a guy who has just been surprised by a call from his girlfriend. Her parents will be at his place in just two hours, and his place is a mess. Fortunately, he has a pushy and very nosy neighbor in the form of Rob Huebel (a familiar face who starred in "The Descendants"), who takes the boyfriend on an unconventional shopping spree in his new Golf. Huebel drives the car through the ...
  • T/V Multitaskers: Positive Or Negative For Advertisers?
    As a planner and buyer of media, I was often concerned about the loss of potential television advertising impressions to viewer multitasking. After all, by the late 1990s the traditional networks (broadcast and cable) had so over-cluttered the programming environment with ads, and longer-length pods of ads, that it was clear that viewers were actually trained to avoid them. When the Internet arrived with its unbridled offering of content to search and surf, the chance that T/V (Television/Video) consumers would stop and engage with an advertiser's message at scale was further compromised, and became further based on hope. What other ...
  • Micro-Video: Catering To On-the-Go Consumers
    With the evolution of new video platforms such as Vine and Instagram, the ability to skip an ad after five seconds on YouTube, and the proliferation of smart mobile devices, consumers (including myself) are beginning to see even 15 seconds as too long, let alone 30 seconds. So what do you do if you're not hitting the sweet spot for the effective 30-second ad? There is a huge opportunity for marketers and publishers to embrace micro-video ads, particularly when the core content message is whittled down to one minute or less. Whether it's the 6-second spot on Vine or the ...
  • Online Video: Get Best Outcomes With Balance Of Broad/Narrow Targeting
    Last week, Nielsen released new data showing that the percentage of campaigns using broad demo targeting declined 10% year-over-year, as brands are using increasingly narrower targeting to reach their digital audiences. This apparent shift to more advanced targeting methods shows the strength of the data now available to advertisers, but also suggests they may not be taking advantage of the branding opportunities in video advertising.
  • Content Production And The Agency Of The Future
    In the past decade, social media has risen from nothing more than an obscure dorm room pastime to nothing less than a cultural revolution. As the eyeballs of so many influencers and potential consumers continue to turn en masse toward digital content, agencies must embrace new paradigms faster than ever before. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of content production. The agencies that deftly adopt and integrate these new content production models will become the agencies of the future. Those that do not will become Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
  • Apple Vs. Samsung: Who's Winning September Smartphone War?
    Apple's live event this week was as magnificent as expected, with the new Apple Watch receiving a standing ovation. It's a testament to the strength of Apple's brand that August and September have become an unofficial smartphone advertising event as competitors try to leverage all of the buzz around the brand's big announcement. But it is also a testament to Samsung's leadership in the vertical that the smartphone wars have taken on a new life in the fall months.
  • Programmatic Expands Deeper into Video, With TV Next
    Programmatic advertising has become widespread in display ads, and is poised to make deeper inroads into video and TV. Already, 84% of ad executives in the United States buy display ads using programmatic buying, with about 58% doing so for video, and 60% buying in this fashion for mobile ads, according to a survey by AOL Platforms reported on by eMarketer.
  • The Cliffs Of Insanity
    While digital distributors and studios are copying the formats of cable and broadcast networks, the latter are largely ignoring the ascension of digital originals -- just like Vizzini, the character in "The Princess Bride" who continually underestimates the threat from the Dread Pirate Roberts. For the most part, networks are simply creating companion content to supplement their TV product. When they do consider digital, it's to pluck stars from YouTube to bring them to TV -- which in many cases will actually bring native digital stars a smaller audience. In fact, Chelsea Handler's move to Netflix could easily result in ...
  • Most Viral NFL Players In Branded Video Get Ready to Kick Off Season
    The NFL regular season kicks off this week with a game between Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. To celebrate the beginning of the season, we took a look at the most popular NFL players in branded video.
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