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Derek Dunham

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Derek works with clients to grow and develop their brands by staying on strategy, on time and on budget. He is responsible for ensuring that his accounts are strategically and fiscally sound. Derek has experience with brand development and marketing research for such clients as Abbott Nutrition, Delta Health Technologies, Westminster Ingleside, Peconic Landing and Sodexo Senior Living. Derek graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Dakota, and received his master’s in business administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

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  • Redefining Senior Living For Boomers Through The NameStorm Project in Engage:Boomers on 05/05/2015

    Although most Boomers will be retired five years from now, many seem reluctant to consider retirement communities in their plans. Only one in five Boomers wants to relocate to senior-related housing or an active-adult community, according to a survey by the Demand Institute Housing & Community.

  • Deck The Malls With Boomer Shoppers  in Engage:Boomers on 11/24/2014

    How can marketers reach more Boomer shoppers this season? For answers, let's turn to the blizzard of holiday shopping surveys out there.

  • When Boomers Retire, Some Marketers Win, And Others Lose in Engage:Boomers on 10/27/2014

    What's the biggest life change for Boomers? For many, it isn't turning 65. It's retiring-at whatever age that happens.

  • More Are Not Only Living Green, But Eating Green in Engage:Boomers on 08/18/2014

    Many Boomers and seniors grew up being told, "No dessert until you've finished your vegetables." That parental pronouncement led to spinach hidden in napkins, broccoli smuggled to the dog, and, for some, a lifelong aversion to anything green.

  • Solve Your Retirement Community's Immediate Occupancy Needs in Engage:Boomers on 05/27/2014

    Statistics show that the time from a prospective resident's initial inquiry to move-in is 18 months to three years. But, suppose you can't wait that long-you need those empty units filled yesterday. What can you do to speed up the sales cycle and solve your most pressing occupancy issues? The secret is right in your database.

  • Spring Cleaning in Engage:Boomers on 04/28/2014

    Two scary words for many Boomers. Possibly a marketing opportunity for you.

  • Are Retirement Community Websites Reaching the Right Customers? in Engage:Boomers on 03/24/2014

    Studies show that today's mature market consumers are conducting more extensive online research prior to making a move to a retirement community. Contributing to this phenomenon is the growth of the Web, the proliferation of personal computing technology, the sharp rise in older demographics using the Internet and the intensified online marketing efforts of the communities themselves.

  • Five Things Boomers Look For In A Retirement Community  in Engage:Boomers on 02/24/2014

    The length of time people spend on a retirement community waiting list can range from as little as six months to nearly a decade. Many retirees just don't feel ready to take this step, and moving them along in the sales process isn't easy or simple. Here are five community must-haves that might help turn wait-listers into residents.

  • Beyond The Buffet Table: What Retirees Are Really Hungry For in Engage:Boomers on 01/27/2014

    When it comes to the dining experience, what do retirees crave the most? We decided to find out. We conducted Project Looking Glass II, a study to learn how marketers can better reach the Boomer and senior markets. (This study, which placed researchers in a senior living community for 31 days, was a five-year follow-up to Project Looking Glass I.)

  • 5 Ways To Heat Up Senior Tech Sales This Winter in Engage:Boomers on 12/23/2013

    Analysts are anticipating a weaker-than-usual holiday selling season. But there is one potential source of selling cheer, especially for tech marketers: the over-65 market.

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