• Influencer Marketing For Boomers: It's About Experience, Not Marketing
    Influencer marketing is not only the fastest-growing trend in marketing; it's more than a trend and appears poised to become a permanent fixture in marketing and communications planning. 84% of marketers say they will use it in 2017.
  • What We've Learned About Marketing To Baby Boomers - Part II
    These drivers tend to be stage-of-life specific. For example, older people's motivations tend to be qualitatively more experiential and less materialistic than younger people's motivations.
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster For Boomers With Aging Parents
    In celebration of the new year, a group of my Boomer friends sat around the fire, chatting over a glass of wine. The topic that dominated the very passionate discussion wasn't politics or sports - it was what to do about Mom and Dad. Nearly all of the friends around the circle were either going through or had gone through some experience of dealing with a deteriorating health situation or the decreasing ability of a parent.
  • From DIY To DIFM, Boomers Lead New Trend
    With the latest technologies unveiled this month at CES in Las Vegas, there was plenty of buzz about the newest ways to automate a variety of our day-to-day tasks. Not surprisingly, Boomers are ready to take advantage of these innovative products as part of the surging "do it for me" (DIFM) trend.
  • Baby Boomers And The Mobile Push To Action
    Mobile devices have irreversibly altered the consumer path to purchase. Regardless of things like age, gender, location and income, mobile devices give everyone the same ability to connect with the world of information, entertainment, commerce and more.
  • Confessions Of A Middle-age Millennial
    Millennials have regularly been the subject of misunderstanding, even teasing, due to their unconventional beliefs and practices. Still, since they represent the largest, most powerful generation to hit since the big bang of the Baby Boom, marketers, researchers and planners like me continue to watch this group of consumers with borderline obsession. In my own observations, I've discovered the Millennial generation is not only different than prior generations, it's contagious. Unwittingly, the rest of us are becoming more like the segment we're all trying so hard to figure out. I'm a balding, shining example.
  • What We've Learned About Marketing To Baby Boomers
    Mark Twain wrote, "The problem isn't the things that we don't know; it's the things we 'know' that ain't so." His comment is simply a reflection of a common-sense reality. Today, marketing and selling draw on a lot of things "we 'know' that ain't so."
  • What Boomer Travelers Really Want Under The Tree
    With Boomers spending $120 billion a year on travel, there's a huge incentive for marketers to give them a better experience. So, if not for this holiday season but the next, I talked to a few Boomers to see what was on their travel wish lists. Although they visit a wide range of places, from local campgrounds to international cruises, it was surprising how many preferences they shared.
  • Holding Out For A Hero: Average Joes & Josephines
    As we cross the threshold into 2017, it seems like a good time to let consumers speak for themselves. Much has been made in the last few months of the "voice of regular people" and those who are disenfranchised. Let's be honest, most of "those people" aren't the targets of campaigns. Many categories in the boomer marketing space target the mass affluent consumer. But there is a real sweet spot in a segment we call "Average Joes & Josephines." They are neither rich nor poor. They are articulate, smart consumers. As they age, they need brand heroes.
  • Hillary And Michelle: Boomer Influencers Rock!
    Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama represent the bookends of the Baby Boomer generation. Clinton (now 69) was born in 1947 and Obama (who will turn 53 before her husband leaves office) was born in 1964.
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