Results for July 2009

The Age Of Responsible Consumerism
The future of consumerism won't be built on buying more but getting more out of what we buy. We think those marketers who figure out how to deliver modest prices and modest living will enjoy mega sales.» 0 Comments
Thinking Ahead: Can't Be Done
Boomers are constantly evolving, and turning 50 is affecting them in ways never seen before because it is the demarcation of a new and uncharted life stage. A life stage you can't understand at 25 or 30 or even 40.» 0 Comments
The Future Of Luxury Brands
The rules for marketing luxury products must change, and those failing to adapt branding and advertising strategies may suffer consequences. This is the future of luxury brands: not just value but core values; not just low prices but product longevity; and not just surface bling but deep customer connection.» 0 Comments