Results for February 2012

Boomers, What's Your Data Worth?
It's apparent that Boomers represent a significant segment of Web and social media consumers. The elephant in the room here is data. In a world where Boomers basically feel ignored by advertisers, online behavioral data may hold the key to successfully - and accurately - communicating with them.» 1 Comments
Could You Pass Marketing 101 Today?
The CMO plays an important executive role in firms for developing and implementing the company's long-term strategic plan, including new product opportunities, acquisitions/joint ventures, and other growth initiatives to meet the company's annual revenue goal. The CMO also creates and executes a marketing plan that builds the company's brand, including developing consistent messaging across all on and offline marketing channels to the proper target audience.» 5 Comments
The AARP At CES: Finally Listening To Boomers?
At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), its organizers and exhibitors finally seemed to value Boomer consumers. They recognize, of course, that Boomers are driving sales of the hottest products in their space: tablet computers and 3-D televisions. They also see that Boomer spending on health devices represents the best way for the $200 billion consumer electronics industry to capture a slice of the $2.6 trillion healthcare industry.» 3 Comments
Challenge Your Current Marketing & Sales Approach
Almost everything you thought you knew about marketing may be wrong.» 0 Comments
Game Planning For Success
Achieving meaningful success in anything typically requires thoughtful planning and execution, often accompanied by a willingness to take risks where others would play it safe. The winner of this weekend's Super Bowl is not likely to be with the team that lacks vision, but instead the one that lays it on the line while relying on its core strengths to rack up points. The same is true of marketers intent on scoring big among Boomer consumers.» 0 Comments