Results for October 2009

Social Networks And Older Boomers
We don't share in the excitement that Boomers and older adults are truly smitten with social networking sites for three reasons --- one based on experience to date, one based on psychology and one based on the math.» 0 Comments
The Future Of Dying
Over half of those who die in another 20 years will choose cremation. This will have considerable impact on the funeral and cemetery industries. Some Boomers will have their carbon ashes compressed into synthetic diamonds. Others will choose "green" cemeteries.» 0 Comments
Mad Men: Boomers Rising
In capturing the cultural zeitgeist of the late 1950s/early '60s, Matt Weiner gives non-Boomers a ringside briefing each week on the forces that ultimately form and fuel the Boomers' rejection of the status quo.» 0 Comments
Aging Into Medicare
In addition to the fact that the healthcare system is not yet equipped to meet the needs of the growing geriatric segment, marketers will need to adjust their Medicare campaign strategies to meet the needs of the boomer segment.» 0 Comments