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The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow ... Or Not
Boomers will respond to pragmatic marketing messages, not overly optimistic ones. They are looking for products and services that can help them deal with life's current issues, which include stresses over money, care-giving responsibilities, kids, and careers.» 0 Comments
Writing A Brand New Book
Marketing communications intended for Boomers should generally reflect a conditional tone, allowing each reader/viewer to interpret the message based upon their needs and desires. Less is more in these markets.» 0 Comments
Social Media Redux: It's Here To Stay
It's not entirely surprising that Facebook is their social network of choice since Boomers view social networks as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. This may also explain why Boomer-specific social networks never took off: Boomers need a multi-generational network and thus far only Facebook fits the bill.» 0 Comments
Women Are The Ultimate Travel Consumers
No traveling demographic will grow faster over the next 10 years than women aged 50-75. And none spends more.» 0 Comments