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Automobiles: Next Aging-In-Place Frontier?
We often talk about "the conversation" between adult children and elderly parents when it comes to staying in the family home or relocating to a retirement community. But one conversation that often prompts such a decision is the ability (or inability) to operate a vehicle.» 4 Comments
Presidential Election, Baby Boomer Careers, And Health
People ages 47 to 66 turn to the internet on a daily basis for information on health, technology, politics, travel, books, pets and insert any topic here. Baby Boomers spend more time on line each month than Gen X or Gen Y, researching, connecting and spending more money. The Boomer consumer holds 70% of the U.S. disposable income, and 70% of them show up to vote. Which brings me to the presidential election. There will be close to $200 million spent online the next 50 days to sway votes in the election.» 3 Comments
Lifestage Marketing At Its Best: From Kimberly-Clark And Poise
While I've written here recently about the things that bra marketers and clothing stores do to capture business from Boomer women, I never imagined that I'd be finding a best-in-class case study on Boomer marketing from a brand of panty liners.» 0 Comments
The '5 Whys' - A Process That May Increase Market Share In Baby Boomer And Older Markets
On April 16, Robert Rose published an article for the Content Marketing Institute describing a concept in problem solving called the "5 Whys." Developed by Sakichi Toyoda, it was originally used within Toyota Motors during the evolution of its (now) famous Toyota Production System. It has since been adopted by a number of project management and other processes e.g., Six Sigma.» 0 Comments