Friday, September 14, 2012
  • Email Subscribers Not Fully Engaged WIth Marketing Programs

    A clear majority of new email subscribers are unengaged with email marketing programs, according to second-quarter data from Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council. Some 59% of new subscribers in an average list had opened, or clicked on, any messages since signing up. ...Read the whole story

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    • Triggered Email Messages Generate 122% More ClicksLuxury Daily

      According to new research by Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council, triggered email messages (often called drip campaigns or marketing automation) generate 122% more clicks than the average clicks for business as usual email. Only 2.6% of email volume comes from triggered messages, which indicates a clear pathway to improvement for email marketers.  ...Read the whole story

    • Email Marketing ROI Study Finds Messages Drive Revenue For 4+ WeeksCoast Digital Blog

      A 52-week study comprised of 28 email messages conducted by Coast Digital has found that the messages remain highly productive for the intitial four weeks after sending, during which period 80% of the revenue coming from the email will be generated. Productivity then slows, reaching 90% of total revenues by weeks 10-11, and 97% by week 20. After 4 weeks of results, enough data exists to make a reliable forecast of the total sales coming from the email.   ...Read the whole story

    • New IDG Mobile Users Survey Finds Business Users Rely on Mobile Devices Used For More Than EmailCNBC

      The new IDG Global Mobile Users Survey has revealed that workers are relying on smartphones and tablets for more than just checking email outside of the office. Accessing technology information after business hours and watching product review and other job-related videos are cited as the top applications. ...Read the whole story

    • iCloud Email Outage Lasts Over a DayTidBITS

      An outage earlier this week on Apple's iCloud service disabled the email accounts of 1,650,000 users for 30 hours. Marketers trying to reach accounts during this period may have experienced bounces. Apple has not explained the reason for the outage. ...Read the whole story

    Email Marketing in the Age of Priority Inbox

    After being dubbed at launch, "refreshingly difficult to game" in 2010, marketers have now spent enough time with Gmail Priority Inbox to accumulate some learning and best practices. Double opt-in, using effective keywords and varying the ...More

    • Stop Sharing Your Email Newsletter in Social Media

      Yes, sharing your newsletter on Facebook and Twitter can boost its audience and bring in new readers. But it can also result in "engagement cannibalization," as your subscribers ignore it in the inbox and read it ...More

    • On Email's 30th Anniversary, Channel Continues To Evolve

      On Aug. 30, 1982, 16-year-old V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai was issued a copyright for a computer program he named "EMAIL." As "email" celebrates its 30th birthday, it continues to evolve in response to the increasing demands and ...More