• Bots, Don't Fail Me Now! A Letter From Facebook Prison
    One morning last week, I woke up, tried to access Facebook, and discovered that I had turned into a giant bug. Oh, wait. That's Kafka. Wrong literary reference. While this story is slightly Kafkaesque, I'm really going for something more authoritarian, with a side of dystopian censorship. I'm talking Orwell.
  • A Gorilla In Our Midst: Western Lowlands And The Social Media High Life
    Almost one week later, we're still talking about it. What's up with Gorilla-gate?
  • Tearing Down The Candy Walls: Inside The Modern Start-up/ Sweatshop
    Every industry has its absurdities, and also its cynical insiders who go on to reveal its secrets. In his memoir "Adventures in the Screen Trade," William Goldman famously summed up Hollywood -- and also pretty much every other business entity around -- by saying "Nobody knows anything." Nowhere is that case made more transparent (to use another meaningless buzzword) than in "Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble," by Dan Lyons, which was released last month and is already a bestseller.
  • Blocking, Churning, Baiting, & Wrestling: Can We Make It Until November?
    A guy I know joked that the political climate on Facebook has become so cruel and polarizing lately that he almost defriended himself. Ba da bum.
  • Is America The Weiser Or The Loser? My Continent For A Beer!
    Somewhere, the Clydesdales are sobbing.
  • The Black Knight, The Black Swan & Trump Soul
    Once Donald J. Trump swept Indiana, and then each of his remaining competitors tumbled off the stage, (metaphorically, of course, except for Carly Fiorina) he became the Republican presidential nominee, no presumptive-ness needed.
  • It's Complicated: Playing The 'Girls' Card
    "Hillary would be a horrible president. The only thing she's got going is the woman's card." That, of course, is Donald Trump, the Republican "presumptive nominee" and freshly minted Tele-Prompter-reading-school graduate, who used the occasion of his five-state-victory-speech this Tuesday to conk his blonde competitor over the head about gender.
  • Confirmation: The Smoking Gun Is Live!
    At first, I shied away from watching "Confirmation," the HBO docudrama about the 1991 Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. For the real thing, I remember being glued to the tube for a solid week, horrified and angry, and those feelings are still visceral.
  • Is 'The Real Thing' Still A Thing?
    It's always heartening to dig up some historical pop cultural artifact, not only to try to understand its significance at the time, but also to see what it has to say about our lives today. Or at least that's my official journalistic excuse for devoting a column to the topic of Coke's "Hilltop," the now 45-year-old, syrupy, award-winning, monster hit from McCann-Erickson.
  • Porn As A Prelude To Dating: Reading 'American Girls'
    Armed with a yellow highlighter, and determined to distill the important insights in this important, almost 400-page book, I dove into the recently published "American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives Of Teenagers" by Nancy Jo Sales. But I couldn't even get through the introduction without coloring almost all of the text.
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