• Sluts Get Cut -- And Other Everlasting Wisdom From 'UnREAL'
    Readers, you know that MadBlog is always on the lookout for a televisual object worthy of post-"Mad Men" binge-watching, so you don't have to. This week, I turned to "UnREAL," a new Lifetime drama set behind-the-scenes at a "Bachelor"-like reality show called "Everlasting."
  • The Tour de Pants: Cosby, Jared, And Trump
    It's been a painful time for fans of Subway guy Jared Fogle, and beloved sitcom dad and sometime Jello pudding pop pusher Bill Cosby. Add Donald Trump to the mix and it's been one weird week.
  • Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: The Death And Life of 'Happy-ish'
    Let's face it: With the (crushingly disappointing) ending of "Mad Men" (apple trees and honey bees, anyone?) lo those many weeks ago (not that I'm bitter), I found it hard to light upon a replacement that would be worthy of the kind of monomaniacal devotion that we paid to Weiner's Men.
  • Cannes Lions: Pregnant Kim K. Vs. The Pickles
    We all know there's obvious hypocrisy surrounding the annual Cannes Lions International "Festival of Creativity": the insane costs, the scam award winners, the throwback hedonism at a time of agency cutbacks. But trying to savage it is about as effective as complaining that Kim Kardashian has no actual talent.
  • The Gift Of Trump: We Shall Overcomb
    Let's face it: Donald Trump's presidential announcement (otherwise known as throwing his hairpiece, or clown-nose, into the ring) was the gift that keeps on giving. From its very first moment of optical pompitude, the launch achieved heights of comedy platinum that defied even Candidate Trump's newly silver signature combover-whirligig hair-chitecture.
  • Reviling For Dollars: 'The Briefcase' And Reality Porn
    It's so weird and hyper-manipulated that it's hard to explain the concept of the new "unscripted" CBS summer replacement series "The Briefcase." But here goes:
  • Shut The Door, Turn Off The Light
    Endings are hard - especially when they involve shutting down that intense group-therapy session known as seven seasons of "Mad Men."
  • Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper
    At the risk of beating a dead finale, I do have a few recent revelations about "Mad Men" to chew over -- straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.
  • Episode 714: East Of Esalen: From Ka-Ching To The I-Ching, And Back
    Just when you thought the show was not about advertising, they drag you back in. Well, at least Don didn't wake up with Bob Newhart. Or sleep with da fishes.
  • Episode 713: 'You Knew We'd Catch Up With You Eventually'
    Could Matthew Weiner have actually planned that "The Milk & Honey Route" -- the second-to-last "Mad Men" episode of this final half-season, with its shockeroo death sentence for Betty -- would appear on Mother's Day?
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