• A Million Little Manila Envelopes: Truth, 'Compromat,' Fake News
    President-Elect Trump's first formal press conference in months was a circus. In his defense, senior advisor Kellyanne Conway announced during an interview that we shouldn't listen to his words, but rather, look at "what's in his heart." There were no MRIs available, but this particular conference was loaded with both visual and verbal cues, some of them unintended, that we can plumb.
  • The Mysterious World Of Megyn Kelly
    At an otherwise fractious and unpredictable time in American politics and media culture, former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly might be the only person around whose career planets are all aligned brilliantly, at this very moment.
  • A Brow-beaten Stiff: The Saga Of H&R Block
    Sadly, 2016 has ended with a tsunami of unexpected celebrity deaths, each shocking and hard to process in its own way.
  • Property Brother: Trump Remakes The People's House
    "I will be so presidential, you won't believe it," President-elect Trump famously said, regularly, over the course of his campaign. But that pivot has yet to arrive.
  • A Very Special, Treacle-Down, Holiday Message
    Recently, I caught the tail end, so to speak, of a lavishly produced commercial -- a real holiday showstopper, involving a magical stagecoach, complete with gas lamps on the sides of the old cab, a Marlboro-Man type driver at the reins, and six mighty steeds.
  • The Mythmaker In The White House: Jackie And History
    "Jackie," a movie starring Natalie Portman, is a luminous, visual tone poem that covers our previously unknowable First Lady in the compressed week or so after the JFK assassination on Friday Nov. 22, 1963.
  • Marketing By Fiat: Cialis Santa And The Real Fizzle
    Is there anything cheesier than a "naughty" Santa? Well, yes. The Fiat "Black Friday Event" commercial manages to pack in so many sexist, culturally tone-deaf, throwback, and cringe-making elements in 30 seconds that it's hard to know where to begin.
  • Dealing With All The isms: Can Advertising Lead The Way?
    "Bias is in the air you breathe," according to a new book. So how can the ad biz fight against it?
  • The Catastrophe Of Divorce -- And Other Post-Election Fixations
    I'm in search of my new content happy place, where I can stream and binge in a gentler, kinder, more carefree fictional universe. So why not start with "Divorce"?
  • President. Elect. Trump.
    He loved the chase. He loved the adulation of the crowds. He did it on a fluke. He never thought he'd win.
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