Super Bowl High-Pressure Zones
The Super Bowl opened with a lavishly fur-coated Joe Namath (in a world full of PETA) screwing up the coin toss. That act proved strangely prophetic.» 19 Comments
The De-Bimbo-ization Of Super Bowl Ads? A Girl Can Dream
This year, I am encouraged that a new mini-trend might be on the horizon. Yup, we might have finally reached so low that the standard lowest-common-denominator approach has outlived its shelf life.» 11 Comments
Intuit Me This, Super Bowl
Intuit -- isn't that the company that supplies software for migratory Arctic peoples? Or am I thinking of Intel? Wrong again? Anyway, you must have intuited by now that the financial accounting software maker (which actually produces Quicken and TurboTax) will advertise on the Super Bowl.» 5 Comments
Christie And The Garden State Packed With Broken Heroes
Chris Christie has in the past famously criticized Snooki and the other stars of "Jersey Shore" for reflecting badly on the state. But who'd have thought that lane closures on a bridge could become such an object of national fascination that an assemblyman from Sayreville, N.J. could precede Robert Gates as a guest on "Face The Nation"?» 31 Comments
Boyz To Men: Old Spice Presents Bar Mitzvah In A Bottle
The singing mom who opens this (new) Old Spice commercial is so grotesquely invasive and overbearing that she spies on her adolescent son from behind his bedroom door and then drags herself behind his car, grabbing his rear bumper, riding the highway atop her plastic laundry basket like a deranged witch. With the comically uninviting tag line "Smellcome to Manhood," this spot positions the Old Spice spray to be a bar mitzvah in a bottle. As the song puts it, the stuff "sprays a man on my son."» 25 Comments
Christmas Balls, Bells, And Showing Your Joe
As we wrap up the holiday season (and indulge in bad puns like "wrapping up the holiday season") I must say that in the last three months advertisers have offered up a banner crop of unusually aggressive and annoying ads.» 12 Comments
Carrie Nation: My Favorite Things To Hate
Last week, NBC's much-discussed live production of "The Sound of Music" brought in 18.5 million viewers -- the network's highest ratings since the finale of "ER" in 2009. But in tailor-making a series of five spots for sponsor Walmart, NBC went too far, entering into a "when the dog bites, when the bee stings" situation.» 11 Comments
Bezos' Brain - And Other Anomalies
Jeff Bezos: "Let me show you something." Charlie Rose: "Oh, man...Oh, my God!" That five-second clip, showing Charlie Rose opening a door, was teased all weekend on CBS, in the walk-up to the greatest 15 minutes of sponsored content ever to appear on "60 Minutes." (Except Amazon got the editorial gratis.)» 13 Comments
Fight For Your Rights -- To Be Wrong?
Sometimes it's hard to pick your battles of the sexes; this particular little dust-up has my head spinning. It's devolved into a fight between Beastie Boys and Mean Valley Girls. (That's Silicon Valley.) And so far, I'm siding with the Beasties.» 12 Comments
Rob Delaney: Human. Warrior. Falcon.
Rob Delaney is one of the luckiest people in the Twitterverse. Well, aside from all the insiders who made billions of dollars via the company's recent IPO, of course. Never mind. We're talking profiting the old-fashioned way, by slaving for almost three years to produce that thing that is printed on paper and bound between two hard covers -- you know, a book.» 3 Comments
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