Results for December 2005

A magazine called Surface makes one instantly wonder if it's possible that the editorial can have any depth. According to its editors, it can, thus the tagline "substance/style." In reality, the magazine doesn't pretend to be anything other that what it is--an expensively produced glossy that skims the surface of fashion, architecture, and design.» 0 Comments
Larry Dobrow channels his inner teenager. What. Ever.» 0 Comments
Natural Health
Winter is looming, and Natural Health immediately caught my eye on the supermarket magazine rack with its "Winter Wellness Guide." A smiling model in a hot pink hat and scarf jumps off the page and makes those grueling months look like a downright party.» 0 Comments
Town & Country
I have little idea why Town & Country is categorized as a magazine in the first place. With its barely-there stories and seeming 70/30 ad/edit ratio, the pub strikes me as little more than a dashingly appointed catalog of stuff for über-wealthy Caucasians.» 0 Comments
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