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He May Not Have Invented The Internet, But Al Gore Has A New Algorithm That Could Change The Way You Use It
Fresh off his centimillion dollar deal to sell Current TV to Al Jazeera, Al Gore once again turning his attention to the Internet. And once again, it's to help educate people about climate change. The effort, dubbed "Reality Drop," incorporate online social media, a "news-driven digital platform" and a "sophisticated algorithm" intended to reinvigorate the global debate surrounding climate change.» 4 Comments
Real-Time With Rubicon's Stevens And Wexler On The State Of Mobile RTB
This week, the Rubicon Project released an infographic representative of mobile RTB according to major European trading desks. Josh Wexler, Rubicon's GM, mobile, and Jay Stevens, the Rubicon's GM, International, both attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, where the infographic was released. The two shed some light on the state of mobile RTB in Europe with RTM Daily. The infographic depicting the findings from the European trading desks can be found here or at the bottom of the page. Rubicon gathered information from 25 of Europe's top trading desks, including 12 from the UK, and Wexler said their ...» 1 Comments
Optimism Grows For Tech Spending, Less So For Trading Desks
Remember the piece we published a few weeks ago on Advertiser Perceptions Inc.'s findings that there is still a lack of awareness and unfamiliarity around some real-time advertising services, especially agency trading desks? Well that was the bad news. The good news is that there is a tremendous amount of optimism among ad executives planning to increase their spending through such technologies.» 0 Comments
Twitter Ads API in Real-Time, Is This The Marketer's Dream?
Twitter this week announced its Twitter Ads API, which opens the door for advertising to expand on the social media site. In addition, Twitter hopes the Ads API will push their annual revenue from 9 figures to 10, according to Brian Wieser, CFA, senior research analyst, Pivotal Research Group. Everything on Twitter happens in real-time, but marketers have been unable to take full advantage of the millions of "Tweeters" quite yet. The lack of an API has not been solely responsible for this, but Wieser believes Twitter will now be able to offer similar ad campaign management to Facebook, which ...» 2 Comments
The Origin Of The Specious: Which Algorithm Is Best?
One of the reasons I wanted to edit RTM Daily and write RTBlog is to do the deep dive into all this geeky technology that's transforming our industry (and society), but even I wasn't prepared for the conversation that took place Wednesday afternoon on the West Side of Manhattan where Rubicon Project held its New York Summit updating the industry on some new bells and whistles and, well, algorithms. In fact, those mathematical programs were the real stars of the event, even though Rubicon brought some pretty big industry execs on stage, and surrounded the audience with some sci-fi looking ...» 0 Comments
Real-Time, Even At Half-Time
As far as media events go, there probably hasn't been one more real-time than Super Bowl XLVII, which included a number of media firsts, including the ability of viewers to watch the action of all 22 NFL players on the field at the same time, on a single screen. The technology, which the NFL aptly named the "All 22" camera angle, previously was only available to NFL teams after a game, so they could conduct their own post-game analysis. But thanks to the insistence of Super Bowl network CBS Sports, it was also available to millions of users tuning into ...» 1 Comments
Private Marketplaces PMP Up The Real-Time Volume, CPMs Too
By at least one measure -- the publishers utilizing PubMatic -- real-time bidding is now neck-and-neck with ad networks as a source of advertising revenues. According to a fourth-quarter 2012 analysis released by the sales-side platform, RTB now represents 48% of all ad revenues not sold directly by publishers' own sales organizations. That's just 2 percentage points less than ad networks, which currently generate 50% of all secondary, non-premium advertising sales.» 0 Comments
The Gold In Them Thar Tweets
Down here on Captiva Island attending (and blogging) MediaPost's Social Media Insider Summit, and I'm thinking social media could well be renamed "real-time media," because, well, it is. And by that, I don't just mean things like the Facebook Exchange, where agencies and brands can use programmatic trading to buy audience reach on the social network, though they can obviously do that too. I'm talking about the way social media is changing the way we communicate, share things -- whether it is brand-related or other things -- all in real-time. There was no better example of this than a conversation ...» 2 Comments
Real-Time With Forbes: Mag Touts 'Most Promising' Ad Techers
Forbes released its list of America's Most Promising Companies earlier this week, and real-time media's presence is felt. Rocket Fuel (4) and OpenX (7) both crack the top 10, while AdRoll (30) and Rubicon Project (40) are both in the top 40. With so many ad tech firms being so promising, it's easy to see why many in the industry believe that programmatic is the future of advertising. But another thing this list shows is that programmatic isn't just a success in terms of delivering ads - successful companies can be built around programmatic. None of the four companies listed ...» 0 Comments
Real-Time Fail (Or How I Abandoned Patagonia, Almost)
Welcome to today's edition of Fail-Time Daily. Normally, I don't like basing articles on personal anecdotes, but this is a blog, right, so what the heck. Plus it's topical (it happened this morning) and it's on message, because it's definitely about real-time marketing, or rather, the lack thereof. But first, let me tell you how much I love Patagonia. Everything about it. The company, its brand -- and everything it stands for -- and especially its products, which perform as well as they are priced. That said, after shelling out plenty of synchillas in my time, I like a good ...» 1 Comments
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