• Alexa, What Should I Eat After A Workout?
    WebMD has enabled its platform on Amazon Echo through voice search on virtual assistant Alexa. Answers provided are physician-reviewed and delivered in what the publisher calls "plain, accessible language."
  • Vint Cerf's Vision: Moving Data Back And Forth Among Clouds
    Companies will want to run "cloudlets" that interact with major cloud systems, keeping some data on their end, said Vint Cerf, speaking at Google's Cloud Next conference Wednesday.
  • Twitter Moments Offers Analytics, Data Trail
    Similar to Facebook Memories, images that the site strings together to tell a story, marketers can leverage the analytics to determine the types of Moments that are performing well and guide their creative campaigns.
  • Google Mobile AMP Pages Rolling Out To Millions In China
    Chinese search engines Baidu and Sogou, as well as Yahoo Japan, are adopting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the mobile framework will roll out to a billion more people across Asia.
  • Search Stagnates, Gives Amazon, Pinterest Opportunity To Move In
    A potential shakeup in search marketing and advertising comes after years of stagnation in the search industry and Google's dominant position. While it may take years for consumers to think of Pinterest as a search engine, that hasn't stopped the social site from trying through visual search and shopping ads.
  • Ad Targeting Among Companies Affected By Amazon Outage
    Amazon points to human error for the disruption in its cloud services resulting in widespread outages and glitches for Internet-connected devices from companies like Nest, as well as advertisers, news sites, and government services. But with millions -- if not a billion -- of business dollars dependent on AWS, doesn't it make sense to have automated checks and balances?
  • YP Opportunity Points To Machine Learning
    Local, mobile and logged-in location-based advertising that leverages 8 terabytes of data monthly to connect buyers and sellers seems like a lofty goal for any company -- especially one that doesn't yet rely on artificial intelligence or machine learning. Not for Jared Rowe, who took the helm as CEO of YP.com in August 2016.
  • Budgets, Goals Common Digital Hurdle In Creating Experiences
    One in five respondents of a study released Wednesday believe their organization does not do enough in-person research to understand its audiences, and only 32% are extremely confident that their data reporting leads to a greater understanding of their users.
  • How Will Marketers Acquire New Customers In 2017?
    Acquiring new customers isn't the biggest challenge. Some point to network ad fraud. Marketers have their hands full trying to determine the types of rewards, search, social and video media that will keep consumers coming back.
  • Even For Search Geeks, Mobile Display To Take A Big Chunk Of Ad Revenue
    As traffic shifts to mobile, consumers will spend $74 billion on mobile apps by 2020, up from $54 billion in 2016.
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