• Exploring The Raw Side Of Creativity In YouTube Ads
    Raw content. Not the videos, but the topics. The theme for so many of the top video content in YouTube's July Leaderboard. Last month marks debuts from Coffee-mate, Nature Valley, and Nitro Circus Tour, but the one thing that is more noticeable in the top videos in July compared with past months is the way the brands and partner agencies explored creativity to send a message in their content.
  • Amazon Text Ads Private Beta User Speaks Out
    Amazon has been running product ads it calls Amazon Text Ads in private beta, a new pay-per-click offering that enables advertisers to create and run text ads on Amazon.com. One beta user describes his experience.
  • Intent Remains One Of The Strongest Ranking Factors
    Domain-level links features based on link citation metrics such as quality of links, trust, and domain level PageRank are some of the search ranking factors most influential on google.com, per a study released Wednesday. The study analyzes more than 100 attributes that can help identify factors on pages and sites that have the strongest association with ranking high in query results.
  • Rising Paid-Search Click Costs Seen In July Across Some Brands
    One trend sparking internal conversations at ChannelAdvisor points to rising brand cost per clicks (CPCs) across a few advertisers.
  • eBay Director Files Search Ranking Algorithm Patent Update
    An eBay director of global ecommerce and payments has updated a patent for an algorithm that ranks search query results based on matching language with geographic region. The patent supports search in worldwide electronic commerce, according to the filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Google Reduces YouTube Ad Choices, App Makers Develop Options With Content
    Google will reduce the number of advertising options on YouTube on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, but mobile apps like StarMaker Interactive are developing other ways for advertisers to attract attention to their brands. Here are some tips to optimize video content.
  • Online Mobile, Advertising Attacks Need Attention
    The "multi-layered structure" of the online advertising industry and the rise in mobile phone use to search for information requires companies across multiple industries to step up security precautions, per Google, and Malwarebytes Labs.
  • Donald Trump Leads Google Searches; Did Gawker Push Him Over The Top?
    Gawker distributed Donald Trump's voicemail number -- and the U.S. Republican presidential candidate turned the message into a marketing opportunity for his campaign.
  • Yahoo's Polyvore Deal Means Mobile Content For Gemini Ad Network
    What does Yahoo want with the fashion shopping Web site Polyvore, where mobile app visitors rose 36% in June 2015, compared with the year-ago month, according to comScore? Here's a hint.
  • Teaching Artificial Intelligence To Search, Target Ads Based On Memory
    Intelligent automation will become the next tool for online advertising through a revival of recurrent neural networks, which will use an internal memory to process sequences of data. Here's how.
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