• How SEMPO Plans To Rebuild A Positive Reputation
    Mention the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization among friends and colleagues, and you won't have positive feedback. Some call it an obsolete dinosaur. Board members want to change that perception. Here's the plan.
  • How Social's Influence Contributes To Search Campaigns
    Search engine marketers tying in social advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube want to determine how intent signals in likes, shares and retweets influence a purchase online or in stores. After all, eMarketer estimates that social revenue will hit $6.6 billion in the U.S. this year. Investments need to support returns. Here's how.
  • Organic Search Drives 51% Of Traffic; Paid Search 10%; Social 5%
    BrightEdge believes organic search drives the most traffic. A recent study conducted by the company found that organic search drives 51% of all visitors to business-to-business and business-to-consumer Web sites, whereas paid-search drives 10% and social 5%. The study suggests all non-organic search channels combined -- paid search, social, display, email and referred -- fail to keep up with the impact from organic search.
  • Search Engines Could See U.K. Pirate Law Prohibit Index, Links
    Speaking Monday to senior music industry executives at the British Phonographic Industry AGM, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid told the audience he had warned Internet search engines that the government could introduce legislation that takes a tough stance on indexing, linking and sending searchers to Web sites participating in copyright infringement.
  • Building Blocks Of U.S. Small Businesses And How Google Gives 28 Million A Leg Up
    Creating an online business plan that helps small and mid-size businesses grow requires more than honing paid-search and search engine optimization strategies. It means focusing on the basics, and finding technology and financial backing to support growth on a limited budget by watching where every penny goes. For companies using AdWords or Bing Ads to market products and services, it might mean rethinking the way they use location-based targeting and mobile bid adjustment tools. To help small businesses succeed, Google has initiated several processes to support SMBs, including hosting On Air Hangouts through Google+. Maria Contreras-Sweet, leader of the U.S. ...
  • Marc LeBrun: Engineering The Prototype Of The Original Apple Macintosh
    What do you think about after being one of the co-inventors of the original Apple Macintosh? I had the pleasure to speak with engineering genius Marc LeBrun. Vungle announced Thursday that LeBrun will lead the engineering team for the video ad company. Here are some of his thoughts on the future of apps, advertising, artificial intelligence and technology. (I still have one of those original Macintosh computers, along with a portable Compaq, in the rafters in my garage.) My first personal computer, Apple's Lisa 210, came before the Mac. For the first few years of my daughter's life, I became ...
  • U.S. Marketers Feel A Chill In China
    China's wealth continues to increase state-funded projects like electric-vehicle charging stations and computer and smartphone operating systems, as part of the country's strategic government initiatives to become more independent. Not everyone wants to talk about the OS that China's government expects to release later this year, and how it could create a barrier of entry to online businesses that affect search marketing, but some of those who understand its influence shared their thoughts with MediaPost. Unlike Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, an operating system determines more of the structure that runs on it.
  • Amazon's Twitch Offers Original Content An Avenue To Online Video Advertising
    Amazon continues to become an increasingly powerful marketplace as it builds out an advertising platform and home for original content through Twitch -- but it's the possibilities for online video advertising market that stir one Wall Street analyst.
  • Advertising Oversaturation Hits Home
    Oversaturation of TV and online advertisements never really bothers me because I don't watch much television and I turn a blind eye to annoying ads on the Web. One exception is the public service announcement co-developed by the Ad Council and non-profit Connect2Compete. The duo calls the public service announcement EveryoneOn.
  • Vizsafe Turns Mapping, Geolocation and Video Social Network Into Community Watchdog
    Facts sometimes get in the way of people spewing rhetoric, but a complete, unedited video describing a robbery or an officer-involved shooting like the one in Ferguson, Mo. would tell all if uploaded to a secure social media platform to share with law enforcement and communities around the world in real-time.
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