• Love Is In The Air. It Tastes Like Kisses
    The "kiss" has become a topic for searches. People want to know how to kiss, how to kiss a girl, how to French kiss, how to kiss a guy, and how to get a girl to kiss you. Do you remember the Burberry Kisses campaign? Kisses were sent to 17,248 cities, traveling 318,381,288 total miles.
  • The Valentine's Day Gift Exchange
    U.S. consumers will spend $2.1 billion on flowers this Valentine's Day. They also will give retailers and brands information about themselves through searches and clicks. Aside from flowers, what will brands and retailers give consumers in exchange?
  • Apple Worth More Than $700 Billion - Builds Solar Farm, Hires Search Experts
    Without a viable Web search engine to call its own, Apple has become the first company to reach a market value of $700 billion, closing out Tuesday at $710.7 billion -- more than twice as valuable as Microsoft. The landmark comes just two weeks after Apple posted the largest quarterly net income of any public company in history, per reports.
  • Ecommerce Traffic Dips 30% Super Bowl Sunday, Per One Report
    If you were glued to the television set watching the Boston Patriots and Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl Sunday, you weren't alone. During game time, ecommerce traffic dipped about 30% among one company's clients, per data released Tuesday. Approximately 36.2% of the U.S. population watched the Super Bowl.
  • Ad Agency Uses Social Keywords From StatSocial To Target Paid Search, SEO
    An advertising agency in a very large holding company has begun to use social keywords to find and target specific audiences in paid search, as well as optimize search engine content. The agency uses data from StatSocial.
  • Google To Announce Mattel Deal; Acquires Kid App Developer Launchpad Toys
    All arrows point to a YouTube for Kids. Google and Mattel will make an announcement next week, one day prior to the 2015 Toy Fair held in New York. The invitation invites the recipient to view what's possible with an exclusive announcement and product debut. The invite follows an announcement from Launchpad Toys, a children's app developer, that Google acquired the company.
  • AgilOne Becomes Predictive Marketing Cloud
    AgilOne has made a data management platform available that integrates into its customer intelligence platforms. With its new version, it has added predictive tools to take on the marketing cloud. The custom tools offer the ability to personalize Web pages, email, search and Facebook, as well as direct physical mail. It also improves the platform's API features to collect mobile data, and integrate into call centers and point-of-sale systems.
  • Wix Scores No. 1 In SEO By Integrating Super Bowl TV Campaign
    Prime placement in the organic search results on engines became key to reaching viewers before, during and after the Super Bowl. Wix created an optimized landing page not only for its Super Bowl commercial, but also unique Web sites for past NFL players' companies, featured in their advertisement.
  • Google Blocks 524 Million 'Bad Ads' From Serving Up In 2014
    Google banned more than 214,000 advertisers from serving ads across its network in 2014, and blocked more than 524 million "bad ads" in the process. The company has released its annual report, which reveals a sharp increase from the prior year -- up from 350 million in 2013 -- as well as a decline when it came to banning advertisers at more than 270,000.
  • Fiat, Nissan Lose The Message In Super Bowl Ads
    Automotive brands ran some quirky advertisements during the Super Bowl. Some might even say they tried to pump up performance, but ran out of steam. The Fiat commercial features an aging couple preparing for sex. The man tries to tap the power of the little blue pill, but some might question whether the topic resonates with the car's targeted age group.
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