• Did Search Marketers Contribute To Wal-Mart's Acquisition Of Jet.com?
    Google presented 12 search agency execs with a Google Search Excellence Award, but how does that tie in with Wal-Mart Stores' acquisition of Jet.com for $3 billion in cash. The mega retailer called the company in a press release "among the fastest growing and most innovative e-commerce companies in the U.S."
  • Search: When And Why Tax Incentives Work
    Search marketers focusing on ads that entice consumers to make a purchase by eliminating sales tax might be wasting budgets and clicks for the exception of luxury items. While the overall price of the item remains important, whether or not consumers pay tax on an item doesn't greatly influence which retailer shoppers consider when making a purchase, according to a recent study.
  • Google Stifles Growth For Yelp Internationally
    Yelp released earnings Tuesday noting improvements in the U.S., but international challenges remain a factor. Communications with Google have improved, but the search engine still remains a contributor to Yelp's traffic woes.
  • Brands Produce More Variations For Fewer Campaigns
    About 48% of views that a campaign will gain occur in its first week after it goes live, followed by 22% during the second week and 90% happening within the first month, according to a study on content released Tuesday.
  • Harry Potter Magically Drives Search Traffic
    Bookstores are betting big on keyword search terms related to Harry Potter. While The Cursed Child, billed as the eighth and last Harry Potter book, doesn't feel as if it's connected with the epic story that Rowling told during the prior seven novels, it's still driving a ton of search traffic from engines to stores.
  • Facebook's Revenue Should Rise As Clickbait Falls
    Facebook's move toward paid advertising requires the site to have a strict quality score, similar to Google and Bing. The social site wants to make one thing perfectly clear: Publishers cannot lure visitors to their site with misleading headlines.
  • Keeping Catch Phrases Out Of Search Ads
    Shopping with mom for back-to-school clothes usually ended up in my favor, but there were frequent disagreements on what I could wear and how much she would spend for my new wardrobe. When building the copy for paid-search ads, here are some tips and catch phrases that parents just don't want to hear.
  • Google Expands AMP Project To Main Search Results
    On average, AMP pages load in less than one second. Some 90% of publishers experience a higher click-through rate, and 80% of AMP publishers experience better ad viewability rates.
  • Personalization Ranks Highest On Smartphones
    Satisfaction and perspective are subjective. What makes me aware or satisfies my needs might not satisfy yours, so it was interesting to read the comments sparked by Monday's "SearchBlog."
  • Nearly Half Of Brands, Agencies Still Don't Have A Mobile Strategy
    When it comes to mobile strategies many are missing the boat. About 60% of companies that lack a mobile strategy don't know the percentage of Web site traffic that comes to their Web site via a mobile device, compared with 78% that do have a defined mobile strategy.
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