• SEO Gets Overlooked As Lead Generation Tool
    Real estate professionals typically have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. Among the 342 North American real-estate agents and brokers participating in a survey, 83% believe SEO offers the most important source for online lead generation, but only 4.9% said they generate referrals by optimizing content. It's not clear whether their attribution modeling or SEO tactics need work. Here's why.
  • The Way Consumers Think About Advertising Will Change Search's Role
    They have become the most talked about media types since the dawn of the Web. Some won't be around in 10 years. It's more interesting to know that search engine marketing didn't make the list. Not a bad thing, really. It just provides fodder to the theory that search will become the backbone technology, integrate more finely with the operating systems, and respond to voice, location and browser history, especially on smartphones. Technology will prompt the industry to find a new definition for advertising and marketing. What made the list?
  • M&A Deals: The New Face Of The Independent Search Agency
    Agency holding companies are gobbling up search agencies. They snagged coveted companies, signing the best deals to create memorable and mind-blowing campaigns that reap real business results for brands. The media, information, marketing and technology sectors saw 1,128 transactions worth $94 billion deals announced in the first three quarters of 2014, per a report released Thursday.
  • Google Triples Bounty On Chrome Bugs
    Google has increased the maximum reward for hackers seeking to find and decode bugs in the company's Chrome browser to as much as $15,000 per bug. But the limit seems adjustable. Last month, the company awarded $30,000 for what it calls a "very impressive report."
  • For Content Marketing, Attribution Means Converting Data Into Actions
    Search marketers are shifting from the mindset of asking why they need a content marketing strategy to asking how to implement one -- and how to attribute the content to sales of products and services. Here are a few tips to get on track.
  • Increase In Content Marketing Investments Compensating For Keywords Not Provided
    A Forrester Consulting study released Monday shows that some 24% of participating marketers spent between $1 million and $9.9 million on content marketing in 2013. Nearly one-quarter of survey respondents are expected to increase investment this year.
  • Crossing Channels Without Drowning Takes A Road Map
    Consumers want consistency as they move between the Web and mobile channels and stores and digital devices, but more than half of brand marketers participating in a study released this week said their companies have yet to link technologies beyond the most basic integration. The reality of fully optimizing technology stacks remains a distant goal for too many marketers because of the complexity of the task.
  • AT&T, Sprint, Best Buy Dominate Mobile Keyword Google PLA Spend
    The top five advertisers, in aggregate, spent about $20 million on mobile device keywords to run Google product listing ads from April to June, 2014, per a study released Wednesday.
  • Marketing's Newest Friends: Traditional IT Vendors Looking For Customer Data
    Salesforce this week announced that it has inked deals with media agency Omnicom and MarketShare that demonstrate a shift in focus from IT to marketing and analytics. The company does not plan to discard its core customer base, but the move indicates a greater focus on marketing and data. The move to reach out to partners further cements the centralization of customer data, creating a hub for the company.
  • Typefaces, Colors Carrying Brand Searches Through Conversions On Small Screens
    Typeface and color can boost conversions. Both have become more important to brands, especially through messages on smaller screens of digital devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. Last week, marketers read about the mobile ad network Todacell and its research on how a country's gross domestic product (GDP) and specific colors in advertisements and type running on mobile phones influence conversions. Search marketing should also consider these tips for their content strategy.
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