• 3Q Digital's Rodnitzky: Search Tips On Fragmentation
    Fragmentation is the biggest change and challenge in marketing today, according to David Rodnitzky, CEO at 3Q Digital. He says brands should expect an increasing amount of fragmentation through connected cars, smart TVs, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Study Finds Consumers Increasingly Search Across Multiple Retail Sites Per Session
    Why do consumers browse on multiple retail sites when shopping for a specific item? Excluding the fact that they look for a better price, 34% browse multiple sites looking for a better selection, 23% say the product is unavailable, 20% want to compare shipping options, and 20% want more product information, according to a recent study.
  • About.com CEO Neil Vogel: Organic Paid-Search Clicks To Pay Publishers?
    Proposed European Union legislation could give publishers new rights to charge Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook along with other news and content aggregators when they post snippets of news in queries on search engines or in news feeds on social sites. For publishers like About.com and TheBalance.com -- both IAC companies -- creating a giant pay wall presents a double-edged sword.
  • Search Data Shows How Agency-Brand Relationships Are Changing
    All types and sizes of agencies and design firms are finding new business with brands, but the relationships are definitely changing, per a report released Wednesday.
  • Virtual Assistants Could Create New Life For Paid Search
    Juniper Research forecasts that more than $12 billion of annual ad spend will come through voice assistants by 2021 -- up 3,000% on estimated spend for 2016 -- bringing new paid-search opportunities.
  • Google Thinks Mobile First Unless It's A Modular Phone
    A phone with interchangeable parts intended to reduce electronic waste and allow consumers to keep the core of the device longer than a year or two seemed like a good idea at the time of conception. That's how many describe Google's defunct modular mobile phone design called Project Ara.
  • The Moore's Law Of Search Query Results
    In my younger years, being first in line when the doors opened at the Long Beach Convention Center to see George Harrison proved successful. The no-assigned seat event meant the doors opened and a bunch of crazed kids ran to claim a spot at the edge of the stage. The promoters for the event didn't sell seats, but rather standing room. The first to come got a spot on the floor closest to the middle of the stage.
  • What's The Lost Revenue From Bots Scraping Original Content?
    Bots -- which some estimate make up about 46% of Web traffic -- scrape the Web for whatever bits of content they are programmed to find, often mimicking human behavior. But what does it cost the company developing the content, analyzing the numbers, and creating the information for consumers and customers in hopes they will visit their Web site?
  • Talk To The Headphones
    I couldn't help myself. What a classic line: "Talk to the headphones." That's how this wireless on-ear headphones brand describes the voice search feature for the FIIL Diva Pro. The headphones are just one among thousands of products where consumers will search for content and information with their voice.
  • Williams-Sonoma, P&G, Big Lots Talk Up Online Advertising Investments
    If there's any doubt that brands and retailers are moving more of their advertising and marketing budgets to digital advertising, tune into a few second-quarter earnings calls.
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