Mervis Retargeting - Diamond In The Rough
Seventy-nine-year-old Mervis Diamond Importers uses site retargeting to connect with consumers looking to purchase fine jewelry. The business model supports a one-on-one connection in the physical store. A major shift in the type of audience segments and content now on the site represents a significant change from the way the retail store reached consumers in the past. Jonathan Mervis, who leads business development for the family-owned business, refers to the strategy as "retargeting an ad based on the buying cycle."» 0 Comments
How To Use These 3 Positive Content Marketing Strategies That Resonate
The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has launched a public service announcement (PSA) for its Just Play campaign. The spot features 17 real, amateur musicians playing in harmony Pachelbel's Canon in D. NAMM's aim in putting together the PSA is to encourage people to add music-making into their lives for a positive boost. Here's how the message, along with the music, resonates with consumers.» 0 Comments
Google Transitions PLAs To Shopping
Google said Wednesday that the type of campaign advertisers use to create and manage product listing ads (PLA) on the back end will transition to Shopping campaigns, which offers more features than PLA campaigns alone. The move will automatically upgrade all PLAs to Shopping in late August.» 1 Comments
Marin SEM Integrates Environmental, Economic Data Into Digital Marketing Campaigns
Marin Software has developed technology that allows advertisers to integrate weather, television, inventory, sports scores, stock market fluctuations, and other data into their digital marketing campaigns. While technology makes many of the online Internet April Fools' Day spoofs feasible and leaves you wondering -- real or fake -- this latest one is all real.» 0 Comments
Turkey Silences YouTube
Google confirmed "credible reports" that its Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted by most Turkish Internet service providers (ISPs) in an effort to quash conversations reported to come from the foreign minister, his undersecretary, the head of the National Intelligence Agency, and deputy chief of staff of the Turkish Armed Forces discussing Turkey's Syria policy.» 1 Comments
Maryland Legislation, Consumer Sentiment Could Quash Mobile Tracking In-Store
In the search for online and in-store mobile tracking equality, none exists. Government legislators and consumers have never had a similar view on the ability to track customer behavior online and in stores, although major retail stores have tracked foot traffic in physical locations through technology and cameras for years. The technique tells retail stores what products sell where and what shelf level provides the best eye exposure to increase sales. Despite all that tracking, when it comes to electronically monitoring consumer behavior through their mobile phone -- well, that's different, according to Maryland state officials and independent research.» 0 Comments
Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter Collaborate On Open-Source Database Project
Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter engineering teams have collaborated on an open-source project called WebScaleSQL, a custom open-source project of the MySQL database management system designed for large companies. I'm highlighting the word "collaboration" because the partnership involves several large Web companies that historically have been viewed as rivals.» 1 Comments
How Facebook Will Use Oculus To Support Virtual Reality Advertising
At the San Diego-based Digitaria office earlier this week I took the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for a rollercoaster ride, one day before Facebook announced it will acquire the company for $2 billion. Despite a focus on VR for gaming on mobile devices like the Sony PS4, there's no doubt the social site will dive headfirst into VR advertising -- although CEO Mark Zuckerberg only referred in the announcement to entering verticals like communications, media and entertainment.» 0 Comments
Why Marketers Are Failing At Marketing
Having the ability to quickly identify and correct mistakes has traditionally been one of the best attributes of online campaigns, especially search engine marketing. Yet only 65% of marketers participating in an Adobe Systems survey released Tuesday said they are more comfortable adopting new technologies once they become commonly used. The biggest problem with that points to a tendency to follow rather than lead.» 3 Comments
L.A. Culture Influencing Mobile Startups
Los Angeles has become the hotbed of mobile messaging companies with SnapChat and Whisper in Los Angeles, along with Marina del Rey's TextPlus, and Santa Monica's Tigertext. Facebook's $19 billion deal to acquire WhatsApp has media professionals across search, mobile, video, and content paying close attention.» 1 Comments
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