• How Keywords Give Marketers Insight Into Lifestyles
    Search marketers know how to read between the lines connecting keywords with interests, but when it comes to specific categories, it may prove a bit more difficult to make that connection. While machine learning can aid in the quest to increase the accuracy of targeted ads.
  • Google Assistant Gains Personality From Pixar, The Onion Writers
    Google has hired a team of writers from Pixar and The Onion who helped make Google Assistant, which powers its Home device, sound more human.
  • Intel IQ Shares Its Content Strategy
    The amount of content and the demand for attention from brands continues to rise. The biggest issue is that just 5% of that branded content garners 90% of total consumer engagements.
  • 4 Google Page One Optimization Tips
    Google dominates the first-page U.S. search layout with Knowledge Graph, Carousels, Shopping Ads, Map and other media that continue to impact brand. A study released Thursday provides marketers with tips and alternative strategies to target content.
  • Bing Rolls With Expanded Device Targeting
    Bing's strategy to get more advertisers to run paid-search and shopping campaigns across its network of sites seems to be working. The search engine has been running a page on its domain asking advertisers what type of functions they want to see next. Marketers suggest the feature and others vote on it.
  • Ask Search Experts Why One Search Results Page Outranks Another
    Search experts try to answer questions like "which page do you think ranks better in search engine query results" or "what change in the copy or extra link can cause an actual reordering of a specific ranking." Interesting questions, indeed, but here's what happens when non-SEO experts also try to answer those questions.
  • Facebook Marketplace Seems Incomplete
    While the social behemoth didn't tout search or ecommerce capabilities to support its new ecommerce tab, no one can deny that the ability to search and find products with as few queries as possible remains the top requirement for a great experience in an online ecommerce marketplace.
  • Advertisers Are Ready For Intelligence
    More than half of companies participating in a recent survey said the applications they find the most essential apply intelligence, meaning that they have the ability to anticipate the outcome and take or suggest the next action. The intense focus on artificial intelligence at Advertising Week supports this point.
  • Fantasy Sports Fans Field A Touchdown With Data Search Engine
    Fantasy sports fans may claim a touchdown at the news of a niche search engine that provides stats and analysis to make it easier for players to create winning starting teams. The data-geek founders call the search engine Spearch.
  • Social, Not Search, Gaining More Of Marketers' Budgets
    Marketers are willing to open their pockets and trust Google, Bing, and Yahoo to charge the appropriate cost per click while protecting their brand search term, but this year they will open their wallets just a bit wider for Facebook.
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