• Goodbye To Surveys For Companies That Mine Social

    Social media research firm newBrandAnalytics says surveys are defunct, since now companies can get all the data they want online. The firm says companies got a 25% increase in online customer reviews on their social sites. Now they focus on social feedback. ...Read the whole story

  • BuzzFeed Raises $19M To Build Media Company

    List-obsessed news and popular culture publisher BuzzFeed just raised $19.3 million led by NEA. In December 2012, BuzzFeed passed 40 million unique monthly visitors. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Aids In Achieving New Year's Resolution Goals

    Some 35% of digital consumers will spend $25 or more per month on New Year's resolutions, presenting an opportunity for marketers looking to reach specific segments, according to survey results released Thursday. Some 8% of SocialVibe survey participants said they would spend $51 to $75; followed by 6%, between $75 and $100; and 8%, more than $100. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Old' And 'New' Selves Converse In Medifast Ads

    To create the effect, Solve worked with director John Haagen of New York-based Assembly Films. Each of the three individuals featured in three different spots was filmed in Los Angeles in January 2012, then shot again at the same location in September. ...Read the whole story

  • Army Uses Stories To Boost Minority Officer Corps

    Facing requirements to increase minority representation in its officer corps, the U.S. Army is launching a campaign targeted toward the African-American community showcasing the leadership qualities and elite status that becoming an Army officer yields. ...Read the whole story

Talking About Failure Leads To Success

You had some big successes in social media last year. Here's the thing: you had even more failures. And, that's to be expected. Success can happen without failure, but they'll be small successes. Big successes come hand-in-hand with some happy failures. ...More