• Undertone Goes On-The-Air, Uses TV To 'Pitch' Online Ad Buys

    Last year, more than 4.8 trillion display ads were served online, according to a new ad campaign breaking today by online ad network operator Undertone, adding: "How many do you remember?" To make sure you remember it, Undertone isn't using the medium it pitches to advertisers and agencies -- it's utilizing television. In an unusual media buy for a B-to-B marketer aimed at a relatively small industrial audience, Undertone has purchased two 30-second spots in tonight's season premiere episode of AMC's "The Pitch," a new reality series about agencies competing for an account pitch. ...Read the whole story

  • Toyota Does BuzzFeed Takeover For Prius C

    On Monday, BuzzFeed ran a Prius c-themed homepage takeover, the first such auto-themed campaign on the site. The Prius c-branded elements were portals to high-volume BuzzFeed content with a metaphorical theme around "most-charged" stories. ...Read the whole story

  • Pretzel Crisps Jumps On Branded Video

    The videos target Pretzel Crisps' core consumer base -- women 25 to 49 -- and both, in addition to being offered in long versions on the brand's YouTube channel, have been cut into shorter versions for pre-rolls on various targeted sites ...Read the whole story

  • Attribution: IgnitionOne Gives Marketers Another View

    Attribution technology from companies such as IgnitionOne continues to advance, but business models need to follow. Inherent challenges exist, but marketers don't have a choice, according to Tim Schaeffer, search engine marketing manager at Zappos.com. This is the future -- sink or swim, he said. ...Read the whole story

VideoDaily Roundup: Why Web Dollars May Actually Flow To TV

The Digital Content NewFronts seem to have sparked a debate about whether -- and how fast -- TV dollars will flow to the Web. Today we'll hear from one prominent Internet entrepreneur who believes Web dollars will actually flow into TV. After that, we'll assess the aftermath of last week's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the future of video migration. Then, more unnamed sources weigh in on Hulu's TV Everywhere talks, and finally: Revision3 is in talks to be acquired by a major media company. ...More