Car, Retail Ads Slow Down On Broadcast TV

A fourth-quarter 2014 slowdown in broadcast TV advertising came primarily from automotive and financial service/real estate marketers. Automotive companies -- the biggest category, with a 14% share -- slipped 5% to $1.019 billion, while financial service/real estate companies, with an 11% share, were down 4% to $774.2 million. ...


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Stumbling Badly In The Next 12-24 Months?

My friend Cory Treffiletti asked in his SPIN column this week if I was "developing (a) data strategy?" Well, he wasn't asking me per se, because when he does that, it's more like "How is the ...

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What If 'The Dress' Were An Ad?

For what it's worth, I think the dress is white and gold. This dress, I mean. The one that has given BuzzFeed over 28 million page views and counting, a new record for the company. Has ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
The Oscar And The Helix: Changing The Academy's DNA

Hey, Oscar. These days, your whole campy, top-hat-and-jazz-handsy dance is wildly out of step. You've become your own Botoxed, bloated parody. So what's a stiff old gold guy to do? ...

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