AT&T, Time Warner Make It Official: Merge Into New Media Behemoth

More than 30 years after federal regulators broke up AT&T's monopoly of the nation's communications network, AT&T is expanding its footprint once again, acquiring Time Warner for more than $80 billion, the companies confirmed late Saturday. The deal, which was approved unanimously by the boards of both companies, is a stock-and-cash transaction valuing Time Warner at $107.50 per share. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Nasty Men, Napping Women

Though Donald Trump has repeatedly and publicly spurned the idea of "debate prep" as something weak that only a corrupt, upper-crusty woman who needs naps would indulge in, something changed by the third debate. That's when ...

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Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones

Headlines about TV viewership have not been particularly positive. Common themes lately have been: "TV ratings plummeting," "NFL viewership in decline,""Millennials unplug from TV," or "Cord-cutting, cord-shaving growing." Then there's a big favorite lately: "TV can't ...

What The 'NYT' Gave Up When They Forced Me To Digital

Politico this week reported on a fascinating study by a couple of University of Texas profs that pretty much says that, in the rush to repurpose and extend editorial content onto the Web, editors and publishers ...

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