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OMMA at SXSW: Mar 2014

7:30 AM Location: AT&T Center, 1900 University Ave, Austin
11:00 AM Should Brands Be Part of the Real-Time Conversation?

Since that famous “Oreo Moment” that turned a Super Bowl blackout into a dubious marketing trend, more brands seem to have failed than succeeded at riding the real time zeitgeist. From Kenneth Cole to AT&T to Urban Outfitters, the social media misfires just keep coming. Have marketers learned anything about the dark art of inserting their brands into the trending topic, the cultural moment? Are they just geeks struggling to fit in with the cool kids? Or are we really seeing brands become more human and finding voices through these new direct-to-consumer channels?

Chuck Martin , Bestselling Author and Columnist, MediaPost
Noha Abdalla , Senior Director, Brand Social Media, Capital One
Natanya Anderson , Director of Social Media, Whole Foods Market
Bryan E. Jones , VP of Marketing, North America and Global 500, Dell
Rick Wion , Director of Social Media, McDonald's Corporation
12:00 PM Coffee/Networking Break ethology
12:30 PM What Do Marketers Want From Mobile?

Marketers are confronting an “omnichannel” world where consumers consult multiple sources and screens, sometimes making buying decisions in minutes. Brands need to be in customer pockets to capture those impulses at all times, via mobile apps, mobile commerce, mobile social presence, and mobile loyalty. Devices have made it possible to enhance and enrich the path to purchase down to and including the in-store experience. But what have these brands learned about the new mobilized consumer and what is in store for us next?

Rachel Pasqua , Senior Partner, Mobility North America, MEC North America
Scott Carlis , VP Digital and Social Media, AEG Global Partnerships
Pamela Naumes , Director, Brand Engagement, Wm. Bolthouse Farms Inc.
Keith Nyhouse , Vice President – Digital and International Marketing, Dish Networks
1:30 PM Coffee/Networking Break insight pool
2:00 PM Do Brands Fit In With Wearable Computing?

The next great media tech wave is already here, and it fits like a glove, a watch, eyeglasses, a bracelet, a pendant or maybe a hat or a band-aid. Wearable technology promises a seamless interface of body and machine and an opportunity to serve consumers in unprecedented, an unprecedentedly intimate, ways. But do brands have a place this close to the consumer, and what new and different shape will it take? We ask a team of tech futurists, marketers and agency execs to see what a branded wearable future might be like.

Rob Garner , Chief Strategy Officer, Advice Interactive Group
Sloane Kelley , Executive Producer, PGA TOUR Digital
Shiv Singh , SVP Global Brand and Marketing Transformation, VISA
Bachir Zeroual , Global Director, Marketing Ventures, Coca-Cola
3:30 PM Instagram v. Vine: Real World Smackdown

The mobile social media titans Facebook and Twitter have declared war over the branded video space. In this corner Instagram with 15 second spots that mirror TV, the medium agencies love. In the other corner vine, 6-second of micro-messaging that has inspired high levels of novel and creative executions. Now that brands have been flexing their creative muscles in both we present some of the best examples, followed by and expert discussion among agency and brand executives. Finally our audience weighs in to vote on the consumer favorite for getting branded messages.

Dave Marsey , EVP/Managing Director, Digitas
Katrina Craigwell , Global Manager, Digital Marketing, GE
Mark Smith , Manager of Social Media Marketing, USA TODAY
Brad J. Walters , Director of Social Media & Emerging Platforms, Lowe's Home Improvement
5:00 PM The Best Mobile Ad Campaigns You Haven’t Seen

It is not just app ads and direct marketing come ons. Mobile has already generated some wildly creative uses of the small screen and mobile technology’s unique attributes. We ask five senior mobile ad execs to show us campaigns for a rival agency they wish they had done and to explain why it was distinctly mobile. That is right. Ad agencies will be required to outline what their competitors did right. Bring your cameras. This doesn’t happen often.

Drew Neisser , CEO & Founder, Renegade
Rob Griffin , EVP, Global Head of Digital, Havas Media
Webster Lewin , Principal/Mobile & Social Media Stratagist, WLOGLOBAL
7:00 AM Location: Textile, 310 East 3RD ST, AUSTIN (directly across street from Austin Convention Center)
8:30 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Persado
9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Chuck Martin , Bestselling Author and Columnist, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Don’t Be Allergic To Mobile

Zyrtec, the #1 OTC allergy brand, hasn't just innovated in mobile, it's dominated. Its award-winning App is the #1 allergy App on iOS and Android and in the top 20 weather apps. Its 400,000 users average over 15 minutes a month. If you're looking for some secrets on how your brand or agency can lead in mobile, you've come to the right place.

Colleen Sellers , Director, Allergy Franchise, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson
9:45 AM Beyond Showrooming: Will Mobile Kill Or Save The Retail Experience?

A fight just broke out in aisle 5, at the shopping mall, and on car dealer lots nationwide. Retailers, brand marketers, e-commerce giants, and now mobile intermediaries are all scrambling to capture that smartphone-wielding shopper. ‘Showrooming’ was only the beginning. Users have embraced the smartphone as an in-store shopping companion. But how have the most advanced retailers learned to leverage that new shopper reflex to their advantage? This may be the year of the “beacon” and richer retailer apps with which merchants fight back against online insurgents to make the in-store experience so compelling it will block out the competition. But how are consumers staying one step ahead? How does a shopper armed with the Internet change the game for everyone?

Ken Madden , SVP, Head of Digital, Shoptology
Chuck Job , Director of Customer Experience Strategy, MaxMedia
Sarah Karam , Strategic Product Partnerships Manager, Google
Colleen Sellers , Director, Allergy Franchise, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson
Eric Weisberg , Executive Creative Director, JWT - New York
Allison Wessel , Mobile Product Manager,
10:30 AM Keynote: Creativity and Technology: Moving from a Story Told to a Story Lived

Today effective brand marketing isn’t just about making creative ads; you need to engage technology and start creating worlds - digital and physical, verbal and visual – where a brand becomes part of a consumer’s story. Join Gaston Legorburu, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of SapientNitro (OMMA's Creative Agency of the Year) and author of Storyscaping; Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds (April 2014), for an overview of “Storyscaping;” an approach that evolves creative storytelling into immersive experiences. Learn how combining the power of story with the excitement of experience catapults consumers into a brand’s world, where stories are lived…and shared.

Gaston Legorburu , Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro
11:00 AM Coffee/Networking Break ethology
11:30 AM Is Data the New Media?

The shift is acute. Marketers are looking to assemble specific audiences wherever they may be, not just buy media and placements from the usual suspects. This new engine is fueled by data, cast off by billions of page views, countless clicks, even more mobile coordinates. But where is the data coming from, is it reliable, and does it put consumer privacy and control at risk? What does this emerging data economy look like? Who controls and profits from it? Doesn’t this pose a fundamental challenge to media as we have known it for the last century? And how will the obsession with data big and small change the media and products we create in the future?

David Shulman , CEO, Organic
Alexis Berger , VP of Marketing, Kargo
Jeremy Daly , EVP/Executive Strategy Director, Y&R New York
Jane Schachtel , Global Head of Technology Strategy, Facebook
Jessica Williams , Senior Marketing Insights and Social Media Leader, VISA
Steve Wirig , Social Marketing Evangelist, Digital Marketing, Adobe
12:15 PM Will Video Kill The TV Star?

Is the great age of TV, prime time and network ownership of media budgets finally waning? Netflix and Amazon are commissioning their own shows and replacing “seasons” with “binges.” YouTube has a reach that any TV network must envy. Ratings and metrics companies can barely keep up with viewer habits that are fragmenting rapidly to multiple screens. Cable companies just had their worst year ever, losing over 100,000 subscribers to a cord cutting trend that is now hard to deny. And even when audiences are in the living room “watching” TV, their attention is divided with ubiquitous “second screens.” How are advertisers and media companies perceiving and preparing for these changes?

Alastair Green , Executive Creative Director, Team One
Ezra Cooperstein , COO, Fullscreen
Adam Naide , Executive Director of Marketing/Social Media, Cox Communications
Allison Stern , Co-founder/GM Media Solutions, Tubular Labs
Jennifer Winberg , U.S. Head of Social Media and PR, Way to Blue
1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Presentation The Trade Desk
2:00 PM Case Study: Car Shopping and the New Consumer Journey

Digital tools are revolutionizing the way we shop for cars. Toyota is innovating in this new path to purchase. With new digital tools that solve for each phase - from the living room to the showroom to the driver's seat, hear how shopping for a car is now a dynamic journey, with digital tools that connect each moment together. The chat will highlight their latest case studies and a discussion around the future vision for Toyota as they continue to innovate in this ever-evolving path to purchase.

Kimberley Gardiner , National Marketing Director, Toyota
Kayla Green , Director of Digital Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi, LA
2:30 PM Native Uprising: Is Content The New Advertising?

Who needs “media?” Through web sites, apps, branded entertainment, viral video and more advertisers now get direct, un-MEDIA-ted access to consumers. The brands are pouring budgets into so-called “content marketing” that leverage these unlimited distribution vehicles to go far beyond banners, pre-rolls and roadblocks. Media companies know a threat when they see it and so promise to treat advertisers more like publishers, integrate their “stories” into the feed so that it is nigh indistinguishable from their own trusted content. And as brands become publishers they demand from media a more “native” presence where ad messages are integrated seamlessly with traditional content. Is this the real future of advertising – less intrusive but also less distinct from media?

Peter Fasano , Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
Mark Howard , Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes
Stephanie Losee , Managing Editor, DELL
Sebastian Tomich , VP of Advertising, NY Times
Jordan Vlator Slabaugh , Director, Marketing & Social Media, Spredfast
3:15 PM Case Study: Outflanking the Competition one Vine, #, and Insta At a Time

Learn how CPG beverage brand, Bolthouse Farms, uses Instagram, Vine and the culture of social media to gain leverage against better financed competition.

Pamela Naumes , Director, Brand Engagement, Wm. Bolthouse Farms Inc.
3:45 PM Break
4:00 PM Don Draper Vs. The Machine: How Far Can Programmatic Buying and RTB Go, Anyway?

Ad buyers are saying that they expect up to 40% of their digital budgets to be spent this coming year via programmatic platforms. But is this rush toward automated systems, whether to trade backwash remnant or richer ad placements, fundamentally changing the ad business, media organizations and the relationships between buyers and sellers? We ask both sides of the ad economy to explore what is being lost (creativity, relationships, value of context?) and what is being gained (efficiency, cross-platform reach, accountability?). We ask key players in the new real time ad economy to reflect on the deeper cultural, operational and structural implications of what they are building.

Dan Goodman , Co-Founder, Believe Entertainment Group
Doug Boccia , Vice President of Platform Solutions, AOL Networks
Tom Donovan , Digital Manager, Haworth Marketing and Media
Josh Jacobs , Global CEO, Accuen
Josh Team , VP, Digital Innovation, RAPP
4:45 PM The Internet Of Things And A Future Without Advertising?

Google buys a home automation company. GE connects jet engines and refrigerators to the Web. Your car has an IP address. Surely consumers won’t tolerate pre-rolls on their dashboard, banner ads and pop-ups on their thermostats, search ads responding to their voice-activated game consoles. And yet embedded computing, connectivity and sensors are poised to occupy al imaginable objects in coming years. What does advertising look like in world where connectedness no longer requires a desktop or even a mobile phone, but is offloaded and fragmented across the appliances of live? We ask agency executives and futurists to ponder a brave new world…without advertising as we have known it.

Justin Smith , EVP, ECD and Chief Innovation Officer, Doner
Whitney Browne , Group Director, Head of User Experience, Geometry Global
Iain Lanivich , Group Digital Creative Director, Lowe Campbell-Ewald
Peter Li , CEO, Atlas Wearables
5:30 PM Conference Concludes

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