March 13 - 14, 2015Sheraton Austin Hotel

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Big Trends Raise Big Questions

Was this revolution digitized? As the hyper-connected futurists and cool kids gather once more at SXSW, MediaPost returns as well to look behind the bright shiny objects. The big trends in gadgetry and interactivity raise bigger questions for the media and marketing industries. From hand-held computers empowering shoppers in store aisles to brands wanting to have real time “conversations” with us during Super Bowls and Oscars nights, where do consumers really want and need advertisers? Across two days we bring together some of the most active and innovative brand marketers and their agencies to map out this intersection of technology, advertising forms (new and old), and changing consumer needs and wants.

Will the mobile migration be fully funded by advertisers?
Is there room in the wearable tech trend for marketers?
Does Instagram and/or Vine represent the future of the TV spot?
How do retailers turn the ‘showrooming’ hazard into an advantage?
Will online video kill the TV star?
And what about the native ad trend? Will it make for better ads or erode trust in media?

Bright shiny objects and new new things are fun to chase, but ultimately they need to become businesses, and that means advertisers will need to be involved. For over a decade, MediaPost has been tracking how emerging technologies and media succeed and fail with the marketers who inevitably need to support them. We bring that expertise and critical perspective once again to SXSW.

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OMMA returns to SXSW with two days of exclusive content, innovative ideas and unparalleled networking opportunities.

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MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to critically engage key questions for brand marketers, media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring perspective and insight to our stage. All conferences are programmed by proven, expert, unbiased journalists. MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.

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Kevin Klein, Head of Marketing, Global Display Advertising,

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