Dispop Takes On Google Display Ads

by , Dec 11, 2013, 1:32 PM
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The fledgling display and retargeting company Dispop thinks its technology can outdo Google's, so it ran a study to prove its worth. The company plans to release findings Wednesday from a side-by-side comparison. The results suggest that its online display campaigns created through its custom ad creation platform result in double the click-through rates and 80% more conversions compared with Google display ads.

Ayal Ebert, Dispop CEO and founder, points to the importance of investing in custom creative display ads designed by humans rather than algorithms. He wanted to show how a template approach to ad creation lowers the quality and hinders success.

The Web-based, self-serve platform enables any brand or advertiser to create an account to use the service. Then they select to create a direct targeting or retargeting campaign on the Web or Facebook. Marketers fill out a brief form about the ideal campaign designs, suggest the message and the photos, and human designers create custom ads in about a day. Brands select the targeting demographics and categories, from health and beauty to technology and fashion. The campaigns run across the Dispop network. 

"We have access to millions of publishers through the exchanges that are divided into 900 different categories," said Ayal Ebert, CEO of Dispop.

The results are based on 250,000 impressions for each campaign varied. The ads ran on sites under the categories Weight Loss and Health News, targeting people interested in Beauty and Fitness between the ages of 25 and 54. The one running on the Dispop platform delivered 0.15% click-through rate and 18 conversions. The one running on the Google platform delivered a 0.07% click-through rate and 10 conversions.

Dispop announced the launch of its self-serve ad creation and delivery platform for online banner campaigns in October. The platform caters to small and medium-sized business (SMB). This move by Dispop is in response to customer feedback calling for an easy process to manage multiple display campaigns on the Web and Facebook including direct targeting and retargeting initiatives.

The platform integrates with all major programmatic ad exchanges such as: AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic, BrightRoll, and Google as well as Facebook Exchange (FBX) for both direct targeting and retargeting capabilities through a single dashboard.

Earlier this year, Dispop announced that it had secured $600,000 in seed funding to launch its "crowdsourced ad design marketplace." This latest news puts a focus on SMBs who would like to run integrated media campaigns. The "human" model sounds similar to Trada, only it focuses on display advertising, rather than search marketing.

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