Mocean Mobile Enhances RTB With Yahoo Ad Exchange

Earlier this year, mobile ad network Mojiva’s Mocean Mobile ad-serving unit launched a real-time bidding exchange to help meet growing demand for programmatic buying. Now Mocean aims to enhance its RTB offering by integrating it with the recently launched Yahoo Ad Exchange—the revamped version of the former Right Media Exchange.

Mocean will brings inventory from publishers, including Nokia and Univision, and reaching 1 billion devices to the Yahoo Ad Exchange, while tapping into the platform’s demand base, targeting capabilities and programmatic ad tools.

“This new ad marketplace powered by Yahoo Ad Exchange expands the scope of the existing [exchange] offering,” said Graham Mosley, senior vice president, business development for Mocean Mobile. “The new Mocean Mobile Marketplace combines Mocean's premium mobile inventory with Yahoo's real-time programmatic buying and precise targeting.”

Mocean also hopes to benefit indirectly from Yahoo’s sizeable ad sales force. For its part, the move helps Yahoo bolster its mobile ad operations as it continues trying to ramp up its business on the mobile side. The company says it now has 400 million monthly mobile users, or about half of its total active user base worldwide.

“We want to help publishers maximize revenue and advertisers target mobile campaigns based on our audience insights," stated Brian Silver, vice president, ad platforms for the Americas, Yahoo.

Following its announcement of the Yahoo Ad Exchange at CES, the Web giant said it is moved to integrate with “premium partners” to expand mobile advertising through the platform, but a company spokesperson declined to name any other mobile ad companies its working with.

With the initial rollout of the Mocean Mobile Marketplace, Mosley said the sellers will all come from the Mocean side. Buyers will be made up of demand-side platforms (DSPs) that plug directly into the Yahoo Ad Exchange. Mocean will eventually add its own buy-side capability as well.,

Mosley also indicated that publishers wouldn’t be thrown into its new Yahoo-powered exchange without help. “We’re going to be doing this in a somewhat curated experience … so it isn’t going to be self-service where they do all the work. It’s similar to work we’ve done in the last few years, doing ad network mediation for many of our premiere publishing partners,” he said.

The goal of that process is to boost fill rates and increase revenue for publishers.

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