Reebok Debuts First Fragrance: Swet

reebokReebok joined the fragrance world with its debut scent swet. I bet it's heavy on the salt. The fragrance was created in the fitness center at Reebok World Headquarters, taking two years to perfect. You can't just bottle human sweat, can you? Sort of. Reebok hired a top scent creator to gather actual drops of sweat from employees/exercise enthusiasts. While they worked out, the fragrance team collected the sweat. Fun job. Samples were then brought to a distillery and two years later, the perfect scent was created. A 15-second teaser video on Instagram shows athletes basking in their own sweat -- a few look like they're bathing in it -- and a still of the swet fragrance bottle. See it here, created by Venables Bell & Partners.
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