Media Focus of Undecided Presidential Voters

by , May 25, 2004, 12:00 AM
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Media Focus of Undecided Presidential Voters

Media Consumption Differs By Undecided Voter Candidate Preference The recently released Simultaneous Media Usage Survey from BIGresearch addresses the voter demographics necessary to understand as the presidential candidates gear up to spend record sums on advertising. Joe Pilotta, Ph.D., Vice President of Research for BIGresearch, says that "By understanding how the various constituencies consume media, the presidential candidates can develop more effective ad plans. Candidates run the risk of decreased effectiveness (if they neglect) the 23% who have yet to decide. The three voter groups (Bush, Kerry and Undecided) are as different as their favorite magazines or radio formats,"

Some of the undecided voter characteristics:

  • 60% female, and primarily between 25-54 years old.
  • 23.2% buy their women's and men's clothing at Wal-Mart
  • 20.5% buy their shoes at Payless
  • 16.7% drive a Ford
  • 13.5% drive a Chevy
  • spend more of their TV time watching cable stations than traditional broadcast networks.
  • 61.1% of the undecideds regularly or occasionally watch TV when they are online
  • 55.2% say they regularly or occasionally go online when they are listening to the radio

Top 5 Magazines Read Most Often by Voter Groups
Bush Kerry Undecided
Readers Digest People Readers Digest
People Readers Digest People
Time Time Women's Day
Women's Day Newsweek Cosmopolitan
Sports Illustrated Maxim Sports Illustrated
Top 5 Radio Formats Listened to Most Often by Voter Groups
Bush Kerry Undecided
Oldies Oldies Rock
Country Rock Oldies
Rock Country Country
Talk Top 40/Pop R&B
Top 40/Pop Alternative Alternative
Top 5 Cable Channels Watched Most Often by Voter Groups
Bush Kerry Undecided
Discovery Discovery Discovery
History Channel A&E Lifetime
Fox News History Channel USA

Source: BIGresearch

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