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Erik Sass is a Reporter of Media Daily News and Social Graf at MediaPost. You can reach Erik at

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  • Correction: Facebook Hired Anker  in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 05/22/2015

    The Social Graf that appeared on May 21, 2015 mistakenly reported that Facebook had acquired Tugboat Yards. Tugboat Yards is shutting down, and Tugboat CEO Andrew Anker will work on media products for Facebook.

  • Sharethrough Taps Nudge For Audience Attention Metrics in MediaDailyNews on 05/22/2015

    Native advertising platforms have been moving to address advertiser demands for more accountability around issues like ad visibility and user engagement. To that end, Sharethrough and Nudge Analytics have unveiled a partnership that will give Sharethrough's publishing partners access to Nudge's analytics for audience attention to sponsored content on their Web sites and apps.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 05/22/2015

    Delta flew onto the leaderboard for the first time after releasing their flight safety video, starring the Internet. Their digital engagement increased by over 3,000%.

  • Facebook Tells You More About Who's Messaging You in The Social Graf on 05/22/2015

    There's nothing quite so awkward as meeting someone you're supposed to remember face-to-face, when you actually have no idea at all who they are -- but getting a message from a forgotten acquaintance is a close second, requiring the same kind of fast, delicate detective work or alternatively, weird avoidance of any specific details about any subject. In the worst-case scenario it starts to look like dialogue from a play by Harold Pinter:

  • Mobile Search Ads Influence In-Store Sales, Google Finds in MoBlog on 05/22/2015

    Mobile search ads have a significant impact on consumers' in-store purchase decisions, according to new research from Google first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The results suggest that Google is getting closer to untangling one of the most vexing issues in digital marketing, by giving digital ads proper credit for their role in prompting brick-and-mortar purchases.

  • 'USA Today' May Scrap Daily Print Edition in MediaDailyNews on 05/21/2015

    'USA Today' may cease publishing a daily print edition within the next five or six years, according to Editor in Chief David Callaway, who made the remarks Wednesday during a panel discussion about the "Future of Media," part of the Internet Week conference. However, he added that the newspaper will continue publishing some sort of print product for years to come.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 05/21/2015

    KFC secured a spot on the leaderboard with the resurrection of Colonel Sanders. A recent YouTube video announcing the return of Colonel Sanders resulted in a 1,757% increase in digital engagement.

  • Facebook Buys Tugboat Yards, Eyeing Small Publishers in The Social Graf on 05/21/2015

    This week Facebook took another step in its plan to do, well, everything with its acquisition of Tugboat Yards, a startup that enabled small and medium-sized publishers to generate revenue from subscriptions, tips, and other forms of payment from their small but devoted followings. Facebook is shutting down the previous Tugboat Yards service as of June 30, but will resurrect its technology as part of the main Facebook platform.

  • Playboy Launches Mobile App, No Skin in MoBlog on 05/21/2015

    Playboy has launched a new mobile app, called Playboy Now -- but let's clarify right now that there are no nudie pictures included. Instead of the pub's legendary cheesecake, the app will focus on its equally legendary articles, which have allowed generations of men to explain away those well-thumbed magazines by the john. It's not porn, it's intellectual, see?

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 05/20/2015

    The Digital Engagement Index jumped by almost 50% yesterday as 9 out of the top 10 brands tracked an increase in engagement. Lego led the pack, with Coca-Cola close behind in second place.

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  • 'Moone Boy' Just Might Be The Best Sitcom In The Entire World by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 04/16/2015)

    And don't forget "Are You Being Served Again" or in the U.K. "Grace and Favor," revisiting the Grace Bros. denizens a decade later in non-retirement. 

  • Unfriend Anyone Who Sends You Baseball Footage by George Simpson (Online Media Daily on 04/09/2015)

    OMG George bashing baseball is totes un-American.  Seriousl, I had similar questions about the "Alex from Target" incident (remember him?)  Specifically, what if he didn't want to be famous?  Should people have a right to take a photo of you without your knowledge, and then plaster it all over Internet without your consent -- just because you happen to be in a public space? Personally I find the idea disturbing as hell (not that anyone is likely to give me that "honor"). 

  • Vacationers Must Face Lawsuit For Violating 'House Rule' Banning Reviews by Wendy Davis (PolicyBlog on 03/27/2015)

    Not sure about the legal issues, but as far as their accommodations: "Welcome to Paris."

  • Ad Exec Scatters Raw Shrimp Inside Ex-Wife's Boyfriend's Car by Richard Whitman (Mediapsssst on 03/12/2015)

    I'm just misunderstanding these shrimp all over your car.

  • Facebook's 'Authentic Name' Policy Faces New Questions by Wendy Davis (PolicyBlog on 02/16/2015)

    Some of the problem may also be due to the fact that whoever is making these judgments isn't familiar with, for example, Native American naming conventions. I believe any reasonably well-educated American would know that these names often incorporate geographic, animal, and other natural descriptives. However if the person trying to decide is from overseas (i.e. an outsourced contractor) they may not know this.

  • Time Inc., MediaMath Partnership Brings Programmatic To Print, Enhances Audience Targeting by Erik Sass (MediaDailyNews on 02/10/2015)

    Ok, we are all ears if any experts would like to weigh in on the most up-to-date and precise definition of "programmatic buying"… Just leave a comment with your take, thanks!

  • Time Inc., MediaMath Partnership Brings Programmatic To Print, Enhances Audience Targeting by Erik Sass (MediaDailyNews on 02/10/2015)

    Hi Ed, Good point, I will try to make that distinction clear in future. I agree, it seems like the definition of "programmatic" has been expanding to include all kinds of buying systems that employ automation anywhere along the process. My understanding of the original meaning of programmatic was that it allows marketers to set criteria ahead of time and then automatically trigger (digital) campaigns when those criteria are met. Including price criteria, RTB, and so on. Is that close to your definition?

  • Time Inc., MediaMath Partnership Brings Programmatic To Print, Enhances Audience Targeting by Erik Sass (MediaDailyNews on 02/10/2015)

    Hi Ed and Ari, the programmatic system is for buying print advertising in Time Inc. titles, allowing you target print audience segments across various magazines. Basically it is "programmatic" in the sense that it is automating a lot of the process for placing print ads in magazines to make it it faster and more convenient. It works with Time Inc.'s existing private exchange for digital advertising, so you can make buys across both exchanges targeting the same audiences in both print and digital. I hope this helps, let me know if I need to clarify further. Thanks! Best, Erik Sass

  • Controversy Erupts Over TLC Special 'My Husband's Not Gay' by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 01/07/2015)

    Admittedly not having seen it, I imagine that watching this show would prompt most viewers to ponder the wisdom of forcing yourself to live a married life with someone you aren't even remotely sexually attracted to, and never will be. I also hazard many viewers would realize that asking someone to live in a state of "open denial" or whatever you want to call it, even voluntarily, just really is not a realistic model for the vast majority of people, whatever their sexuality. In other words why not air the show, let people watch, and then let them draw their own conclusions.

  • Polaroid Unveils Socialmatic Camera by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 01/05/2015)

    Hey Brett, apologies, I should have mentioned in the post that the Polarmatic's Zero-Ink printing function uses adhesive-backed paper, so they did anticipate the sticker feature you mentioned. As for the rest I totally agree with your analysis.

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