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Erik Sass is a Reporter of Media Daily News and Social Graf at MediaPost. You can reach Erik at

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  • Study Finds Dr. Oz's Advice Often Wrong in MediaDailyNews on 12/19/2014

    He's often called "America's doctor," but it turns out he's about as trustworthy as the wizard of the same name. That's according to a new study of advice dispensed by Dr. Mehmet Oz. The study by Canadian doctors, published in the "British Medical Journal," analyzed 479 claims and pieces of advice presented over 40 randomly selected episodes of Dr. Oz's show. It found that over half of these were either unsupported or flatly contradicted by real medical science.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 12/19/2014

    Wal-Mart has led the pack 6 out of the past 7 days, garnering over 2.5 million engagements daily. Google continues to yield high engagement from its "Year in Search 2014" video.

  • Starcom MediaVest Taps PlaceIQ for Mobile Data in MoBlog on 12/19/2014

    Starcom MediaVest Group is moving to integrate location-based data into clients' media campaigns with a new service, SMG Maps. This will be a joint effort with PlaceIQ, as part of a renewed, expanded partnership between the two companies.

  • Cleveland Cavs Install Social Media Displays  in The Social Graf on 12/19/2014

    Whether you're watching at home or at the arena, spectator sports are pretty much made for social media, and vice versa. This week the Cleveland Cavaliers joined the list of professional sports teams moving to encourage social media activity around their games through a partnership with TigerLogic Corp., which has installed large screens to display fans' social media posts.

  • WaPo, Texas Tribune Team For Content, Events in MediaDailyNews on 12/18/2014

    "The Washington Post" is joining forces with "The Texas Tribune" in a content-sharing deal that will also see the partners cooperate for events and marketing efforts. The partnership, which begins January 1, will increase exposure for coverage by "The Texas Tribune" of Texas politics and policy, while giving it access to a range of content from "The Washington Post."

  • Time Inc. Taps IFTTT For Multichannel Distribution in MediaDailyNews on 12/18/2014

    Time Inc. has entered into a new strategic partnership with technology firm IFTTT (which stands for "if this then that") with the goal of boosting cross-channel distribution of its digital content. The new service, called Channels on IFTTT, will debut with Time Inc. titles, including "Entertainment Weekly," "InStyle," "People," "Sports Illustrated" and "Time."

  • Leaked Emails Reveal Snapchat Plans in The Social Graf on 12/18/2014

    While it's a huge headache for Sony, the massive leak of its internal documents is an early Christmas present for reporters and bloggers, who got an inside look at the workings of Sony, its business partners, and other companies only tangentially related to it -- for example, through investments by employees. That last category includes visual messaging app Snapchat, which showed up because Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is an investor and board member.

  • Amazon Offers One-Hour Delivery With Prime-Now App in MoBlog on 12/18/2014

    f you thought Amazon's introduction of same-day delivery was neat, how about delivery within the hour? That's the e-commerce giant's newest gambit to control every aspect of material existence, enabled by a new Prime Now mobile app that allows you to arrange delivery to your current location.

  • 'Time', 'People' Trim Rate Bases in MediaDailyNews on 12/17/2014

    Two of the nation's best-known magazines are dropping the size of their guaranteed circulation to media buyers, with "Time" magazine and "People" both set to trim their rate bases in the New Year. Effective January 1, "Time" is cutting its guaranteed circulation by 250,000 copies to 3 million, while guaranteed circulation for "People" is edging down 50,000 to 3,425,000, for a modest 1.5% decrease.

  • 10 Times Social Media Made The World Worse In 2014 in The Social Graf on 12/17/2014

    There's no question that social media is doing a lot of good in the world. However, because I am a Debbie Downer with some Scrooge-like tendencies, I feel I cannot let the cheerfest pass without a rebuttal, so without further ado here are 10 Times Social Media Made the World Worse in 2014 -- the point being not so much that social media is actually bad, but rather that it is morally neutral, meaning that its worth depends entirely on how we use it.

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