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  • Time Inc. Shakeup Continues, Magazines Grouped Into 4 Editorial Divisions in Publishers Daily on 07/22/2016

    The publisher's newly appointed Chief Content Officer Alan Murray announced a new round of promotions and appointments as part of a new editorial structure. Press reports indicate that the company may soon do away with the traditional position of "publisher" for individual titles.

  • AbFab Takes Over Queerty, Sweety-Dahling in The Daily Blog on 07/22/2016

    To promote the "Absolutely Fabulous, The Movie," which is set to premiere in select markets on July 22, Fox Searchlight Pictures and its agencies, MoxieUSA and Brigade, partnered with LGBTQ publisher Q.Digital in order to reach AbFab's core U.S. audience of gay men and those culturally adjacent to them.

  • New Social Net, Candid, Aims For Anonymity And Civility in The Social Graf on 07/22/2016

    Candid users sign in from their Facebook account, and the network tells them how many of their Facebook friends are also on Candid, but not which ones.

  • Brexit Proves Mixed Blessing For UK Newspapers in The Daily Blog on 07/21/2016

    Newspapers across the political spectrum enjoyed a big boost in online traffic. But they are also suffering negative impacts from political uncertainty on their core advertising business.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 07/21/2016

    Gillette jumps in the ratings as some market news puts the brand in the spotlight. GoPro, normally a top 3 contender, sinks near the bottom of the chart and has floated on and off over the last few days. However, the brand is a big fan and supporter of Olympic athletes, so expect it to rebound soon enough.

  • Social Media Correlated With Stress In Teens in The Social Graf on 07/21/2016

    Being a teenager was hard enough before the advent of social media, which may be contributing to even higher levels of stress among adolescents.

  • Meredith Launches Lifestyle Mag With HGTV's Gaines in The Daily Blog on 07/20/2016

    Women's interest publisher Meredith Corp. is again defying conventional wisdom about the decline of print with the launch of a new lifestyle magazine focused on the rustic style and sensibility of Joanna and Chip Gaines.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 07/20/2016

    Jimmy Dean Sausages catapults into the rankings with a stream of parent-focused videos, while Lego sits firmly atop the throne. For a case study in effective social media marketing, explore Lego's multilingual Facebook and YouTube pages.

  • DOJ LOL: Justice Department Throws Shade On CNN In Tweet in The Social Graf on 07/20/2016

    A careless U.S. Justice Department staffer tweeted a pithy opinion about CNN, using the DOJ's official Twitter account instead of his or her own personal account.

  • 'Boston Globe' Sells HQ, Adds Revs By Printing Other Newspapers in The Daily Blog on 07/19/2016

    The Boston Globe is selling its offices in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood after almost six decades and moving back to downtown Boston. Its printing and distribution are relocating to a new hub in Taunton, Massachusetts, where the company will generate additional revenues by printing newspapers for a number of other publishers, including the 'Boston Herald,' 'The New York Times' and 'USA Today.'

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