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Gavin O'Malley edits MediaPost's Social Media & Marketing Daily. Follow him: @mp_gavin. You can reach Gavin at

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  • Lionsgate, Facebook Plan 'Twilight' Campaign For Filmmakers in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/01/2014

    In partnership with the Women In Film organization and crowdsourcing platform Tongal, Lionsgate and Facebook are launching a contest to find five or more aspiring female filmmakers to direct shorts based on existing "Twilight" characters.

  • All The Little Addressable TV Roadblocks in Show Daily on 10/01/2014

    What are some of the bigger roadblocks standing in the way of a thriving addressable TV advertising marketplace? In a word, "education," said Jennifer Koester, SVP of Advanced Advertising Products and Data Analytics at Cablevision. Nick Troiano, BlackArrow President -- and fellow panelist at the OMMA Audience Targeting conference, on Wednesday - said too few ads on alternative media channels is the issue. Also, "There's nothing standard about addressability," noted Michael Bologna, President of Modi Media/GroupM. "Everybody does it differently." Oh, and there's not a ton of urgency in the traditional TV space because supply and demand remains largely unaffected, Bologna added.

  • Google Finally Killing Orkut Social Network in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/01/2014

  • Tech Giant Expand Net Neutrality Lobbying Efforts To Mobile in Around the Net in Mobile on 10/01/2014

  • Facebook Gaining Ground As Local New Resource in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/01/2014

  • 'NYT 'Shedding More Staff, Shutting Down "NYT Opinion" App in Around the Net In Media on 10/01/2014

  • Garfield & Millard Let Gloves Come Off (Again) in Show Daily on 09/30/2014

    In this corner (!) we have MediaPost columnist Bob Garfield, and in the other is Wenda Harris Millard, President & COO at Medialink! Yes, one of the main events (!) during this year's Advertising Week is currently going down at OMMA's Premium Display conference, in New York. As with their previous encounters, the industry veterans are trading thinly-veiled barbs on a range of topics, including publishers' wholesale embrace of "native advertising." Garfield calls the increasingly intimate relationship between publishers and brands a truly "Faustian bargain," and the source of his "ongoing heartbreak." Worse yet, publishers of the highest caliber (The New York Times, etc.) are doing everything in their power to blur the lines between content and the "sponsored" stuff, according to Garfield. And -- to the degree that publishers rely on clicks to pay the bills -- they have to. That's because data clearly show that people do not click on ads, but they do click on stuff they don't think is advertising, according to Garfield. "By definition, if people are clicking on something, they don't know it's an ad," he says. Millard, for her part, thinks Garfield's "viewpoint is so... zeros and ones." The personification of affected optimism, Millard asks Garfield: "Why so dire? ... This is such a dark conversation."

  • What Makes A "Premium" Publisher? in Show Daily on 09/30/2014

    For ad buyers, what constitutes a "premium publisher," today? For Cramer-Krasselt, premium means a top publisher that can "bring [one its brand client's] strategies to life," according to Lisa Purpura, VP and Director of Digital Strategy at the agency. Perhaps even more important that the name of the publisher (and its associated prestige), "It's about the experience," Purpura told attendees of OMMA's Premium Display conference, on Tuesday. Purpura, for example, recently worked closely with to create an original experience for Edward Jones Investments. The "Edward Jones Chatty Cage" show, so-called, gives lucky fans "face-to-face" interactions various major leaguers.

  • Why Did Audi Pick Ricky Gervais To Drive Interest In A3? in Show Daily on 09/30/2014

    If you were wondering why Audi enlisted Ricky Gervais to promote it new A3 sedan, then, well, you're in good company. Benny Lawrence, Manager of Media and Brand Innovation at Audi of America, herself isn't "privy to the exact reasons why" the luxury car brand chose the controversial comedian to launch the budget (by Audi's standards) vehicle. Still, Lawrence suggested that Gervais had the "right tone and spirit to bring the campaign to life." Also, "he has a point of view," and "brought some excitement to the launch." The A3 campaign, which also featured U.S. boxing champ Claressa Shields and salty chef and restaurateur David Chang, among other personalities, was also intended to drive their fans -- and fans of the car -- online to learn more about their particular viewpoints on various topics. "The closer [consumers] get, hopefully the more favorable [they] feel about the [Audi] brand," Lawrence said. "And, you remember it."

  • Piers Morgan Lands U.S. Beat At Daily Mail Online in Around the Net In Media on 09/30/2014

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  • Yogi Berra Knows Some Of What's Wrong With Twitter by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 05/09/2014)

    I’m an information junkie, and, though I’ve tried, I can’t stand Twitter. It’s like a stock ticker. It contains an endless stream potentially significant info (sprinkled in with all the sales pitches, inspirational quotes, mundane griping, inside jokes, and side conversations). When analyzed properly, this “content” can be quite enlightening (especially for brands, etc.), and, when harnessed, has been shown to move mountains and part seas! … But, watching the feed itself will eventually drive anyone nuts! Plus, I think most people know that if some bit of info is really worth their time, it will make its way to slower moving media channels like their Facebook news feed, TV, etc. ... If Twitter's going to succeed, it has to come up with an effective relevancy algorithm. As resistance to similar efforts by FB have shown, users (and brands in particular) won't be happy to see their organic reach rates decline, but a broader audience (including myself) depends on it.

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