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Gavin O'Malley edits MediaPost's Social Media & Marketing Daily. Follow him: @mp_gavin. You can reach Gavin at

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  • Wearables Driving Frictionless Sharing (And Infinite Embarrassment)  in Show Daily on 10/20/2014

    Setting the stage for all sorts of inappropriate and highly embarrassing communiqus, marketers and gadget makers are determined to remove the "friction" from the sharing of information. Yes, no matter how ill-advised, brands and consumers are "entering a world of frictionless sharing," Greg Getner, Planning Director at Y&R Chicago, told attendees of OMMA Chicago on Monday. Friction, to be clear, is anything seen as slowing the sharing of information like, say, the time it takes to remove a smartphone from one's pocket. As such, wearable gadgets -- like the forthcoming Apple Watch -- are seen as big friction reducers. Whether brands and consumers would be wise to rely on a little friction to prevent imprudent disclosers is apparently beside the point.

  • Do Emotional Connections Require More Than 30 Seconds Of Streaming? in Show Daily on 10/20/2014

    When it comes to video advertising, length and context (i.e., platform and placement) have a huge impact on the message you're sending. For example, you're highly unlikely to achieve a complex emotional connection with consumers in less than 30 seconds, according to Hannah Pavalow, Senior Client Service Analyst of the Publisher Group at Millward Brown Digital. "You need 30 seconds or more," Pavalow told attendees of OMMA Chicago, on Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, "Be aware of where you're advertising, and what types of video are going to work best," Pavalow noted. Specifically, desktop and mobile experiences are "going to be very different," she said.

  • Why Brand Voice Is A Lot Like Porn in Show Daily on 10/20/2014

    What does the idea of brand voice bring to mind? For Tom Lillig, Director of Brand Management at Stone Ward Advertising, it's a lot like pornography. "You know it when you see it," he told attendees of OMMA Chicago on Monday. In order to properly represent clients and their voices, however, Stone Ward relies on "brand education campaigns" to initiate all staffers in a position to represent the brand on any channel. On the topic of brand voice, Melyssa Banda, Senior Director of Product Marketing at WD, thinks everyone needs to loosen up. "Brands can't be sterile," she said. "They can't have that rigidity." To that point, Doug Ryan, President, Chicago/San Francisco, DigitasLBi, said: "The more [brands] can be human, the better [they'll] do."

  • Whisper Shared Shady Privacy Policy With Guardian During Partnership Talks  in Around the Net In Media on 10/20/2014

  • Yahoo Earnings Call Puts Mayer In Hot Seat in Around the Net in Search Marketing on 10/20/2014

  • Young Tech Stars Not Burdened By Bubble Memories in Around the Net in Mobile on 10/20/2014

  • Microsoft Smartwatch Coming In Just Weeks in Around the Net in Mobile on 10/20/2014

  • Snapchat Sees First Ads in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/19/2014

    Keeping its recent promise, Snapchat introduced ads to its messaging platform this weekend. The new ads are appearing in the "Recent Updates" section of U.S. users' accounts. "It's the first time we've done anything like this because it's the first time we've been paid to put content in that space," Snapchat said in a blog post. As promised, the new ads are opt-in and untargeted.

  • Twitter Taps SoundCloud For Audio in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/17/2014

    Coming up with creative ways to increase engagement, Twitter has tapped SoundCloud to help users discover and listen to audio directly in their timelines.

  • Vice Media Expands Local New Offerings in Around the Net in Mobile on 10/17/2014

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  • Yogi Berra Knows Some Of What's Wrong With Twitter by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 05/09/2014)

    I’m an information junkie, and, though I’ve tried, I can’t stand Twitter. It’s like a stock ticker. It contains an endless stream potentially significant info (sprinkled in with all the sales pitches, inspirational quotes, mundane griping, inside jokes, and side conversations). When analyzed properly, this “content” can be quite enlightening (especially for brands, etc.), and, when harnessed, has been shown to move mountains and part seas! … But, watching the feed itself will eventually drive anyone nuts! Plus, I think most people know that if some bit of info is really worth their time, it will make its way to slower moving media channels like their Facebook news feed, TV, etc. ... If Twitter's going to succeed, it has to come up with an effective relevancy algorithm. As resistance to similar efforts by FB have shown, users (and brands in particular) won't be happy to see their organic reach rates decline, but a broader audience (including myself) depends on it.

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