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  • The Safer Side Of UGC in Show Daily on 03/27/2015

    Sending a shiver down many a marketer's spine, experts are presenting talking about UGC (!) at MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit. Yes, having backfired a time or two, UGC campaigns make many brands "nervous," admitted Beth Tomkiw, Chief Client Officer at McMurry/TMG. But user generated content need not put a brand's reputation at risk, she insisted. Take a campaign the consulting firm did with UPS, which encouraged customers to send in their favorite driver stories -- rather than encourage people to share their stories via social media channels. That way, the brand and partner agency were able to safely package the stories and produce what then became sort of a UGC-light campaign. Indeed, there are plenty of similar ways to do UGC in "a controlled fashion," said Susan Getgood, SVP of Integrated Marketing at SheKnows. "There are ways to produce UGC that doesn't look like the Blair Witch Project," she assumed.

  • Facebook Signs WWE Deal, 'Trending' Posts From WrestleMania in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 03/27/2015

    Continuing its foray into original video content, Facebook has secured an exclusive distribution deal with the WWE. The "Facebook Trending Experience," so-called, will also feature comments and posts about WrestleMania 31 from wrestlers, celebrities, and users' own "friends."

  • Empathy Is Key To Good Content Campaigns in Show Daily on 03/27/2015

    Empathy is the answer for brands looking to cut through the content clutter, according to David Marine, Vice President of Brand Engagement at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. It's about "being able to say you've walked a mile in users' shoes," Marine told attendees of MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit, on Friday. It's about "telling a story about human relationships ... even between brands and people." Fortunately for Coldwell Banker, "Buying a home is an extremely emotional experience," said Marine. In practice, this translated to Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage -- a partnership between Coldwell Banker and Major League Baseball, which gave fans a closer look at pro players' new homes, and the experience of moving with their families.

  • Tim Cook To Leave Fortune To Charity in Around the Net In Media on 03/27/2015

  • Apple Pushing Killer Watch Apps in Around the Net in Mobile on 03/27/2015

  • BlackBerry Posts Profit, Still Losing Revenue in Around the Net in Mobile on 03/27/2015

  • Facebook To Test Massive Drone in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 03/27/2015

  • Despite Video's Success, Budgets Are Still Hard To Come By  in Show Daily on 03/26/2015

    The success of video is no secret, but content marketers say it's an even better deal than you might imagine. Not only is "video killing it," but it's cost is dropping, too, Brittany Richter, Associate Director of Social Media at iProspect, told attendees of MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit, on Thursday. Yet, marketers are still having trouble getting budgets set aside for good content. Ellen Sirull, Senior Marketing Manager of Content at Experian Consumer Services, this is the first year her department was actually given a budget. "I got really good at spending other peoples' money," she joked, referring to her reliance on budget's of other departments at Experian. To do so, she had to convince the search team -- among others -- that producing good content was in their own best interests.

  • Content Should Be Cool, Delightful in Show Daily on 03/26/2015

    "Doing cool things on the Internet that inspire people." That's how Colin Nagy, Executive Director of Media and Distribution at The Barbarian Group, describes the agency's work for GE. It's about filling people who love technology with "delight," he told attendees of MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit, on Thursday. Among other efforts since it teamed up with GE five years ago, Barbarian enlisted top photographers with big Instagram followings to capture the sexier side of science. More recently, the agency got GE to underwrite a techno track, which Nagy called "kind of subversive" and "cool." More broadly, Nagy says it's a great time to be in the content business because of the incredible distribution opportunities. The trick is figuring out what resonates best with audiences, and balancing earned and paid media efforts. And, critically, "Good stories take time to excavate," he said. Doing it right, he added, "requires an editorial mindset."

  • Twitter Relaunches Periscope, Video Complements Service in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 03/26/2015

    Just weeks after confirming the acquisition of Periscope, Twitter has relaunched the live-streaming app under its little blue wings. The new app lets users share and experience live video directly from their mobile devices.

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  • Yogi Berra Knows Some Of What's Wrong With Twitter by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 05/09/2014)

    I’m an information junkie, and, though I’ve tried, I can’t stand Twitter. It’s like a stock ticker. It contains an endless stream potentially significant info (sprinkled in with all the sales pitches, inspirational quotes, mundane griping, inside jokes, and side conversations). When analyzed properly, this “content” can be quite enlightening (especially for brands, etc.), and, when harnessed, has been shown to move mountains and part seas! … But, watching the feed itself will eventually drive anyone nuts! Plus, I think most people know that if some bit of info is really worth their time, it will make its way to slower moving media channels like their Facebook news feed, TV, etc. ... If Twitter's going to succeed, it has to come up with an effective relevancy algorithm. As resistance to similar efforts by FB have shown, users (and brands in particular) won't be happy to see their organic reach rates decline, but a broader audience (including myself) depends on it.

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