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  • Agency Strikes New Kind Of Unwired Deal, A Step Toward Local Broadcast Programmatic in MediaDailyNews on 02/04/2016

    In a precursor to a more programmatic solution, independent media services agency U.S. International Media has struck a new kind of unwired network television deal, combining the coverage of two of the nation's largest broadcast TV station owners -- the Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Broadcasting Co. -- into a one-stop, single invoice television buy guaranteed and posted on Rentrak's TV ratings, not Nielsen. The deal, which will deliver near national reach at spot TV advertising costs, will roll up local audience delivery calculated on the basis of Rentrak's market-by-market ratings derived from digital set-top usage.

  • 'Call Me Caitlyn' Named Magazine Cover Of The Year in Publishers Daily on 02/03/2016

    Vanity Fair's July "Call Me Caitlyn" cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner was named the Best Cover of 2015 in the American Society of Magazine Editors contest. ESPN The Magazine's "Body 2015: Chantae McMillan" was ASME's "Readers' Choice Award" winner.

  • Programmatic Prices Increase Despite Rise In Volume, Market Concentrates Around 'Quality' Supply in Real-Time Daily on 02/03/2016

    The programmatic media-trading marketplace ended 2015 by accelerating its "flight to quality" with average CPMs continuing to rise, according to an analysis of fourth-quarter trading by independent agency trading desk Accordant Media. While the volume of programmatic trading continued to explode -- rising 67% in North America (and 213% worldwide) in the fourth quarter vs. the same quarter in 2014, the average CPM rose 12%. That's an expansion in the rate of CPM growth and a healthy sign that traders are focusing on higher-value inventory, defying RTB's "race-to-bottom" reputation. The fourth quarter's CPM expansion compares to a rate of only 6% during the third quarter.

  • Device Attributor Tapad Acquired By Norwegian Telecom Giant Telenor, Will Expand Footprint in Mobile Marketing Daily on 02/01/2016

    Tapad, a New York-based ad tech firm specializing in cross-device attribution, Friday was acquired by Telenor, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Oslo-based Telenor acquired 95% of Tapad for $360 million, but will continue to operate it as a free-standing company.

  • comScore Readying 'Total Home Panel,' Will Measure Up To A Dozen Devices Per Home in MediaDailyNews on 02/01/2016

    On the heels of its acquisition of Rentrak, comScore is preparing a "roadmap" on a suite of new products and services leveraging its combined assets. The new product deployment, which leverages Rentrak's panel of 40 million digital set-top devices with comScore's census-level sample of digital media tags, will "surprise the industry," says comScore CEO Serge Matta.

  • ANA Calls 4A's Principles 'Premature,' Demands Apology in MediaDailyNews on 01/29/2016

    In response to the 4A's publication of its own, unilateral transparency principles, the Association of National Advertisers Friday issued a statement that called them "premature" and said they fail to "fully or adequately reflect the best interests of marketers."

  • comScore, Rentrak Merger Approved By Shareholders in MediaDailyNews on 01/28/2016

    In separate meetings, the shareholders of comScore and Rentrak voted to approve their proposed merger. Effective with the close of business Friday, Rentrak will become a wholly owned subsidiary of comScore.

  • Forget About Man Vs. Machine, Programmatic Is Becoming More About Price Vs. Flexibility in RTBlog on 01/27/2016

    A couple of stories breaking in the last couple of days have me thinking about that old adage: The more things change, the more they stay the same. The thing I'm talking about is the media marketplace -- in particular, the way the programmatic media market is evolving to be more like the way people have always bought and sold media. Funny how that happens. The two stories I'm referring to are OpenX's announcement of a new flavor of real-time media-buying it calls "real-time guaranteed," and the story we're publishing today about Digilant parent ISP Digital's bigger play. At their core, both stories are about offering advertisers greater flexibility in their media-buying decisions.

  • Digilant Adds Dynamic Creative, Signals Bigger Play For Rodes-Backed Parent in Real-Time Daily on 01/27/2016

    Digilant, an independent programmatic media company backed by powerful ad industry investors, the Rodes family, is expanding its portfolio and capabilities with the acquisition of technology from DeltaX, a Bangalore-based company specializing in dynamic creative optimization technology. The deal will allow brands and agencies using Digilant the ability to target audiences with creative aimed at them specifically. The deal also represents the most public move yet by ISP Digital, a unit of a Rodes family holding company that has been assembling a portfolio of best-in-breed digital assets in stealth mode, but which will begin to make more noise effective with this acquisition.

  • Analyst Upgrades Publicis To 'Buy,' Cites Media Reorg, Steve King's Ascension in MAD on 01/26/2016

    Influential Wall Street analyst Brian Wieser has updated his outlook for the major agency holding companies he follows and boosted Publicis to a "buy" from a "hold" rating. "With current trading levels 22% below [Wieser's new target price for Publicis' shares], we are upgrading our recommendation on Publicis stock to Buy from Hold previously. A bullish case can be made for Publicis for other reasons as well," Wieser writes in a note sent to investors this morning.

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  • Native Ad Disclosure All About Trust by Andrew Susman (MediaDailyNews on 02/04/2016)

    Paula -- Can you provide an example of one of the advertorials you've seen sneaking into MediaPost. I've never seen one. I'd like to know about it if it's happening, because we have an explicit policy of NOT publishing them. (See our pledge at the bottom of every story we publish.) -- Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief

  • El Chapo, The App! by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 01/11/2016)

    In fairness, the actual journalists writing for Rolling Stone haven't been doing much better.

  • Nielsen Begins Modeling National Ratings, Will Remain Accredited Until 'Reevaluated' In Early 2016 by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 12/28/2015)

    @Tony Jarvis: By pre-approval of OCR, I didn't mean to imply the MRC pre-approved accreditation before being granted accreditation, I meant that Nielsen worked with the MRC to accredit OCR before it was turned on as a syndicated ratings product.

  • What's The Frequency, Kenneth? by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 11/04/2015)

    @Ken: you inspired it, in more ways than one.

  • Maybe You Should Stop Calling It 'Mobile'? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 10/21/2015)

    Right on, Cory. I almost always agree with you, but I definitely agree about this. It amazes me so much of the industry has organized around the notion that mobile is a medium, not a way of connecting to media.

  • 'Business Insider' Taps Ad Industry Insider To Lead Agency Sales, Remains Startuppy by Joe Mandese (Publishers Daily on 08/31/2015)

    @Ed: Apparently, it's one of the solutions. I've been hearing this call for simplifying who agencies and clients do business with for a while now. Not just from media suppliers, but technology too. I think agencies and clients are overwhelmed by the number of options they have and they're also worried that they may miss the next new thing if they don't consider new ones. It's a real paradox and I think the interim solution is to do business with fewer, trusted partners. It's what's happening in the programmatic marketplace vis a vis so-called "private marketplace" deals in which publishers and agenies agree to pre-negotiated deals but do it programmatically. I'm not sure there's a long-term solution, because complexity and fragmentation are only likely to grow, not contract.

  • Madison Avenue Shifts $2 Billion Out Of 'Traditional' Media In 9 Months by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 07/30/2015)

    Ed: You are correct. The data shows that traditional media spending declined by nearly $2 billion and digital grew by about $3 billion and we are reporting on the inference that some of that about $2 billion in budgets shifted from traditional to digital media. 

  • Running Out Of Options: Gore, Sorrell Explore Some New Ones by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/26/2015)

    Ed: Sorrell and Gore actuallly discussed that and whether the World Bank could also play a role in spurring R&D, but Sorrell suggested that the International Energy Agency might be the best body of all. Gore said all of these agencies worked best when the U.S. provided storng leadership and convinced others to come on board, but he more or less implied the solution woudl be from a groundswell of market forces, including the private sector, coming around it.

  • U.S. Ad Volume Expands In May, Digital Exodus Continues by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/17/2015)

    Claudio: This will be updated in the story later, but just to answer your question as best we an at the moment, here's how the market shares looked in May for total media category volume bought through those agencies: TV = 54.9%, Digital = 30.1%.

  • U.S. Ad Volume Expands In May, Digital Exodus Continues by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/17/2015)

    Claudio: We agree. Unfortunately, we are not able to access total volume data, because of our agreement with SMI, which is pooling this data direct from agencies' systems. But I think we can access market share data by medium, which is probably the next best proxy. I'll see if I can get that now and update the story with that ASAP.

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