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  • Mindshare Duo Turn Coffee Cups Into Media, Win Young Lions in MediaDailyNews on 05/23/2016

    Mark Longacre and Catherine Young, both senior associates at GroupM's Mindshare New York unit, took first place in the "media" category for the 2016 U.S. Young Lions competition for a campaign strategy that turned disposable coffee cups into a powerful medium.

  • National TV Prices Firm Up, Reflect Tightening Of Scatter Market in Television News Daily on 05/23/2016

    Prices in the national TV advertising marketplace appeared to be firming up along with tightening scatter market conditions heading into 2016-17 upfront negotiations. The average cost-per-thousand (CPM) of national TV advertising inventory rose to an index of 145 in April, according to the RealCost Index, a collaboration of MediaPost and SQAD's Netcosts services benchmarking national TV advertising costs.

  • Pioneering Cable, Online Researcher Marshall Cohen Goes OTT, Joins Tru Optik in Television News Daily on 05/20/2016

    Marshall Cohen, one of the godfathers of sell-side researchers (MTV, AOL, etc.), has joined Tru Optik's board of advisors. Cohen -- who was a key player on the original management team that launched MTV, and later AOL and a slew of other media properties -- is considered an expert on both consumer insights as well as Madison Avenue's.

  • Why Agencies Believe We Need Yet Another Video Platform: Because They Get Paid To Use Them in Show Daily on 05/19/2016

    Asked why a new social video sharing platform rumored to be coming from Microsoft is needed, a panel of agency executives speaking at OMMA Video this morning, said there's no such thing as too much of a good thing -- especially when you're getting paid to use it. Citing reports that Microsoft is poised to announce a new video sharing platform called Huddle aimed at the business enterprise marketplace, moderator Ryan Hurley, Director of Performance Marketing,The Archer Group, asked the panel, "Do we need another platform? People can't seem to get enough."

  • Read, Er, Listen To This If You Want To Understand Honda's Content Marketing Play in Show Daily on 05/19/2016

    The next new thing in digital media marketing for American Honda Motor leverages one of the oldest forms of media, you know, literature. But fear not, the Japanese automaker is not encouraging motorists to read books while they driving, but it does want them to listen to them. I'll leave it to better grammarians than me to determine whether the proper verb should be "read" or "listen," but Honda is calling its new content marketing strategy "Honda Road Readers," but they're actually audio book downloads its providing to customers so they can make better use of the time they spend behind the wheel and/or the time their passengers spend in their back seats.

  • Forget Content, Cadence Is King! in Show Daily on 05/19/2016

    Forget content, or for that matter, any other C-word, if you're a brand utilizing video to engage a consumer marketplace, it's all about the cadence of your content, not the content per se. That was the main takeaway from Ernie Kelsey, Senior Manager, Regional, Experiential and Social Marketing, American Honda Motor, during his opening keynote at OMMA Video in New York City this morning. Kelsey, who showed a number of current, as well as some soon-to-be-released videos from the Japanese automaker, said it's not just the content, but the who, what, when, where and why of how a brand distributes it to its consumers, as well as the emotion and sentiment associated with it.

  • ANA Finds Most Clients Ignorant About 'Sourced Traffic,' Calls On Agencies To 'Educate' Them in Real-Time Daily on 05/19/2016

    The vast majority of the biggest national advertisers either are only vaguely familiar with or are completely ignorant about the role so-called "sourced traffic" is playing in their digital media buys, according to findings of a member study being released this morning by the Association of National Advertisers. The ANA, which has been issuing warnings and updates on the practice, which involves publishers acquiring audiences from other third parties and representing it as their own to fulfill commitments to advertisers, because it frequently is a source of fraudulent or non-human traffic generated by bots and other insidious an unsavory practices.

  • U.S. Ad Volume Declines From March, But Posts Biggest April To Date in MediaDailyNews on 05/19/2016

    Despite reports on a tightening of the so-called "scatter" marketplace heading into this year's upfront network TV advertising negotiations, U.S. media-buying volume declined among the major ad agencies, according to the April edition of the Ad Market Tracker, a collaboration of MediaPost and Standard Media Index. The index, which is benchmarked at 100 in January 2010, fell to a 203 in April 2014 -- down from 14 points from 217 in March. Nonetheless, April's ad-spending volume was up from an index of 190 in April 2015 and turned in the highest volume of any April to date.

  • Putting The You In UX (And The Consumer Before The Brand) in Show Daily on 05/18/2016

    A lot of brands talk about improving the "user experience" and create "frictionless" or "effortless" marketing lifestyles, but OpenKey has made it its unique selling proposition. In fact, the inspiration for the product came out of reducing the amount of effort consumers have when they check into hotels.

  • Forget Agency Reviews, The Hot New Client Pitches Are DMPs in Show Daily on 05/18/2016

    It may not get the attention that agency reviews like last year's Pitchapalooza might have gotten, but financial marketing giant JP Morgan Chase is currently reviewing contenders to something potentially just as important: a new DMP. That's DMP as in data management platform, the cause celebre of the programmatic marketing and media-buying marketplace.

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