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  • OPA Calls 'Online' Irrelevant, Becomes DCN: Focus Now On Digital 'Content' in MediaDailyNews on 09/19/2014

    In a move that is symbolic of the fundamental shifts taking place among big digital publishers, the Online Publishers Association has changed its name to Digital Content Next. The trade association, formerly known as the OPA, says it is making the move because there are broader issues confronting how its members distribute content and monetize it from marketers and consumers, but the simpler truth may be that the words "online" and "publishing" may have become passe, and less than relevant in an era of media ubiquity.

  • Simmons Loses MRC Accreditation, 'Declines' Cited in MediaDailyNews on 09/18/2014

    In a potential blow to its credibility, Simmons has lost Media Rating Council accreditation for its National Consumer Study, including the National Hispanic Consumer Study. The MRC said the decision followed an independent audit, which found declines in its service performance and metrics. The study has been accredited since 2005.

  • Elevator Pitch Goes Mobile, Captivate Offers Cross-Platform Targeting in MediaDailyNews on 09/18/2014

    Captivate Network, the "in-office" video network known primarily for serving ads targeted at business pros riding up and down high-rise elevators, is extending its reach and following office workers wherever they go. In a deal with location-based mobile ad-targeting firm xAd, Captivate will now offer advertiser the ability to cross-target office workers in elevators, other fixed-screen office locations, and on their handheld mobile devices.

  • Digital Agency Vet Verdino Joins Digital Consultancy, Sets Up Shop In NYC in MAD on 09/17/2014

    The Digital Consultancy (TDC), a London-based digital strategy firm, has named U.S. digital agency vet Greg Verdino to launch and run a new North American office. Verdino, who will serve as managing director, will focus on cultivating a market for C-suite clients in need of digital strategy and management consulting.The announcement comes just days after management consulting giant McKinsey acquired digital strategy firm Agiliti, founded by another former Madison Avenue digital agency vet, Jason Heller, to beef up its digital practice.

  • Athlon Acquires 'Parade,' Consolidates Newspaper-Distributed Magazine Market in MediaDailyNews on 09/17/2014

    "Parade" magazine, one of the oldest and largest-circulation magazines in America, has been sold to Athlon Media Group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Athlon said it was acquiring "Parade" and sister Sunday supplement magazine "Dash" -- along with "associated digital assets" from Parade Media Group LLC. "Parade" and "Dash" join Athlon's lineup of newspaper-distributed magazines, including "American Profile," "Relish," "Spry Living" and "Athlon Sports," which have a combined circulation reach of 38 million-plus via 1,600 newspapers.

  • Dentsu Aegis Acquires Search Indie Covario, Will Merge Into iProspect in MediaDailyNews on 09/17/2014

    Dentsu Aegis Network has agreed to acquire one of the largest independent search and content marketing agencies not affiliated with the major agency holding companies. Terms of the deal and billings were not disclosed, but the companies said San Diego-based Covario has a staff of more than 140 people. Covario's stand-alone search software unit, Rio SEO, will remain independent following the sale of the agency operations to Dentsu Aegis.

  • Media Research Guru McDonough To Leave Nielsen At Year-End, No Succession Announced in MediaDailyNews on 09/17/2014

    Pat McDonough, a long-time Nielsen executive who was key to the development and oversight of many of the company's most important media research services, will retire at the end of the 2014, Nielsen U.S. Media President Lynda Clarizio announced in a memo to clients this morning. McDonough, who currently serves as senior vice president, planning policy and analysis, has worked for Nielsen for 44 years, and was one of its most visible and articulate spokespersons on key media research initiatives and policies, both to clients and the industry-at-large.

  • IAB Unveils Anti-Fraud Effort, Forms Working Group in MediaDailyNews on 09/16/2014

    In an effort to make online advertising a safer place, the Interactive Advertising Bureau this morning unveiled "Anti-Fraud Principles" designed to address the proliferation of fraudulent advertising activities, including non-human traffic software scams. As part of the effort, the IAB said it has also formed a new "working group" to identify and combat "malware" and other threats to the digital advertising "supply chain."

  • Heart Attack: Clear Channel Uses Meme To Rebrand All Media in MediaDailyNews on 09/16/2014

    Clear Channel Communications hearted its radio brand repositioning so much that it is rebranding the entire company around it, renaming itself iHeartMedia. The brand launched as Clear Channel Radio's Internet radio service, iHeartRadio, in 2008, to compete with online download and streaming radio services like Pandora. Effective today, iHeartMedia is the official name for all of the company's media operations, including it's live events, broadcast radio, Internet, mobile, social, TV, and out-of-home media.

  • McKinsey Hopes To Become More Digitally Agile, Acquires Agiliti in MAD on 09/12/2014

    Agiliti, the digital-focused management consulting firm founded by long-time Madison Avenue digital vet Jason Heller, has been acquired by McKinsey & Co. Terms were not disclosed, but Agiliti will be merged into McKinsey, forming a "new service offering focused on digital marketing operations." Heller, who assumes the title of global lead-digital marketing operations at McKinsey, will lead the unit, which will operate as part of McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice, and will be "aligned with McKinsey Digital."

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  • Attention: Nothing Else Matters by Joe Marchese (Online Spin on 09/18/2014)

    Not me editorializing as editor, just me commenting as a reader of Joe Marchese's columns: you've got my attention.

  • Nielsen Unveils Plan To Model About Half Its National TV Ratings Beginning This Fall, Some Clients Surprised And Befuddled by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/04/2014)

    Nielsen says it will begin implementing the viewer assignment methodology this season, but won't include it in official ratings estimates until clients have had a chance to review the impact data and okay it. The modeling will not affect the sample, but the addition of the new national people meter households will begin impacting it on Sept. 29th.

  • Call For Submissions: Agency Of The Year by Joe Mandese (Search Marketing Daily on 09/04/2014)

    @Tom: Ha, ha, but from our editorial POV, we take it pretty seriously. We don't think innovation is the exclusive province of agencies, and that marketers and even vendors do cool, award-bestowing stuff. Sometimes it's wonky stuff, like when recognized Ad-ID or Acxiom, or sometimes it's something that changes the way people experience the world, like our first pick in this category, Apple's App Store.

  • Now Madison Avenue's Traders Can Trade Wall Street's, Data Makes Financial Pros A Biddable Commodity by Joe Mandese (Real-Time Daily on 07/30/2014)

    @Rob: Excellent point, and a good reminder that when using audience data to target audiences, it's important to vet the quality of the data source. Thank you for drilling into it and sharing shortcomings. Main point of our coverage is that someone at least is trying to segment this audience via data targeting.

  • It's The Golden Age Of Audience Data, Stupid by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 07/30/2014)

    @Skip: Or don't let perfection be the enemy of good enough. What I like about data based audience targeting is its pragmatism - and its science. It is different kind of science than the historic sample-based research used by the ad industry, but no less valid when used appropriately. My sense is it is still most often used appropriately when measured against actual results, you know, real human behaviors like engaging with an ad, opting into something, or buying a product - not ratings estimates for audience exposure. @Ed: Your POV is extremely well articulated, and I don't disagree with anything as it relates to how media - especially TV - has been planned, bought and sold in the past. I am mainly talking about how data is being used to target audiences in media where you can actually target users, and a little bit about the future of media that currently cannot - like most of television. That said, I do think the kind of consumer behavior data being applied by organizations like Targeted Victory or AT&T AdWorks is innovative when used appropriately for planning and indexing the composition value of media (like TV) that currently don't have survey-based data on the audience's brands are actually trying to reach. I believe that's the main way advertisers are using it now - to index the audience comp value of the show to their actual targets. I have no idea if deals are being negotiated on this basis, and I agree with you that it will be a long time, if ever, before it impacts things like the upfront. But there already are organizations putting their money where their mouths are - companies like Simulmedia - that are willing to hedge on the basis of actual consumer behavior data in order to make a market. Time will prove if they are right.

  • Why TV's World Cup Coverage Runneth Under by Joe Mandese (TVBlog on 07/08/2014)

    @Mr. Schiavone: Finally, something to unite the world, sports-related masochism.

  • Why TV's World Cup Coverage Runneth Under by Joe Mandese (TVBlog on 07/08/2014)

    Hey, I prefaced it by saying I am not that into sports of any kind, but that the World Cup is an event that transcends simple sports culture. I just think it would help the sport if TV coverage could make it a little more accessible to people like me. Kind of how it does it with the Olympics.

  • Why Madison Avenue Wants To Swim In The Dark Pool by Joe Mandese (MediaPost Weekend on 07/06/2014)

    Ed: Other agencies, networks and even Nielsen were definitely involved in the original adoption of C3, but I believe it's generally understood that it was GroupM's Rino Scanzoni and Lyle Scwhartz who negotiated the compromise and pushed the market forward. Terms of the shift to C7 have not been disclosed.

  • Why Madison Avenue Wants To Swim In The Dark Pool by Joe Mandese (MediaPost Weekend on 07/06/2014)

    In fairness to Matt Seiler, I don't necessarily think he is celebrating it. I think he's evaluating the evolution of the marketplace and drawing connections with Wall Street. My sense is that Mediabrands supports open markets and transparency. I'm sorry if that isn't clear.

  • Time Out On Time Spent: Digital's Delta Is More Like Two Times TV's by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 07/02/2014)

    @ Thomas Rozof: Ahem, a little context from this foot-dragger, please. The statement you cite was made to point out that I consider my role as a trade journalist to be neutral and impartial about the media I cover, whether people call it "digital," "traditional" or anything else. When I wrote about Brian Wieser's analysis, it wasn't to champion TV vs. digital, it was because I believe Wieser has a valid perspective on the underlying value media has for advertisers and agencies. He is not championing one over the other. If you would like to read things that simply reinforce your own expectations and beliefs, you don't have to read what I write. MediaPost is an equal opportunity publisher and we publish plenty of other perspectives on media, including the ones you just made in your comments.

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