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  • Adapt Or Die in Marketing: Sports on 11/04/2014

    In the business world, if you don't change faster than the pace of external change, your business will cease to exist. Or as Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Moneyball" put it, "Adapt or die."

  • How The NHL Is Finding Tough Love  in Marketing: Sports on 10/07/2014

    With the NFL in full swing and post-season baseball heating up, consider this your friendly reminder that the NHL season returns tomorrow. After suffering a lockout during the 2012-13 season, the league is getting back on solid footing, and setting its sights on growth. In honor of the 97th season of play, here are a few things that the second-oldest of the big four sports leagues is doing right to expand its reach.

  • The Fantasy About Growing A Sport In The U.S. in Marketing: Sports on 08/05/2014

    While football, at all levels, is too far entrenched in the culture of American sports for anyone to reasonably isolate individual causes for the NFL's astronomical growth, it's no secret that fantasy football has been instrumental in turning casual fans into avid ones - and moreover, avid fans into rabid ones.

  • A Hot Summer For The NBA And NHL in Marketing: Sports on 07/01/2014

    In 1994, Sports Illustrated published an issue entitled "Why the NHL is Hot and the NBA is Not." The issue and its cover are one of the most memorable, because of how it accurately captured the momentum of two different sports. Last month, Sports Illustrated decided to bring the cover back, this time proclaiming that both the NHL and the NBA were "hot," and they certainly weren't wrong.

  • The Next Step For U.S. Soccer in Marketing: Sports on 06/03/2014

    When U.S. Men's National Soccer team manager Jrgen Klinsmann said he wanted to make an impact on the game in the States, I am not sure he meant to set off a PR tirade. The impact I am talking about was the surprising move of leaving Landon Donovan, arguably the most accomplished soccer player ever in United States history, off the final 2014 World Cup roster. The move was met with an explosion of controversy. Traditionally, debates about roster decisions in the U.S. are reserved for sports like football or basketball. It is unique and admittedly refreshing to hear fans debating a World Cup roster as if it's the Chicago Bears starting quarterback for a game on Sunday.

  • Brands Looking Outside The Lines For Endorsements in Marketing: Sports on 05/06/2014

    If you are looking for the stars of tomorrow, the NFL and NBA draft are a good place to start. In addition to competing with the best in their respective sports, newcomers like Jadaveon Clowney and Jabari Parker will also be competing for endorsement dollars from major brands.

  • MLS: Chasing The Big Leagues in Marketing: Sports on 03/04/2014

    This month is known as "March to Soccer" for the faithful of Major League Soccer. It also marks the beginning of MLS' 19th season, in what has been a long road just to get to the starting line of relevance in the U.S. This has taken sweat and equity from many dedicated people around the sport of soccer, from all walks of influence. The feeling is that the 2014 season will blossom into a different story. Fans could see the MLS take a quantum leap in growing its brand and further advancing the domestic version of the "beautiful game."

  • NHL Stadium Series: Big Win For Hockey in Marketing: Sports on 02/04/2014

    Some things in life are so assumed to be associated with each other that it's almost impossible to imagine them apart - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, peanut butter and jelly, Chicago and deep dish pizza, palm trees and hockey. Ok, maybe not so much on that last one. But, if the NHL has its way, and if the success of the most recent Stadium Series game is any indication, hockey - and even outdoor hockey - could become a southern California mainstay.

  • I Want My MLB in Marketing: Sports on 12/03/2013

    It is no secret Major League Baseball has what many are calling an "age problem." I call it a new-age problem. Its fan base isn't growing younger, despite the presence of more young superstars than at any time in its history. One needs to look no further than the 2013 World Series for evidence of the situation. The average 2013 World Series viewer was approximately 54 years old, according to a "Wall Street Journal" article.

  • David Stern's NBA: Legendary Status in Marketing: Sports on 11/05/2013

    The commissioner of any sports league is tasked with the incredibly difficult responsibility of taking a big-picture view of the entire sport and then deciding the best course of action moving forward. Bud Selig, Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman are all icons in their own right, but the legend that the NBA's David Stern has become is remarkable, from both a sport and business perspective. This February, Stern will step down as commissioner of the NBA, a league and game he has transformed since 1984. He had a singular, grand vision from the start, and focused on it every day - proliferation of American Basketball throughout the world. As he steps down, Stern delivers the NBA in a nicely wrapped package to a highly qualified successor in the NBA's Deputy Commissioner, Adam Silver, who will lead the next level of transition for the NBA.

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