• A Few Things To Ruminate On In The New Year
    It's January, and I actually succeeded in finding a little airplane time over the holidays to escape and think those deep thoughts that one is supposed to stew over when not plugged into the office 24-7. Sure, I was still contemplating the relationship between consumer insights and successful sports marketing, but these brief interludes do sometimes allow me to further connect the dots across our disparate projects and varied conversations with other folks that think about similar things on a regular basis. While far from epiphanies, here are a few quick themes that we'll continue to think about in the ...
  • The College Football Pay-off
    It is safe to say college football fans have entered 2015 more excited than ever before. Why? Because the college football gods had heard for years their cries and moans, and finally answered. This was the year that a playoff would finally crown the best team in the nation. After suffering through the BCS, and computer calculations of which was the "supposed" best team in the nation, the college football-crazed masses would now have a fair and logical end to their season.
  • The NFL In 2025: Behemoth Or Niche Sport?
    Mark Cuban caused a stir last March declaring the NFL would implode in 10 years. He was referring to the addition of Thursday night games and the over saturation of prime time action. He also criticized that so much of the popularity is tied to fantasy football, which has nothing to do with the actual game outcomes.
  • Should The U.S. Spend Gold To Get The Gold?
    As we prepare to welcome in 2015, some people already are preparing for events in 2024.
  • The Reality Behind Daily Fantasy Sports
    It's an imaginary game that requires real-world skills. The game is Fantasy Sports. And with 41 million players, this game of pretend has dramatically changed the way that real-life sports are consumed. The Next Big Thing in the fantasy sports league world is powered by tech and is already on a meteoric rise, with pro leagues and players alike taking notice.
  • Requiem For A 'Light Weight'
    I'm too young to remember the movie "Requiem for a Heavyweight," but there was always something poetic about a title that conjures up images of last respects for a once-revered, but long-forgotten titan of the boxing ring. I'd venture to say that the assassination of the University of Alabama at Birmingham football program, last week, failed to register on the radar of many folks outside of a 50-mile radius of the Five Points neighborhood. But it surfaces a number of emotions, concerns and sports marketing lessons for me.
  • Is FIFA Damaged Goods For Sponsors Of The Beautiful Game?
    It has been an ugly year for sports governing bodies.
  • Legalized Sports Gambling? A Sure Bet
    Last month, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver added a new job title - "New York Times" columnist - to his already impressive resume. In a surprising move, and perhaps a stroke of PR genius, the association's newest leader penned an op-ed in support of the federal legalization of sports gambling. The piece marked Silver as the first commissioner of the major four American sports to publicly support the legalization of sports gambling. It also furthered his case as the most forward-thinking leader in sports.
  • Brands, Athletes, Charities Put Their Cards On The (Ping-Pong) Table
    When Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers this month became the first National League player since Bob Gibson in 1968 to be named both the Cy Young and MVP winner in the same season, one of the ways he celebrated was to play Ping-Pong with his friends.
  • Is Gaming A Professional Sport? The Numbers Don't Lie
    DotA, League of Legends and StarCraft II are not athletic endeavors typically discussed alongside hockey, baseball and soccer in conversations about professional sports; however, growing interest in Electronic Sports (a.k.a., eSports or professional, competitive video gaming) is starting to shift popular notions of what it means to be a pro athlete playing on a multimillion-dollar team.
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