Results for October 2009

Moneyball: Monetize Fantasy Sports
The monetization funnel is key for fantasy's future. Just getting users to show up at the front door is not good enough in today's world. As a marketer, you need to make sure you are maximizing revenue by leveraging qualified users who are willing to spend money by moving them through your monetization cycle.» 0 Comments
To Believe Or Not To Believe (That Is The Question)
The fact that Billy Mays is still on TV pitching such goods as Fix It, Jupiter Jack and Zorbeez by yelling, "THIS IS BILLY MAYS HERE!!!" months after his untimely death speaks volumes (pun intended) about the way consumers view his skills.» 0 Comments
Making Sponsorship More Effective And Consistent
Evolving beyond the CEO's favorite pastime to an important and expansive component of the integrated marketing mix, sponsorship now has its own bona fide trade organization, the International Sponsor Council.» 0 Comments
Guilt By Association
Just associating your brand with a sport can actually do more harm than good, especially with an audience that's smart enough to sniff out the hangers-on. So I ask, is this "guilt by association?" Is it okay to simply bring your brand to the people and let them decide if it fits? Is this sports marketing? Let me hear your thoughts.» 0 Comments