Results for April 2011

Fame, Fortune And The Fickleness Of Team Owners
Is it a good situation or a bad situation when the owner of a team has greater name recognition then the franchise he or she oversees?» 0 Comments
The Giants On Showtime: A Theme More Teams And Players Should Endorse
Here's to a next phase in sports programming that becomes much more personal for fans, teams, players and sponsors -- and that, of course, doesn't drop the Giants out of the play-off hunt along the way.» 0 Comments
In The Event Of A Work Stoppage, Who's Ready For Their Close-Up?
There's rampant conversation these days about the impact of potential work stoppages in the NFL and NBA, all replete with much speculation. As marketing researchers, we earn our keep by gauging the perspectives, opinions and reactions of various audiences, but I've tried to stay away from the prediction game. It's counter productive here, and I'm a more-than-half-full kind of guy.» 0 Comments
Wanted: A One-Size-Fits-All Answer For Sports PR
Overseeing the public relations department at a sports marketing agency, you essentially wear two primary hats (realistically, it's more like a gazillion, but for the sake of time, let's go with two).» 0 Comments