• Jurassic World's 'Atmospheric' Marketing Roar
    I took one peek at the interactive map of Isla Nublar and lost myself in Jurassic World. The map of the island, home to the dinosaur theme park, is part of an imaginative and immersive website created to draw us in - and lose ourselves - in summer's biggest blockbuster so far.
  • Minions, Minions, Everywhere
    While the new movie "Minions" was not the most critically acclaimed movie so far in 2015, it has a good chance of being the biggest box office hit. In its first weekend, it pulled in a reported $115.2 million in North America alone, making it the second-largest opening for an animated film in history. The early success of the movie can be attributed in large part to a huge marketing push by Universal Pictures.
  • 3 Ways Entertainment Marketers Can Better Engage Their Fans On Social Media
    Some of the most popular social media accounts belong to entertainment brands - celebrities, TV shows, movies, entertainment media - the list goes on. These brands have built up large, loyal followings by sharing lots of great content on social media. These brands resonate well on visually focused channels like Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat, and on social hubs like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Goooal! What We Can Learn From The Most-watched Soccer Match In U.S. History
    Sunday's Women's World Cup championship's stunning 5-2 win over Japan was a trill to watch. I was streaming in from my car en route from Seattle to San Francisco. It set records on and off the field. By the numbers, more than 26 million viewers tuned in to watch the match. Viewership peaked at 30.1 million from 8:30 to 8:45. Carli Lloyd's impressive hat trick during the game was matched in the broadcast world with three amazing goals; the match bested the recent NBA Final viewership (13.9 million), the NHL Stanley Cup Final (7.6 million) and becoming the most-watched soccer ...
  • Con Game: How Can A Marketing Message Get Through The Comic-Con Noise?
    I checked in with Elliott Serrano, the founder and "CGO" (Chief Geek Officer) of the Chicago-based blog Geek To Me (geektome.net) and a former writer for the comic-book series "Army of Darkness." Serrano is also a Con veteran who's seen plenty of marketing successes and mistakes in 20+ years of attending comic conventions.
  • Dear Discovery Channel: Let The FIN Begin!
    Twenty-eight years ago, you embraced a much-maligned species demonized in the movie "Jaws" and created "Shark Week" to educate us about these magnificent creatures. Mixing highlights of the latest research, dramatic footage and narrative, you increased our respect for sharks and awareness of conservation issues, and elevated sharks into animal documentary rock stars. Much of what we know about sharks can largely be attributed to "Shark Week," now one of the longest-running events in cable television history.
  • The Value Of Great Experiences: My Time At The Women's World Cup
    I haven't been to Whatever USA, I didn't see "Jurassic World" on it's opening weekend, and, unfortunately, I won't be attending any of this Summer's Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well concerts. I did, however, recently have the pleasure of immersing myself in the Women's World Cup experience in Vancouver, B.C. And I have to commend Vancouver, FIFA, and all of the corporate sponsors for making it very memorable ... for me, but more importantly, for my daughter and son.
  • A River Of Streaming News
    It seems that each month there are new product updates and announcements from all the big players, as well as established companies in the space evolving beyond their original businesses. A forecast predicts that by the end of 2017, there will be around 147 million connected TV sets in the U.S. That's a lot of cord cutting!
  • MCNs Breaking Through For Entertainment Marketers
    MCNs have emerged as an incredibly important conduit for entertainment brands to reach audiences they simply cannot find anywhere else. Viewers of MCNs are comprised almost entirely of pre-teens and young adults, who were the first to move en masse away from traditional television consumption.
  • The Matte Effect: Creating, Writing, And Placing Your Own Story
    A colleague of mine and I were recently brainstorming a new-business proposal when she brought up a PR tool I hadn't used since my days at Burson-Marsteller in the 1980s: the matte story. Little did I know, use of the matte story is as popular as it ever was - maybe even more, given today's focus on branded content.
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