Alert The Social Media: A Quick Guide For Newbies (And Socialphobes)
Everybody is talking about it. All the cool people are doing it. There have been hundreds of articles written about it. In fact, you may never want to hear about it again! Yes, of course, I'm speaking of social media.» 0 Comments
The Fight For The Living Room HDMI Port
While many marketers are focused on hot topics such as mobile and second-screen strategies to help bridge experiences for consumers and brands, one area of focus that continues to heat up is the TV device that is connected to the living room screens. And that battle has picked up speed in 2014.» 1 Comments
Leading The Charge On Custom, Premium Digital Advertising
Digital advertising gives brand marketers the ability to orchestrate campaigns with remarkable scale, to reach specifically targeted audiences with a precision that could only be dreamt of in traditional media. By now, this much is a given. But by and large, the capacity to create and deliver deep brand experiences on the web remains dreadfully underutilized.» 0 Comments
Totaling Up The Value of PR
Over the years, I've been asked by numerous entertainment clients to provide "advertising value equivalencies" (AVEs) for my agency's PR results. AVEs are what your editorial coverage would have cost if it were advertising space or time-basically, they're a way to put a rough (very rough) dollar figure on the value of PR, which can sometimes seem intangible to clients used to looking exclusively at the bottom line.» 1 Comments
Real-Time Marketing And The Power Of A Selfie
Real-time marketing, also known as RTM, has taken the main stage in the last few months. Many marketers are very starry-eyed over this phenomenon. And for smart entertainment marketers it's working pretty well, la big real-time events such as the Emmys, Academy Awards and even the recent Winter Olympics, to some degree. As always, the trick for marketers is how to do it well and right.» 0 Comments
Influencers Help Usher In Sponsored Social
Did you miss the galaxy of stars huddled for the selfie at the Oscars? Did you notice the device? While the selfie might not have been dreamed up by Samsung, they are a brand that understands that the world is social.» 0 Comments
How Do Brands Define Success On Mobile Video?
As the mobile ecosystem explodes, entertainment brands of all sizes are looking for ways to utilize the channel to deliver their messages and build demand. Mobile video is proving to be an extremely effective and valuable marketing channel for brands, and it is currently the fastest-growing ad format in all of mobile. When delivered with the right technology, with the right content, to the right audience, mobile video advertising can deliver impact even greater than television advertising.» 0 Comments
Hitch Your Campaign To A Star
Using celebrities to promote your brand» 1 Comments
Sochi Olympics Gold Medal Winner: Content Marketing
A few years back, when I was running digital marketing at a national food production and distribution company, part of the engagement strategy I created was around using images of our products as a way to drive engagement with consumers on our brand sites, Facebook, Twitter and beyond. I explained to our brand teams that images are very easy to share, and the speed at which they are shared can be explosive, like an atomic chain reaction. Our strategy worked. It worked really well.» 0 Comments
Telling Effective Brand Stories Can't Be Done In One Sitting
While you may have crafted the perfect communication platform and a brilliant portfolio of content marketing assets, telling your brand story can't be done all at once. Effective brand storytelling means using various types of content to craft multi-stage engagement with your consumers. Here are some successful strategies for leveraging episodic content marketing to drive business results.» 0 Comments
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