• What The Future Will Sound Like For Entertainment Brands
    I just returned from CES and it is abundantly clear that audio is well on its way to becoming center stage for marketers. Music and podcasts are cornerstones to smartphone usage, for some users, it is up to 80% of their weekly activity, and if last week's showing in Vegas is any indication, audio will be a key delivery vehicle in our homes, cars, stores, and other places people move through throughout the day.
  • AI Assistants Battling For Your Entertainment Pleasure Or At Least A Place In Your Home
    I vividly remember the scene in Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, when Scotty sits down at the computer and says in his thick Scottish accent "Computer, Computer," gets no response and then tries speaking into the mouse, again with no success. He finally resorts to using the keyboard and remarks how quaint it is to use the keyboard. While I laughed at the scene, I knew that one day in my lifetime we would be giving verbal instructions to computers and other devices.
  • 2017 - The Year Of The V's
    Every year we try to anticipate what new ideas will have cultural impact that entertainment brands and brands in all categories can leverage. We believe that brands and their agency partners must "Move at the Speed of Culture," with speed driving the urgency to act today.
  • 5 Habits Of Highly Effective Publicists (and 5 No-nos)
    Happy New Year, everyone! If it's the beginning of January, it must be time to make my New Year's business resolutions. This year, I wanted some expert advice in creating a list that would make my agency and my work more meaningful and effective for my clients.
  • Racking Up Points With Young Gamers
    Brands and marketers often overlook a key opportunity when targeting teens. The vast majority are focusing all their energy and dollars on social media campaigns, adding to the clutter and cacophony on those platforms. While it's true that teens spend a significant portion of time with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, it's challenging for a brand to get noticed, much less to intrigue teens enough to engage with them, when so many others are screaming for attention in the same overcrowded space. Advertisers often try to turn up the volume rather than consider other media where teens make up ...
  • A True Fairy Tale: Finding An Influencer Who Is 'Just Right' For Your Brand
    We've all heard a bedtime story about a young girl who trespasses on the property of an unassuming family of three bears who've gone for a stroll while waiting for their porridge to cool. Now if we view Goldilocks' decision-making process through the lens of the entertainment marketer, there's a lot to be learned besides a lesson on unlawful entry.
  • Why Every CMO Should Spend The Holidays Playing Video Games
    Every year marketers look for the next big, untapped frontier of opportunity. We want to introduce our brand to a group of people large enough and passionate enough to buy our products before our competitors get there first.
  • 3 Digital Strategies To Win The Super Bowl, With Any Marketing Budget
    For marketers, the Super Bowl is the great equalizer, providing common context for the entire marketing community. It enables us to tweet about the lights going out and everybody gets it ... and then we're tortured by the lore of said tweet for eternity.
  • Look, Ma! I'm On TV!
    When you're watching television and you see "experts" giving their opinions on everything from Brexit to Brangelina, do you ever wonder, "Who are these people? And what makes them qualified to sit in that chair?" Do you also wonder how you might become one of those TV experts?
  • 4 Ways To Innovate Your Marketing To Keep Consumers Interested
    Compared to simpler days, entertainment marketers now have almost too many options for promoting their brands. Then again, the fast pace of digital has consumers quickly bored, so innovating new ways to reach your audience is a challenge you must accept. Here's how.
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