• Toys Are Them: TTPM And The Holiday Media Showcase
    It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than 90 days away. For toy marketers, that means the pressure is on to reach as many press as possible about your hot product for the holiday season. You can try calling or emailing them with your pitch-good luck with that. Or you can send the toy unsolicited, but it may just sit there unopened among the dozens of other packages that press start receiving as soon as Labor Day is past.
  • Finding A Winning Combination
    This week, Apple held a big event in San Francisco. They made several product announcements, ranging from introducing the iPhone 6s with a faster processor, a 12-megapixel camera that shoots 4K video, the iPad Pro with a whopping 12.9-inch screen and a stylus aptly called Apple Pencil. They also introduced a much-anticipated updated version of AppleTV. Usually, I would talk about the great new studio or network TV deals announced at the event. Not this time.
  • Why Twitter Is So Important To Fall TV
    Once upon a time, fall meant an end to a long slog of summer reruns and the arrival of all-new Must See TV. While this has changed in recent years as cable networks and streaming providers release new shows year-round, fall is still when broadcast networks release their latest and greatest shows, showcasing the best of what they have to offer each year.
  • The Art Of The Pitch
    What five cinematic salesmen can teach PR students about pitching stories.
  • 'Aquarius' Points to New Age of Television Marketing
    Something rather profound happened at NBC this summer, and advertisers would do well to pay attention. The network made broadcast TV history in May when it debuted the critically acclaimed crime-drama "Aquarius" and immediately made all 12 episodes available for online streaming.
  • ESports - Rated 'E' For Everyone
    The term "eSports" - like the terms "millennial," "live-tweet," or "binge-watch" before it - is one whose usage no longer requires a definition. This isn't another article that implies that you need to have eSports defined in layman's terms for you before you continue reading. This is the article that knows that you, like millions of other Americans, already know about eSports.
  • Harnessing The Power Of TV Fandoms To Create A Hit Show
    In this age of cultural obsession, entertainment marketers are in a rare, enviable position. They operate in a vertical where genuinely passionate television fandoms form unbelievably quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks. By understanding the TV fandom phenomenon, the importance of investing in this group, and how doing so can empower fans to feel like part of something bigger, marketers can drive evangelism, and ultimately tune-in.
  • Apple Music - Is 11 Million Bragging Rights?
    Apple Music debuted a little over a month ago as the newest cool kid on the music block. Just one month later, Apple announced the service had scooped up 11 million trial members.
  • How Secondary Audiences Are A Summer Blockbuster's Secret Weapon
    It's no secret that most summer blockbusters already have built-in audiences that virtually guarantee box office success. Studios wouldn't green-light a budget upwards of $150 million otherwise.
  • A Real Education: Teaching Students The True Lessons Of PR
    This month, I will head back to school to teach a course on entertainment PR at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), a class I've taught off and on for 20 years. I'm looking forward to being back on a college campus; I enjoy the positive energy surrounding a place for higher learning.
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