• TV Media + Mobile Video = One-Two Punch!
    Leveraging the second screen to maximiz your TV ad buy and deliver the perfect marketing mix cocktail of awareness, engagement and ROI
  • The Comedy Campaign: Marketing Brands With Humor And Hubris
    You might know Mark Malkoff as the guy who visited and consumed purchases at all the Starbucks shops in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. Or as the guy who lived in an Ikea store for a week (a stunt that won the 2009 PR Week Campaign of the Year). Or perhaps you're familiar with "The Carson Podcast," in which he talks about legendary talk show host Johnny Carson with comics who debuted on the show, frequent Carson guests, and entertainers who were influenced by Carson. Recently he proved that Apple Stores will let their customers do almost anything-by having ...
  • Gaming - A Path For Discovery Marketing
    Last month, my post highlighted the big news coming out of the annual E3 and how brand marketers can expand ways to provide valuable consumer experiences and drive consumer engagement and revenue from gaming. I had a few former brand marketing colleagues ask me about the article and if gaming really was a good a draw for brand marketers as it was a few years ago. Their claim was the space was very fragmented and it was harder to find ways to participate. I love a good spirited discussion and especially over dinner and drinks.
  • Want Second-Screen Engagement? Think Like A Viking
    When entertainment marketers want to win online, they need to get aggressive... like a Viking.
  • Branding That Fits Celebrities To A Tee
    I've written before about the value of associating your brand with a celebrity. And as everyone knows, one of the most effective tools in the celebrity-seeding toolbox is the t-shirt. When a celebrity wears one, it's literally a walking billboard for your brand. Nobody knows this better, of course, than celebrities themselves. It's also on the top 10 list of requests that I get from clients these days: "Can you get celebrities to wear our t-shirts and then take a selfie?"
  • E3 And Finding Ways To Get Extended Play Time
    This week was E3, the annual over-the-top gaming event. If you have ever been, you know the event is a near-epileptic sensory overload, with enough caffeine- and sugar-laced drinks to make any hard core gamer wide eyed for months. And under all the flashing lights, scantily clad pixies in the booths and walking the massive show flow, there is serious business getting done among gaming companies, brand marketers, gaming studios and many others. We've come a long way from The Oregon Trail, Colecovision (who remembers that one?,) 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-bit games.
  • Tricks Of The Trade: 3 Steps To Getting App Users To Transact
    What makes a mobile app successful? Is it a well thought out user interface? Or is it a large number of downloads? The answer to both those questions, as you've probably guessed, is "no." A mobile app is a success when it's delivering on your specific business objectives. And in many cases, that means when it is delivering revenue.
  • A Word On Words: Think Before You Write!
    At the beginning of my career in PR, I had two bosses whose advice about writing really stuck in my head.
  • The Newfronts And Evolving Your Strategy
    Did you attend the New Fronts in NYC this week? Perhaps you have been reading the stream of news stories coming out of each New Front event. One thing is certain, great digital video content creators have really doubled down and learned some valuable lessons in the past 18 months. One lesson digital properties have learned well: They have to produce TV network quality content to have a fighting chance to compete for the big TV ad bucks.
  • Making The Most Of Mobile Apps
    Here's a sobering thought for anyone in the entertainment industry. In a recent survey conducted by Weve, 46% of all 18-34 year olds considered their mobile device to be their primary screen. Just 27% said that TV was actually their screen of choice. And if you think that trend is going to do anything other than accelerate in the coming years, you obviously don't have much exposure to the younger end of that demographic.
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