• As TV And Video Blur, So, Too, Does The Archetype Of Celebrity And How Brands Can Partner With Them
    As I spend my weekends on the beach watching the different habits of the people around me, I've been thinking a lot about how the definition of the term "entertainment" has changed over the years to mean something different, particularly to millennials and Generation Z.
  • The Story On Stories: Snapchat Vs. Instagram
    I have written previous articles about how marketers should be testing, learning and quickly iterating on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to tell their brand stories. And recently, Mary Meeker helped drive home the point about the relevance of such social platforms in her annual Internet Trends report.
  • SWAGalicious
    How to get the most out of the stuff you give away.
  • The Art of Marketing Snark and How to Keep it Entertaining
    Snark and the Internet were made for each other. With the rise of social media and digital culture, snark has really evolved into an art form. And a niche industry that can be hard to market to the masses.
  • Summer Plans? Beach, Road Trips And Mobile Binge Viewing
    There's a billion-dollar opportunity in the palm of your hand: the marriage of addressable TV content and mobile binge viewing. We've all seen or heard about the latest "Internet Trends" report from Mary Meeker, calling out yet again the disparity between mobile time spent and ad/marketing dollars invested. But it feels like we have this conversation every year. How many more seasons will pass before content producers and brands catch up to the opportunity? Mobile consumption isn't about to slow down.
  • What Was Old Is New Again: Pokemon Is Back
    I never played Pokemon when I was young and never really understood what the craze was about. And while I'm not among the millions in the United States who have downloaded the Pokemon Go app, I love what Pokemon Go represents for the brand and enthusiasts. What started as a simple game from Nintendo over 20 years ago and gained a lot of followers among kids and tweens worldwide has now revived the brand with a location-based, augmented reality app. And unless you live under a rock, you will have no doubt seen the news across nearly every media outlet. ...
  • Learning While Lounging: Six Great Beach Reads About PR And The Media
    Summer has officially kicked into high gear, which means the search is on for the perfect beach read. Of course, this always presents a problem-how to relax without looking mindless, and how to keep up with your industry without ruining a restful day at the shore? I have the perfect solution: Six books that are great page-turners, while offering real insights into PR, marketing, and the media-even if sometimes by negative example! Leave the how-to manuals and motivational pamphlets for September; right now, we're going to breeze through novels and memoirs (and just happen to pick up a few pointers ...
  • Don't Let Great Content Die On The Social Vine
    The days when marketers could strike the viral lode with their latest Facebook post, YouTube video or "tweet in the dark" are yesterday's success stories. Today, viral happens when marketing dollars are invested in social platforms as media outlets.
  • Bring Out The Entertainer In Your Audience With Interactive Video Campaigns
    What do entertainment marketers get when they cross video marketing with user-generated content? An audience full of social stars just dying for their next close-up.
  • Copa America Centenario: Satiating Fans And Brands
    Last week, soccer fans around the world cheered on their favorite North and South American teams as Copa America Centenario kicked off in Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium. Played for the first time ever in the United States, the centennial anniversary edition of Copa America is not only the biggest soccer event happening this year-it's one of the biggest soccer events to hit the country in more than two decades.
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