• How To Rock A Broadcast Event Takeover
    Did you watch the American Music Awards last month? Beyond the over-the-top performances and industry fanfare, one common theme that couldn't be missed was how Chrysler, in partnership with Interscope Records, owned the sponsorship of the event. With five custom videos, featuring Eminem, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and Phillip Phillips, and an on-stage 1965 Chrysler 300 low rider, there was no questioning the relationship between Chrysler and ABC.
  • A Holiday Wish For Video Streaming Services
    A few weeks back, I wrote a post about the growing dominance of streaming video and HD mobile offerings from providers such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO and the rapidly growing use of mobile devices to watch high quality video on the go. Several recent articles on the topic and the evolving strategies playing out continue to make this an exciting race to watch.
  • With Facebook Video Revolution, Online Video Could Surpass TV Sooner Than You Think
    With the fragmentation of media coupled with elusive audiences, marketers are clamoring for platforms that can help them navigate the nuances of today's ever-changing landscape. Online video presents the perfect elixir for brands looking to drink from the fountain of Madison Avenue as well as the gateway to Millennials - the Holy Grail for advertisers.
  • When The Student Becomes The Teacher
    One of the joys of teaching a college course is the chance to meet bright students whom you know will go on to successful careers. Such is the case with Vanessa Kromer, vice president of communications for Nederlander Concerts. When I met her 20+ years ago, she was a bright, energetic student in my entertainment PR class at California State University Fullerton. Today, she's a smart and savvy executive more than capable of teaching that same class.
  • Could Mobile Video Be The New Out-of-Home Media For Today's Generation?
    Now that we've had our fill of turkey, cranberry sauce, family and football, it's time to discuss the change that signals the real coming of winter here in Los Angeles - the home of all things entertainment. I'm not talking about the cooler air - although temperatures in the low 60s do send us Angelenos in search of scarves and gloves - I'm talking about the onslaught of the fall and winter TV billboards.
  • Over-The-Top Subscriptions From HBO And Showtime ... Let The Digital Campaigns Begin
    It's not surprising that HBO and Showtime finally announced that they'll be offering subscription services independent of long-standing relationships with cable TV providers. There are millions of households in the US, and many more around the globe, that have broadband access but no cable. And generational shifts, combined with the proliferation of relatively cheap bandwidth, point to those numbers growing. Additionally, tracking of pirated content over the last year indicates that shows such as HBO's Game of Thrones have a massive level of interest, much broader than those with licensed access.
  • High-Res Streaming Video In Your Pocket And A Battle Royale
    Did you know that Netflix has over 50 exclusive shows available on its streaming service? In addition to having more shows available than Hulu Plus and Amazon, it has incredible original content such as "House of Cards." Netflix continues to innovate and adapt to a market that where cord-cutting is accelerating and where consumers want more options and they want it delivered on their mobile devices.
  • Go Pro
    How to put an athlete into play for your brand.
  • Extending The TV Experience To Second Screens
    Walk into any living room in the U.S. today, and it's nearly impossible to see someone just focusing on a TV show. We've grown accustomed to multitasking - texting while watching, playing on an app or commenting in real-time on what we're watching on Twitter and Facebook - half-engaged with the content on the main screen. For entertainment marketers, this poses a challenge. How to engage viewers when their focus is only partially on the content the networks are producing?
  • What You Can Learn From The Young YouTube Networks
    Back in the late summer, BusinessWeek's Felix Galette took a closer look at the hit-factory that YouTube has been creating and why old-guard media are lining up to take ownership. His take was focused on how these snack-sized content networks that have been growing for more than a few years are gaining legitimacy in the media community. In fact, the media industry frenzy around this new generation of digital entertainment and content has led to a flurry of attention to the market.
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