• Look, Ma! I'm On TV!
    When you're watching television and you see "experts" giving their opinions on everything from Brexit to Brangelina, do you ever wonder, "Who are these people? And what makes them qualified to sit in that chair?" Do you also wonder how you might become one of those TV experts?
  • 4 Ways To Innovate Your Marketing To Keep Consumers Interested
    Compared to simpler days, entertainment marketers now have almost too many options for promoting their brands. Then again, the fast pace of digital has consumers quickly bored, so innovating new ways to reach your audience is a challenge you must accept. Here's how.
  • Engaging Fans In Your Cause: 3 Lessons From Martina McBride's 'Tomatogate'
    Last year, Martina uncovered an unexpected opportunity to engage her fans in her good works, when scandal hit the country music industry. From this experience, we learned several lessons on cause marketing that any musicians can try.
  • The Past And Present Importance Of Big Data For Entertainment Marketing
    The convergence of art and science has yielded some of the more interesting innovations of our time. As a brand analyst, I'm fortunate to see on a daily basis how technology is transforming marketing. I was recently reminded of this when reading Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency. While the buzz around this book has mostly been about the decaying friendship between CAA co-founders Michael Ovitz and Ron Meyer, there's a more salient storyline hiding in plain sight that reveals why data analytics and insights are massively important to the future of the film industry.
  • Seeing The World Through Snapchat's Lenses
    November has shown us the world through some interesting lenses. The Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year-old curse and won the World Series. This week, we elected our 45th President after a campaign season that was anything but traditional. And, as if on cue, to help people see the world in a lens more fitting their desires, Snapchat updated their iOS app with a new filter feature called "World Lenses."
  • Hire Power
    The who, how and why of taking on more PR personnel.
  • Holiday HO-HO-OH-NO's
    In our world of tiny attention spans, the art of well-placed, well-timed, catchy marketing to attract buyers has become the norm. And with it comes some hilarious screw-ups.
  • It's Time To Play
    Today's consumers across all demographics are living and experimenting in the great playground where marketing serves up new toys on a daily basis - their phones.
  • A True Fairy Tale: Finding An Influencer Who Is 'Just Right' For Your Brand

    We’ve all heard a bedtime story about a young girl who trespasses on the property of an unassuming family of three bears who’ve gone for a stroll while waiting for their porridge to cool. Now if we view Goldilocks’ decision-making process through the lens of the entertainment marketer, there’s a lot to be learned besides a lesson on unlawful entry.

    While movie trailers that highlight dramatic and humorous points from a film have been the standard way to capture the attention of moviegoers, entertainment marketers have increasingly been relying on influencer marketing campaigns to reach Millennial and Gen ...

  • A Super Bowl Presidential Debate Audience And Twitter
    Some of you reading this will remember the 1992 presidential debates with Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George H.W. Bush. Many thought Perot was a bit kooky with all of his charts and some of his one-liners. Oh, how Mr. Perot makes the current presidential cycle look tame. And that is about as close as I will get to making this month's column a political missive. Instead, let's talk about TV audiences, Sunday Night Football and Twitter.
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