• Falling In Love With V-Day?
    The holiday everyone loves to hate gets a fresh approach in creative marketing campaigns.
  • 3 Digital Strategies To Win The Super Bowl, With Any Marketing Budget
    I love the Super Bowl. It's the best day to go skiing ...
  • Retargeting Content As The Next Frontier
    From Reddit to BuzzFeed to that new Vine celebrity that Millennials are talking about, a vast amount of the content produced online is designed simply to keep us entertained. But when you're up against "fast" content that offers instant gratification - like #belfies and cats being scared of cucumbers - it can be difficult to draw your audience back in without becoming the brand embodiment of Overly Attached Girlfriend.
  • Has CES Become An Auto Show?: Autonomous Driving And Video
    With rumors of a Ford/Google team-up and the show-floor obsessing about what's happening in the auto space, coupled with one headline after another emerging from this year's Consumer Electronics Show - GM investing $500 million in Lyft for a national network of self-driving cars, Google's former head of robotics getting "picked up" by Toyota - the future of autonomous driving is virtually here.
  • Entertainment Streaming Picked Up In 2015
    David Bowie is one of my favorite artists. His lyrics, approach to media and entertainment encouraged me to think differently about music and media. I was fascinated at the multiple personas he seemed to effortlessly morph into as he adapted ahead of the landscape, constantly changing his music and media craft. He challenged existing norms over four decades.
  • Five New Rules for Entertainment Marketers
    Marketing in today's connected world is a challenge no matter what type of audience your brand is trying to reach. But for entertainment marketers, who are working to reach today's Millennial audiences, this challenge is exceptionally difficult given the ever-changing ways they connect and share what they know and love.
  • When Bad PR Happens To Famous People
    Test your crisis-PR savvy in these multiple-choice hypotheticals.
  • How Video Affects Mobile Ranking, And Why You Need To Care
    You won't get anyone to tune into a show or buy a movie ticket if a trailer or other video content isn't the main event of your marketing campaign. But if your video landing page isn't optimized for mobile, your entire campaign is over before the curtain even goes up.
  • Use More Than Twitter Volumes To Understand A Show's Success
    Twitter is the perfect data source to help entertainment marketers and show runners understand what audiences think about TV shows, especially brand new series. We looked at a few of the new fall TV shows to see what's working, what isn't, and what entertainment brands can learn from these examples.
  • The New Omnichannel Experience Includes Television
    With the bold statement "The Future of TV is Apps" proudly displayed on a screen behind Tim Cook, Apple recently announced they're bringing the App Store to Apple TV. As I've discussed in previous posts, Apple is profoundly changing the app landscape with this update-along with the landscape of advertising, gaming, and the family room. And things are happening quickly. After just one week on the market, the newest generation in Apple TV has pushed Apple to the top of the pack-they now own 31% of the streaming TV hardware market, leading competitors Roku and Amazon.
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