• When Life Imitates Art: The Evolution Of Celebrity Brands On And Off-Screen
    Funny how this time of year we are obsessed with the awards shows, the red carpet the glitz, the celebrity story lines. This year, I enjoyed watching how so many celebrities are morphing their brands. Lady Gaga's knock-out "Sound Of Music" tribute, the honesty and passion in some of the acceptances speeches, be it Patricia Arquette's talking about equal wages, John Legend on equality across all barriers, or one of the night's top screen writers who encouraged young creative souls to keep it weird.
  • Best Brand In A Supporting Advertising Role (This Preview Has Been Approved For All Audiences)
    I love The Oscars. Every year, for a few hours, we get to celebrate the best of the film industry and peer inside the world of the ultra-famous entertainer. There will be winners and losers, both on and off of the red carpet, and regardless of the results, on Monday morning, people will be talking about the show.
  • A Renaissance Of Content As King And Cross-channel Expeditions
    One of my favorite movies is "Rushmore." The protagonist, Max Fischer, played by Jason Schwartzman, has that perfect amount of scrap, moxie, and is nothing short of a high school storytelling prodigy with the plays he writes, stars in and directs. His content makes him a king and kingmaker. If Max was in digital marketing, my hunch is that he would be a leading expert in content marketing.
  • The Media, The Message: Communicating In Or Out Of A Crisis
    Hundreds of print, online, and broadcast stories have been filed about the recent Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) crisis. Naturally, I had as much interest in the juicy gossip about the leaked e-mails and the (temporary) cancellation of "The Interview" as the next person. But as a PR professional, I looked at this through a more specific lens: What does it teach us about the way entertainment companies and personalities communicate - before, during, and after a crisis?
  • Monetizing YouTube As A Brand: Lessons To Success Are Right Behind You
    YouTube is omnipresent and far ahead of the others to serve as the de facto platform for brands. However, what it offers, beyond the other de facto platforms to reach consumers, is that it houses the opportunity to serve as a platform for your brand's monetization. Sound familiar? Yes, we see history replay itself over the years. Just as the blogging industry upended the digital publishing and web publishers disrupted traditional publishing.
  • 2014 Box Office Low And Video Streaming's March
    Did you notice that there have been shorter lines and less-crowded theaters in the last year? If so, you noticed a trend that has continually grown for 20 years. Reports show that the number of moviegoers in the United States slipped to an all time low 2014. While the National Association of Theater Owners is still finalizing 2014 numbers, early estimates show attendance is down 6% from the previous year.
  • Resolutions - 'That's Entertainment' Edition
    New Year's resolutions tend to be super-personal. I mean, obviously. We create them to make ourselves happier-healthier-more productive-less lazy-generally better human beings, so resolutions often focus on eating, exercise, non-procrastinating and other self-improving activities. But I have a job to do here: I write about entertainment marketing, so my resolutions are going to focus on how I - and, hopefully, you, too - can do that job better. And if we're lucky, we can enjoy some entertainment of our own along the way.
  • How To Rock A Broadcast Event Takeover
    Did you watch the American Music Awards last month? Beyond the over-the-top performances and industry fanfare, one common theme that couldn't be missed was how Chrysler, in partnership with Interscope Records, owned the sponsorship of the event. With five custom videos, featuring Eminem, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and Phillip Phillips, and an on-stage 1965 Chrysler 300 low rider, there was no questioning the relationship between Chrysler and ABC.
  • A Holiday Wish For Video Streaming Services
    A few weeks back, I wrote a post about the growing dominance of streaming video and HD mobile offerings from providers such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO and the rapidly growing use of mobile devices to watch high quality video on the go. Several recent articles on the topic and the evolving strategies playing out continue to make this an exciting race to watch.
  • With Facebook Video Revolution, Online Video Could Surpass TV Sooner Than You Think
    With the fragmentation of media coupled with elusive audiences, marketers are clamoring for platforms that can help them navigate the nuances of today's ever-changing landscape. Online video presents the perfect elixir for brands looking to drink from the fountain of Madison Avenue as well as the gateway to Millennials - the Holy Grail for advertisers.
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