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  • Yelp Revenue Rise 57% In Third Quarter in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/22/2014

    Yelp enjoyed strong sales growth in the third quarter, but a weaker-than-expected outlook for the fourth quarter overshadowed its results. Among key metrics, Yelp said active local business accounts, or the total of businesses that advertise with the company rose 51% to 86,200 in the quarter. That compares to 55% growth in the second quarter.

  • Twitter Launches App Tools For Developers in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/22/2014

    As expected, Twitter on Wednesday rolled out a new developer platform called "Fabric" that provides a suite of tools to make it easier for programmers to build and distribute apps. Announced at Twitter's developer's conference in San Francisco, the free tools will help developers eliminate bugs, track analytics and monetize their apps.

  • Video Ads Over-index On iOS Devices in MoBlog on 10/22/2014

    Opera Mediaworks over the summer acquired mobile video ad network AdColony to capitalize on the growing audience for watching video on devices, especially in the U.S. In its latest mobile ad report released today, the company said one in 10 of the ads delivered through its platform in the U.S. is now video. As a result of the acquisition, Opera Mediaworks spotlighted some of the trends it's seeing in mobile video advertising.

  • Yahoo Tops Earnings Expectations In Q3 in Search Marketing Daily on 10/21/2014

    Yahoo on Tuesday reported better-than-expected financial results for Q3, perhaps giving CEO Marissa Mayer more breathing room to turn around the struggling Web giant. Yahoo said revenue -- excluding traffic acquisition costs -- rose 1% from a year ago to $1.09 billion for the quarter, with adjusted earnings surging to $543 million. The strong earnings gain reflected the sale of its stake in Alibaba Group last month, generating a $5.8 billion windfall for the company.

  • Yelp Adds Hotel Bookings, Wineries in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/21/2014

    Yelp on Tuesday announced that users can now use the ratings and reviews service to book hotel rooms, in addition to things like ordering in food and making spa or dinner reservations. Among the initial partners handling books through Yelp is The Hilton Garden Inn in Napa, California. Yelp has also added bookings for wineries through CellarPass.

  • Wearables Won't Be Something Marketers Can Just Throw On in MoBlog on 10/21/2014

    A new PricewaterhouseCoopers study released today on the emerging wearable device market highlights a familiar theme: that tech-savvy Millennials in particular will lead wider adoption of new gadgets as an extension of their always-on connected lifestyles. "The Wearable Future" report also pointed to some of the challenges for marketers seeking to capitalize on the category's growth.

  • Yahoo Said To Offer Updated Turnaround Plan in Search Marketing Daily on 10/20/2014

    Under pressure from activist investor Starboard Value LP, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is expected to offer new details on her turnaround plan during the company's earnings conference call on Tuesday. Mayer will outline cost-cutting efforts and provide fresh insight on how the company is evaluating potential acquisitions, according to a Wall Street Journal report Sunday, citing a person briefed on the plan.

  • Pace Teams With Media Storm On Co-Branded Masters Degree in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/21/2014

    Pace University announced a novel partnership with independent media agency Media Storm in which the agency will provide internships, classroom instruction linked to "real world" projects and other educational resources. In return, the program will be co-branded as the Media Storm Masters in Social Media and Mobile Marketing at the Lubin School of Business.

  • New Yorker's 'Goings On' App Gets Update, E-Commerce in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/19/2014

    Building a stand-alone app based on its "Goings on About Town" section seems like a natural step for The New Yorker. The long-standing feature listing current cultural and entertainment events in New York fits easily into the expansive category of mobile apps providing local listings of various kinds from local rivals like TimeOut NY to Yelp, Foursquare and Zagat.

  • Third-Party Trackers, Video Slows News Sites in MediaDailyNews on 10/17/2014

    The Catchpoint analysis examined load times for Web sites in four different categories: news, retail, search and travel. News sites tended be the most bloated-in terms of total amount of downloaded bytes for the home page-leading to the slowest average load time among the four categories, at eight seconds.

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  • Video Ads Come To Rewards Network Kiip by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 09/24/2014)

    Fixed. $30.

  • Amazon Takes Wraps Off Fire Phone by Mark Walsh (Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/18/2014)

    Adam, just to be clear, that comment came from Avi Greengart of Current Analysis.

  • 'Affluents' More Likely to Satisfy Hunger, Make Donations Via Mobile by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 06/04/2014)

    Howie--I think the Experian meant to highlight trends in certain areas, like food, where buying via mobile phone is increasing, more so than on absolute numbers. Affluents serve as a proxy for the most active mobile users and as directional indicators. M-commerce (including tablets) is growing—projected by eMarketer to rise 37% to $57.8 billion in the U.S. this year—but will still only make up 1.2% of total retail sales. It’s also interesting that charitable donations are more evenly divided across devices, while purchasing typically skews more heavily to tablets and PCs. How can businesses streamline their buying processes to encourage more smartphone transactions?

  • Apple Invades RIM's Backyard by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 08/09/2011)

    Well then, things are worse than I imagined for RIM.

  • AT&T Extends 4G Farce At CES by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 01/06/2011)

    What VC interests? I have none. You must be thinking of another Mark Walsh.

  • Where's The Windows Phone 7 Ad Barrage? by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 11/08/2010)

    It appears I simply haven't been watching enough TV to grasp the full extent of the Windows Phone 7 campaign--though I have been struck by the annoying frequency of the Geico ads mentioned below. Perhaps it's only when the WP7 ads reach Bing-like saturation levels across media that I'll realize just how pervasive the campaign is. Over time, Microsoft is likely to make sure everyone, everywhere knows about its new mobile platform.

  • The App Store's Two And A Half Star Syndrome by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 09/01/2010)

    Peter-It's hard to imagine a health-related app being reviewed on RottenTomatoes (as apposed to an entertainment app), but I think you have a point about giving developers an opportunity to post comments or address specific issues in the review section of App Store pages the way you are here. Or maybe a separate section with notes or updates about an app from the developer. With Apple now getting into the social networking business, maybe it can extend the conversation to app developers as well as consumers. Of course, that also means opening yourself up more directly to irate users, who may not be comforted to learn that that an app crashes only on their handset model.

  • Apple Brings Freemium Model To App Store by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 10/16/2009)

    Thom-Thanks for the heads up on the publishing glitch--the lead paragraph has been restored.

  • You've Gone Too Far, Twitter by Mark Walsh (MoBlog on 08/05/2009)

    Kelly, I'll have to check out that Twitter mockumentary--thanks for the tip.

  • Total Time Spent Online Is Not Indicative Of Online Media's Worth by dave.b and Max Kalehoff (Online Spin on 04/10/2009)

    Max-There's no question the 30%/10% gap between time spent and money spent online has become an article of faith in the online ad world and an assumption underlying aggressive projections for Internet ad growth. In an interview with BusinessWeek just this week, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg invoked the 30/10 split in discussing the company's business model: "But there is a real imbalance right now: Between something like 28% to 29% of people's time is spent online, but only 8% to 10% of the dollars are spent online. So there is this migration of ad dollars from other places going online." So Facebook's ad business is premised on those figures coming into alignment--sooner rather than later.

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