• Facebook Offers Instant 360-Degree Gratification
    No matter how cool the content, people don't like waiting for it to load. For better or worse, we're an increasingly inpatient bunch, and, if we're not immediately engaged, we'll just move onto something else. The data makes that clear. With that in mind, Facebook is adding 360 videos and photos to its Instant Articles program.
  • Evolution of Media: Paid To Earned To Shared
    Mobile continues to change (and challenge) the landscape of traditional advertising. The next logical step is to focus on what provides authenticity, by making it easy for brand ambassadors to engage their peers.
  • Facebook Repositions App As Recommendation Engine, Key Commerce Channel
    On your phone or desktop, Facebook wants to become a one-stop shop for, well, whatever your friends are into. To that end, the social giant is rolling out some new features deigned to help you solicit suggestions from "friends," and then pursue recommended products and services.
  • Pinterest Playing Matchmaker With 'The Pin Collective'
    Playing matchmaker between brands and content creators, Pinterest just debuted what it's calling The Pin Collective. Per the effort, select publishers, production shops and independent creators are being set up with brands that Pinterest believes they share a connection with. Pin Collective partners should be in a position to provide end-to-end production for everything from Pins to videos to larger creative initiatives.
  • This TV Season, Second-Screeners Seem Chattier Than Ever
    Smartphones in hand (where else would they be?!), TV watchers have never been more eager to share their opinions across Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, from Sept. 19 through 25, the week that officially kicked off fall broadcast season, viewers logged 83.2 million social TV interactions, according to new Nielsen numbers.
  • Samsung Sees Another $3B In Losses From Galaxy Note 7 Debacle
    How much is Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 debacle going to cost the Korean tech giant? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 billion in operating profit, Samsung estimates.
  • Mobile Data Attracts More Investment Dollars
    As smartphones become central to our lives, it's no wonder that investors are so hot on mobile data. To that end, mobile data platform mParticle just received $17.5 million in fresh funding from Bain Capital Ventures, and existing investor Social Capital.
  • Facebook Pushes 'App Remarketing' For The Holidays
    Heading into the holiday season, Facebook is hoping brands will consider "app remarketing" on its platform. Simply put, the strategy is being sold as an opportunity to build custom audiences based on the actions customers take -- or in some cases, haven't taken in a while -- in your app.
  • Poor CX Remains Huge Hurdle (And Opportunity) For Businesses
    From mobile platforms to in-person interactions, customer experience (CX) remains an enormous challenge for many businesses. In fact, while 84% of companies aspire to be leaders in this arena, just one in five deliver good or great CX, according to fresh data from Forrester Research.
  • Mobile Video Means The World To Hispanic Audiences
    Not surprisingly, mobile video is emerging as the best way to reach consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds. New research from Yahoo, for instance, finds that among Spanish-dominant respondents (those who prefer to speak Spanish over English), 94% now use their mobile devices to watch video at least once a week.
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